Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I have been so awful about getting in a run lately since I got since. I only get in about 1 run a week now. Sometimes its only a walk, but we have a new addition to the family that will help get us all in shape as soon as we can find a collar that won't slip off the neck.

I will post pictures of this delightful creature as soon as I can.

Monday, December 13, 2010

december 13th -December 18th

Monday December 13th:
2 mi walk to return video rentals
2 slices of cheese toast, 2 1/2 travel cup size coffee with creamer, 1 24 oz water bottle
cleaning up as well

Tuesday December 14th:
Whey protein shake with skim milk, bananas, strawberries, and chocolate whey protein additive: Yummy! No excerise only trips to the dr for another child sick, rushing in traffic the school to pick other child, and up late listening for wheezing.

Wednesday December 15th:
breakfast was 2 slices cheese toast, flounder fillets and potatoes for lunch, lots of coffee and two rounds of 8 oz of regular coke, cleaning that counts as moving, ran errands

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

december 6th -december 10th

December 6th:

Black bean tacos for dinner, spaghetti with meatballs for lunch, and dry cereal for breakfast.
ran 2 mis and walked 1 mi.

December 7th
hmm..spaghetti and meatballs for breakfast and lunch, apples and toast for snack, chicken rice and vegetables

December 8th:
Hmm..forgot but absolutely no excerise lots of sewing though

December 9th:
Oatmeal with 1 tsp brown sugar all spice and milk; cheese and meat sandwich, vegetables and rice for dinner. More sewing no excerise..

December 10th:
forgot what I did...but I know that excerise wasn't part of it and healthy eatting wasn't part of it either.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Monday was errand day. OMG! I thought I was going to need a nap after taking almost a month off from running and lifting weights. I sufferred. I just went to bed early.

Tuesday was strollerize boot camp. Gotta love the trainer. She really worked me at a pace that didn't have me wheezing or collapsing. I still got a good work out int.

Wednesday I stayed making Christmas Gifts. I planned on walking down and picking up the kiddos from school. Though, I ran out of time with having to deliver a few Christmas gifts early. I am still making loads of stuff. I am running out of time.

Thursday I took the day off from crafting. I spent walking around and play monster with my friend Robyn's kiddos at an outlet mall. She was recognized as the local hero for her 24 hour run on the tredmill. I walked 2miles after that to pick up my kiddos and bring them home. I made butternut squash soup for hte first time ever. You need lots of s quash to make thick like the resturant versions of it.

Eatting is healthy other than chips.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sickness in the family

Sickness in the family has prevented me from posting as much as I like.

Monday, November 15, 2010

MOnday Day 58- Friday Day 63


Calories: 3/4 of a navel orange, 1/3 of cup of banana nut cheerios, lentil sauce with rice, and watered down koolaid, 1 big cup of coffee with fat free cool whip for flavor, 8 oz of coke, bannana smoothie, black bean tacos and kool aide

Excerise: none

This past weekend was rough emotionally for me. I have serve allergies. Not only did they hit full swing, along with finanical stresses with a spouse. No one lost a job just bills in general. Yes, we have always had a problem communication about the real cost of bills. Unfortunately, it usually takes a melt down on both parties part for each one to be heard and something to done about it. So, with that said, those that have my cell number know I have a new cell number, and other items were either cut down to size or cancelled all together.

Thank you, t-mobile for finally letting us out of a contract with you. Since, we didn't have cell service at our location. Thank you for finally doing right by your customer of three years. Since the original mistake was made by an employee not us. *note to all readers t-mobile has the best family packages for phones though if you live near mountains check all areas for service received before getting with them. I will never complain about the bill with t-mobile only the ability to have service. ***

Tuesday: I threw up last night. Apparently, my allergies are totally out of control. I may have more than allergies. Seriously.

So, am miserable.


No excerise. Food very healthy. not really tracking it. I am just tracking the meds I am on because they are more important. Asthama...I can live without it!!!!


No excerise:

Oatmeal, 8 oz of coke, my meds and my new pal the inhaler..actaully its a pal I went without for almost two years. Though by having it, once the flair up goes away, I only need it before I excerise.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Monday Day 53-Friday Day 57

3 mi run/walk
15 mins lifting weight on legs

2 pieces of cheese toast, 1 veggie pattie with cheese on bread, 2 8 oz of pepsi, ice cream with cool whip (fat free and sugar free), lentil sauce with white rice. Did I forget ot mention the pieces of bite size candy I had. Yeah, you got me. I totally hit the halloween stash.

No excerise
Oatmeal 8 oz of coke zero, sweet tea with water all day long, chocolate milk, veggie pattie on white bread with cheese and mustard, red baron chicken alfredo meal with french green beans

Kids up and down all night with upset tummies. Let's see the clue might be we need to permanently stop eatting out.

**note to anyone reading this.*** BECAREFUL of the cheese samples at Costco right now. Apparently the cheese roadshow, has a few cheese samples with ECOLI in it. It has cause several residence of the greater desert city to be sick and hospitalized. Nope, we didn't eat any of it thank goodness. We have had bad food poisoning before, so, we really don't want it again. My friend and I will be avoiding it ourselves and keeping out kiddos away from it when in Costcos.


cheese toast one slice, 2 8 oz of coke zero, veggie pattie on white with cheese and mustard, sweet tea with water all day, my herbal remendy for sinus, cold, and allergy problems

No excerise this day either I just am to physical tired. I have been going to be at 7 pm and waking at 6 am.


Oatmeal, 2 8 oz coke zero, water, hummus and pita bread, cheez it party mix, potato soup and salad

Still no excerise. Just lots of sewing

Eggs with cheese, 2 8oz cokes, veggie pattie with hummus topping, mcdonalds mcdoudle with french fries and 1/2 of large coke

my first 10k 2 miles run and 4 miles walked for go purple day

time for a nap

Friday, November 5, 2010

Thursday 51-Friday 52

Just got up and walked out the door on me on keeping track of what i eat how much I eat etc.
I apologize now for the lack of content in this posting. I had field trip and a special lunch appointment I normally don't get with a family member.

Catch me next week because its gonna be crazy!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Monday Day 48 -Wednesday Day 50


3 mi run/walk; lifting legs and abs 15 mins

breakfast oatmeal with milk, coke 8 oz, veggie patty, candy/brownies, fried rice from stratch, 2 24 oz waters, 8 oz coke, kool aide

I'm still burning from taking a week off over two weeks ago. Yikes! What a difference a week makes.

Pumpkin muffins, eggs with cheese and bacon, 8 oz of coke; pumpkin seeds, chocolate milk, brownies, fried rice, soup with crackers, 3 24 oz water/tea/kool aid

strollerize 60 minutes
15 minutes lifting total body

OMG!! Kick boxing intro to this class..should have kept my mouth shut. I am going to be so soar

Pumpkin muffins with apple juice and milk; 8 oz coke; 3 24 oz of water/tea/kool aide, beef mini ravollis, brownies, spilt three packages of mini m&ms with the kids, chicken alfredo by red baron with way to much canned corn; 8 oz of coke

3 mi run/walk
total body weight lifting

I am so soar. I called my friend Robyn to figure out what I did to be so soar. Heckhum I am pushing myself big time..rolling pin massage is due. Remeber that too much fiber isn't a good thing. Thank goodness the porclein goddes loves offerings from such mistakes. Lol right.

So, get this email today. It is offering me a writing position with this internet site. I am waiting for some information from the persons in charge before I accept.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Day43-Friday Day 47

8 oz of coke zero
egg whites with thyme basil and sage garlic salt
chocolate milk, white rice with garlic salt, pepper, & cheese, 3 oz of banana whey protien shake, 3 small ants on a log, iceburg lettuce salad with dressing, 2 small squares of lasanga

2.06 mis running on a tred mill
15 mins lifting weight on legs

Burn baby burn..after taking a week off from working out thanks to allergies. It feels good though.

3 mis run/walk, 1o mins lift weight on abs
8 oz coke zero, dry cereal with skim milk, 24 oz of water x2, corn beef sandwich with cool ranch dorritos, salad with corn beef with dressing, 4 oz banana whey protein smoothie; squash, spinach, and rice, eater, cool ranch dorritos and a sip of coke

3 mi run/walk
15 mins lifted weights on arms
eggs with cheese garlic salt and pepper, 8 oz coke zero, 12 oz of water, 8 oz coke zero, rice and squash, dorritos and water, 8 oz chocolate milk, dorritos and black beans with cheese, 2 toasted sandwiches.

3mi run/walk
30 mins lifting weight on total body
1 mi walk to school
5 mis walking in pumpking run and around school between parties
Dry cereal with skim milk; cottage cheese, 16 oz coke zero, 1 1/2 veggie patties on wheat, 24 oz water, 2 powerades, apple slices and a few m& ms, 8 oz coke zero, 2 sqauares of lasanga 8 oz of coke zero,

1 mi walking
eggs with cheese and 2 slices cheese toast
20 oz of coke zero
12 oz coke zero
1 sonic jr double cheese burger, 1/2 order of onion rings, and a rte 44 diet coke (can you say, I just bombed health and nutrion 101 with a big fat F). I normally don't do this but I did a kid and mom date. So, we could spend time together.
**note to self half days are not a day to go to sonic...its slammed

Thursday Day 41 -Friday Day 42

Four hours on my feet helping with pictures at teh school..

as for my diet it went out the window because of my allergies. I will be getting on board Monday October 25, 2010.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 40 Wednesday

I feel like a 2 x 4 or baseball has hit me repeatedly. I have given myself a good allergy attack from one of my kiddos field trip.

I could barely take a deep breath yesterday. Today better.

8 oz of coke zero
potato chips for breakfast...

Hay, pick yourself up off the floor my fellow readers. The salt on the chips help my throat feel better and help with the naseau of post nasal drip. I normally scream healthy healthy healthy but when you are sick listen to your body. It can directly help you recover from your illness if you only listen...

Hey Robyn, I'm better but I am going to rest today.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 38

still recovering from allergies. I don't know if I will excerise today or not..

2 hours cleaning
1 hour sewing
1 mile in 20 minutes

4 hours keeping my temper in line while I deal with family matters.

Thanks to Raven at the sites listed below. She has my buttons to my different blogs. Thanks girl. Look to your right and you will find her buttons on my blogs.

Day 37 Monday

ran 2.07 mis in 25 ins
10 mins ab work
2 hours walking around the farm on a field

needless to say my eatting habits sucked worse than sucking on a sour lollipop.
a. it was a field trip
b. full blown allergy attacks
c. allergy attack induces me to eat lots of unhealthy salts stuff

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Day 36

1 24 oz powerade with water
4 8 oz coke or diet coke
costco samples
pbj sandwhich with chocolate milk
taco bell dinner

45 mins of kick boxing class with my friend Robyn as the instructor. WTG girl! It was awesome. Now, if I can move the rest of the weekend.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday Day 45

1 cups of coffee
8 oz of coke
2 slices of c heese toast
salad with luncheon meat
8 oz of coke
2 24 oz of water
chef boyardee

30 mins lifting weights
25 min run for 1.95 mis

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday day 44

1 1/2 cups of coffee with flavored creamer
breakfast bar
bake potato with cheese and garlic salt
2 8 oz of coke zero -bad bad headache days
lentil diip with crackers
salad with dressing
chicken catchatory

2.05 mis in 25 mins
15 mins lifting weights on arms

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 43 tuesday

excerise 2.08 mis in 25 mins, 15 mins lifting weights on legs

dry cereal with yogart
2 1/2 cups of coffee instead of coke
bake potatoe
baked chicken with roasted corn with 2 glasses of chocolate milk
3 24 oz waters

1 8 oz coke zero

today was a bad day

Monday, October 11, 2010

MOday Day 42

10 mins core weight lifting
20 min run for 1.50 mis

cheese toast 2 slices
salad with brocoli and crouctons and dressing
lunch potato chips and a turkey sandwich
lentil dip with flax seed in it on pita bread
oateal cream pie
more chips
4 cups of coffee today with flavored creamer
2 24 oz of watered down powerade
Progressive soup with saltine crackers and gatorade

what a day..everyone is in a mood

Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Day 41

excerise 60 mins strollerize

cheese crackers
turkey sandwich w/lettuce pickle mustard
2 8oz of coke zero
2 24 oz water

i'm so tired. i don't know why.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday Day 40

excerise 30 minutes lifting weights complete body, 10 mins walking just too tired

dry cereal with yogart
8 oz of coke zero
roast sweet potatoes in balasmic vinegar
6 sample bowls of chocolate covered blueberries
1 taplia sample
1 16 oz diet coke
1 protien shake by my dear friend Robyn-girl that was delicious!!
lasanga with garlic toast and chocolate milk
3 24 oz waters

beautiful day out today

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday Day 38

8 oz of coke zero
cereal with yogart
2 24 oz of water
veggie pattie with cheese and hummus
black bean salad wit h8 oz of coke zero
bean and cheese ready make burrittos-they sucked
2 glasses of chocolate milk
1 kids spoonful of peanut butter with 4 oz of milk

20 mins lifting weights
25 mins for 2.10 mis running

still expecting bad weather

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Day 37

8 oz of coke zero
oatmeal with all spice and milk
yogart too
veggie pattie with cheese and hummus
24 pizza rolls
8 oz of coke zero
one square of lasgana
5 24 oz bottles of water

3 mis walk run
10 mins lifting weights to tighten core

Its quiet early morning while I start this. I Its really dark out more than normal. We must be getting more rain.

yeah on the situation to the individual with a problem. The said individual agreed to a 30 day contract of certain terms and consquences. So, far so good.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Day 36

Breakfast: cheese toast, yogart, 8 oz of coke zero
water-3 24 oz bottles
lunch: cereal with yogart
snack: potato soup with 8 oz coke zero
-2 oatmeal cream pies
dinner a veggie pattie covered in cheese in a pita pocket, with hummus and chips
chocolate milk for desert.

This weekend was awesome. The friend of the individual needing intervention did the best the friend could do on trying to get the individual to see just how far gone the individual is. Kuddos to friend. It scared the friend really bad as to how broke this particular individual is mentally, physically, and spiritually.

I saw a sign this weekend. It totally describes the situation I am currently in.

It says, I'm a badass, your just an ass.

Okay, update on the individual. the individual's boss got the individual and individual's partner a devotional book even dedicated it to the couple. Apparently, its apparent to everyone but the individual.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Friday Day 35

2 8 oz coke zeros
3 pieces of cheese toast
3 taco bell fresco tacos
a half of a club sandwich and half of a small greek salad a cholocate cookie too

60 mins in stollerize
40 mins washing car
2 hours grocery shopping

Good news another friend of the individual that is in a process of a intervention knows that this individual has a problem. This particular friend is in shock about the situation. This friend has agreed now to help in the intervention.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 34 Thursday

lifted weights 30 mins every area that I could did it
25 min run for 2.07 mis

breakfast: oatmeal with allspice added 8 oz of coke zero
2 16 oz waters
snack bread from a mini chicken sandwich at chickafila
lunch orange chicken my friend made
snack salad with carrots and curtons
dinner potato salad with chocolate milk
1 60 oz coke zero
1 6 oz coke zero

News flash the person that is having an intervention backslide to the starting point last night. I was so mad. Mad probably isn't the exact words to describe the me emotions during the event. This particular persons swears up and down that its ears never heard the word stop. I promise you, the participant involved repeatedly said stop. I want to scream and shout, and just shake this particulat individual senseless but it would not accomplish anything. I knew it was going to be tough but it still is frustrating beyond comprehension.

I will be offline the the rest of the week and weekend. We have company coming in. I do hope the company will see that this individual is in need of more intervention.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wednesday Day 33

Excerise 2.02 mis in 25 mins
20 mins weight lifting on legs

egg whites with cheese and turkey bacon
veggie pattie with hummus gravy
16 oz of coke zero
3 16 oz of water
taco salad for dinner with chocolate milk
lentil dip with saltine crackers with 4 oz of plain milk

Note to self and anyone else making healthy stuff. Lentils and flax seeds mixed together and ingested after ingesting salad makes you into a human skunk. Seriously, i could have run my family out of the house not just out of the room. Okay, not funny when it was happening. Looking back at it, it was rather funny considering that normally I don't get gas that bad. I get gas. I pass the cheese or let the frog in the house etc. Not to the extent.

The spiritual intervention is having a positive affect on the person in my life that needs it. The person still needs to seek medical help. Baby steps do pay off everyone!

Please be blessed.
Please bless others.
Harm to none,
Love in return.
Let it rock and roll
on life's stream of fun.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Day 32

Excerise is working.
2.11 mis for 25 min run
15 mins weight lifting focusing on core

small bowl of dry cereal with skim milk
2 16 oz of water
1 8 oz regular coke
veggie patty with hummus gravy
20 pizza rolls with 8 oz of reg coke
black bean tacos with chocolate milk

Well, the intervention is starting to take its toll. The person involved has accepted not all parts of the intervention. Its baby steps.

Spiritually, I am good.

Physically, getting better.

Emotionally, numb.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Day 31

Okay, after almost three weeks offline due to my computer being possibly hacked. Its back up and running. Thanks DH! Your the best.

During these past three weeks, I have deeply struggled to stay on track, physically, mentally, and emotinally. I have been attacked in always possible to keep from being positive in all areas of my life. It has been the most difficult time for me. Those nearest and dearest know the situations 411 that I am not at liberty to post. Though let's say the cat is out of the bag per say on the situation. Its in the intervention stage for the person who is needing it the most. Its one step at a time, one day at a time, and one prayer at a time. Needless, to say, the heart is much littler, the mind is less blogged down, and I'm following a plan of action thanks to my friends.

I'd like to thank all my friends from the bottom of my heart for being here with me. I could not have gotten through this past month without you. No, I am not stopping this blog. I think its important to those that wish to get healthy, stay healthy, and help others be healthy.

Physically, I have been challenging myself to run 2.10 to 2.50 mis five days a week. I, also, challenged myself to lift weights at four times week. I did that expect for last week. Last week was roller coaster ride, of one that is not made of fun, dreams, and screams. Well, the screams were silent not the thrilling kind either.

I have been struggling wiht eatting healthy too. We have been doing a lot of take out or drive through even though, I choose the lower calorie menu it still has something in it that makes my gall bladder riot like someone's civil rights are being violated. Bad pun, I know just hear me out. They, the right of our body's organs are being violated when we ingest stuff that isn't good for us.

I have been doing much better. I have made a creamy lentil dip for saltine crackers. i made a chick peas sauce for meat or rice. Thanks to my dear friend Robyn. She gave me her food processor that she wasn't using at all. I have to say a big thanks to her because it is a blessing. She also gave me some food that she was no longer going to eat that was extremely healthy. The kiddos discovered it, and they love it. Robyn, I really do believe that your idea is something we should run with. You know what it is girl.

I got the lastest issue of health magazine. They have some awesome articles and recipes that I will be sharing with you in the next couple of weeks.

my menu for the day:
water with koolaide 2 (16 oz)
reg coke (16 oz)
Shell pasta with red garden sauce
2 16 oz of water down sweet tea
lean meat cooked in the oven with italian dumplings topped with seasonsing and cheese, and blackeyed peas (the food not the group)

20 minutes lifting arm weights
25 min run/walk 2.07 mis

Spiritually I am reconnecting not with myself though, I was already doing that with spiritual boot camp, with others spiritually.

Please be blessed.
Please bless others.
Harm to none,
Love in return.
Let it rock and roll
on life's stream of fun.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Day 25

40 mins standing in the heat for a choir presentation for one of my kids..

breakfast 1 1/2 slices of cheese toast, 16 0z of coke zero, 12 oz can of coke zero, and one frozen burrito for lunch

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 20 -Day 24 Monday-thursday

Excerise 2.03 mis plus weight lifting 20 mins

oatmeal wiht breakfast and skim milk 8 oz

2 toasted sandwiches with coke zero 8 oz

potato soup with sweet tea
4 oz of milk wiht fruit and chewy bars

Major headache

oatmeal with skim milk, 8 oz of coke zero; 8 oz coke zero; taco bell chicken flat bread sandwich and fresco bean burrito; 2 scoops of blueberry pomegrantite ice cream; 4 oz of sweet; lemon water; spaghetti wiht 3 pieces of wheat bread toasted
2.02 mis running /20 mins weight lifting

Dry cereal with skim milk; 8 oz of coke zero; 2 16 oz water; 2 toasted sandwiches on wheat w/ provolone cheese; 4 oz coke zero; potato soup, spaghetti, koolaide, still had major headache
2.11 mis running/ 20 mins weight lifting

1.60 mis walk/run
40 mins weight lifting
16 oz of coke zero; 3 16 oz waters; spaghetti for breakfast; granola for lunch; ice cream for snack; and lentils and rice for dinner

Had major talk with my family member I am distanting myself from. I feel much better. So does this family member.
Positivity is diffinetly more difficult this wee.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Thursday day 18 & Friday day 19

has been a real challenge the las few days. Besides my computer being hacked by viruses, the car battery died, and we had a very bad in school wiht one of my kids.

I have been eatting healthy. I have been excerising healthy. I have been having to distance myself from certain people in my life right now that are just being way too negative to able to have a relationship that I want to with. It breaks my heart to have to distance myself, its the only way to keep from getting pulled under with them. I feel less stressed by this. I am more relaxed by this. I just wish the same could happen for them.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday Day 17

breakfast: cereal withskim milk
snack: pumpkin spice latte

*still unable to access home computer.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday Day 16

Day two of Spiritual Boot Camp-

2 cups of 4 oz of pepsi max
water through the night
breakfast: oatmeal with skim milk
lemon water and 4 oz of cranberry juice
lunch: black bean tacos with sweet tea and yogart
dinner lentil sauce with rice more sweet tea

20 minutes weight lifting on legs
25 min run for 2.03 mis

*My home computer has been hacked by two major viruses. I am currently offline. I will try to access the public computers when I can. I see this as the spirit's way of getting me of the computer, sewings, cleaning and repairing more. I refuse to see this as a road block is a detour.

Monday Day 15

Spiritual Boot Camp Challenge- a dear friend Jo Lynne challenged her friends and follwers of her books to do this. I agreed since I am trying to be healthy in all areas.

So, today is day one of the challenge.
Breakfast: dominos pizza wiht coke for caffine
Lunch: toasted sandwiches on wheat bread with swiss cheese and ham. kettle cooked sea salt and pepper chips by lays
Dinner: black bean tacos with cheese, rice, flour tortillas, lettuce, and taco bell packet sauce
snack/desert: yogart
Lemon water is a part of my day. To the delight of my kids, to find a picther in the fridge.
Water in general has always be a part of my diet.
My detox choice is cranberry juice one cup a day.

Excerise: Pushing a chart with 10 lbs of water in it, plus 12 pks of coke, and groceries in it. Let me tell you its a work out in itself.

Meditating: Hanging out at the pool on the last offical weekend of summer.

Spiritually: Let's just I am catching some of it on paper for my journal other things come so fast at me that I can't even write them down. I pressume that I am not suppose to write it at the point but enjoy the moment.

Passion: let's just say, I am extremely pleased to be able to say its back to a degree.

Goddess wear: I will be making myself a fabric flower head band to wear and a new nightgown because I deserve it. I am a goddess, a queen, and special person to my family. I should treat myself in that manner.

I will be adding my amthyst stone to my alread precious cross necklace I don't take off. I have a feeling that I need all the protection from negativity I can get since my goal is to be more postive about myself.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday day 14

no exercesing today.

breakfast: 2 pieces of cheese toast 8 oz of regular coke
lunch: plain white rice with yogart butter 4 oz of regular coke

dinner who knows gotta go to the dentist office with family
scrambled eggs with wheat toast

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday day 13

35 min walk/run 2.65 mis. I discovered I maybe pushing myself too hard on my long runs. I checked my heart rate. OMG I hit the max meter with a warning of that my heart rate was too high. Holy cow batman. I wasn't even at the top speed. Plus, triple digit heat even inside is wearing on the body.

breakfast: cereal with skim milk
8 oz of regular coke
snack: cucumber salad
watered down powerade lots of it
lunch: spaghetti with sauce
8 oz of regular coke
dinner rice with vegetables and southern sweet tea

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday Day 12

25 min run/walk 2.07 mis
45 mins weights, abs back arms

breakfast: oatmeal with milk coke zero
waterdown poweerade
lunch: scandavain goulish wiht coke zero
more waterdown gatorade
snack brocolii and califlower
dinner spaghetti with sauce and salad

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday day 12

breakfast: 4 oz coke zero cereal wiht skim milk
snack: salad with dressing
lunch: spaghetti
snack: chocolate milk, brocolli and califlower with dressing
dinner: scanadavain goluish

30 minute long run 2.45 mis

Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday day 11

2.05 mis in 25 mins
25 mins lifting weight

breakast: cereal with skim milk 4 oz of coke
snack: kettle cooked black pepper chips
lunch: black bean tacos with 8 oz of coke zero
snack: the last of the overload brownie ice cream
dinner: spaghetti with meat sauce

Psst, always add extra meat most sauces that say they have a "meat sauce" don't. Even my dh didn't like it this time.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday 10th day

45 mins lifthing weights
55 mins strengthening class

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thurday 9th day

1.97 mis in 30 mins. I had a far hard time running this morning. My chest was tight and I was coughing. This is from allergies flaring up. It doesn't help that it won't get better until the monsoon season is declared over..
breakfast: cereal with yogart
lunch: cereal with skim
dinner: rice with cream corn and spinach
16 oz coke zero lots of watered down powerade

wednesday 8th day

breakfast: granola with yogart coke zero

lunch: 1 totinos pizza with coke zero

dinner: left over lasanga wiht sweet tea

2.00 mi run in 25 min

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday 7th day

excerise: 2:47 miles in 30 minutes

breakfast: oatmeal instant by Great Value wiht milk added
handful of peanuts
lunch: taco bell 4 crunch tacos sweet tea not coke zero
dinner lasanga.

Monday 6th day

excerise 2:07 miles on the tred mill

cereal with skim milk
8 oz cokezero
lunch salad, peanut butter sandwiches with milk, kettle cooked sea salt and pepper chips by lays
eggs with cheese and whole wheat toast

Sunday, August 22, 2010


1.85 mis
15 minutes lifting weights

banana with gatorade
mini cinnamon rolls with milk
2 ham sandwiches with alpha sprouts, mustard, tomato, picke 3 slice apples
2 klondike bars
mcdouble meal deal with 2 refills on coke
salad with cucumbers nuts iceberg lettuce and dressing

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday 5th day

3 hours of shopping
1 hour of shopping wiht kiddo

eggs with cheese, onions, garlic, and herbs
brown rice wiht chili beans, and spinach
jr cheeseburger combo meal with tater tots and rootbeer
oreo blast

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday 4th day..

30 min run 2.75 mins..I went up .25 of a min..whoot whoot

cereal with skim milk
8 oz coke zero
seedless grapes
2 mcdoubles from mcdondalds
8 oz of coke zero
64 oz of water with gatorade added
salad pizza, cantalope 4 oz of coke zero

Wednesday the 3rd day

25 min run for 2.0 mis..yeah
15 mins lifting weights for back and abs
60 mins cleaning master bathroom

cereal with skim milk
seedless grapes
12 oz of coke zero
taco bell fresco burritto and crunchy taco
snack peanut butter & crackers with milk
dinner brown rice with sweet tea, chili beans spinach, and cream corn

Can you tell we really need a run to the grocery store..that will happen FRiday!!!

What's your goal this school year

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday 2nd

Boy, I'm already joke

Breakfast: 2 pieces of cheese toast 8 oz of coke zero..too hot for coffee y'all.
32 oz of water w/gatorade added to it
lunch:tontinos pizza with 8 oz of coke zero
dinner: 2 turkey sandwiches wiht alpha sprouts, pickles, tomatos, and mustard on whole wheat bread.

30 minute run on tred mill for 2.50 mis

Monday 1st day of Buckling down

Kids back in school. Its time for mom to buckle down on diet and excerise too.
25 minutes running
25 minute lifting weights for arms

breakfast: egg whites, 8 oz of coke zero and butter toasted
lunch: 2 whole wheat sandwiches with alpha sprouts pickles tomatoes and mustard 16 oz of coke zero
supper: 1 totino's pizza

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lazy Weekend..Carrot Cake Cookies

My house is a mess, and i don't care.

My works are missing, and I don't care. I do but its nice to just lay around.

Here's a healthy sweet recipe for you.I haven't made this yet. It sure does sound yummy.

Carrott Cake Cookies
2 cups quick or old fashioned oats
1 1/2 all purpose flour or self rising flour
1 tsp baking soda (skip if using self rising flour)
1 tsp salt (skip if using self rising flour)
4 Tbs Promise Buttery Spread
2 Neufchatel or 1/3 less fat cream cheese, softened
1 1/4 firmly packed light brown sugar
1 large egg
1/3 cup lowfat vanilla yogart
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup raisans
1/2 cup shredded carrot (about 1 large carrot)

1. Combine oats, flour, baking soda, and salt in medium bowl; set aside.

2. Beat Promise buttery spread, cream cheese, and brown sugar in large bowl with electric mixer until creamy, about 3 minutes. Beat in egg, yogart, and vanilla until blended. Gradually beat in oat mixture just until blended. Stir in raisans and carrot.

3. Turn dough onto wax paper and form into four 7-in long logs. Wrap tightly and freeze 2 hours or until firm.

4. preheat oven 375. For 2 servings, slive off four 1 inch rounds from log, then refresh remaining dough until ready to bake. Arrange frozen cookie slices on baking sheet. Let stand 10 minutes. Bake 8 minutes until edges are golden and centers are set. Cool 2 minutes on wire rack; removie from sheet and cool completely.

From a cook book food in a grocery store called Safeway this summer.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Thursday Calories and Minutes

25 minute run
20 minutes lift weights

cereal with skim milk
32 oz of coke zero
peanut butter sandwiches with chips
meat sandwhiches with alpha sprouts, tomatoes, and pickles
chez it party snack mix

Wednesday Calories and Minutes

cereal with skim milk
peanut butter sandwich with chips
salad with dressing and spaghetti with sauce dinner
16 oz coke zero

snack keebler toppers whole grains

swimming-1 hr

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Waterbottle

I found this mega waterbottle at safeway grocery store this weekend. My other two water bottles, totally went away with the dodo bird earlier this summer. Between mold growing inside one of them and the side seal cracked I tossed them into the recycling bin to be recycled.
This is going on to my wish list.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday ...

no excerise yet.

chocolate covered granola bar
cereal with skim milk
8 oz of coke zero
three black bean tacos
4 oz of coke
keebler whole grain crackers
2-16 oz rootbeer and buffallo wild wings for dinner
dippin' dots for desert-kiddos birthday

Monday, August 9, 2010

Back from vacation

ate to much good food. If any one knows I like food its my in-laws. But who doesn't?

25 min walk run
15 min lifting weights on legs

cereal with skim milk
black bean tacos
20 oz of coke zero
eggs and toast

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On Vacation Notice

This blog will be on vacation from tuesday July 27th, 2010 throught Saturday August 7th, 2010.

Sorry for this inturption of service but it is getting down to the wire for our trip.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wednesday-total slacker

AFter a night of hardly sleeping because DH was on site working and still is for the second night in a row. I have a headache, again. I have not motivation. I have not wanting to go do anything. I have been eatting healthy. We went to the pool to day in our subdivision. They have one of the old fashion scales with weights and such. So, I decided to weigh myself. The scale and I are never friends. This scale said I was 146, the wii fit said I 156 to 166 depending on the week it wants to work. Go figure.

cleaning for two hours

cereal with skim milk
whole wheat turkey sandwiches with alpha sprouts tomatoes pickles and mustard
humus and chips
potato soup snack
black bean tacos for dinner

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuesday ..finally moving again

After a day spent babying my right shoulder and neck area, I pushed myself to go work out inside instead of out. Extreme heat warning for my entire state. I feel better it still hurt at the end of the day and needed muscle relaxer but that was only 1 pill compared to three during the day.

25 minute run
20 minute weight lifting

cereal with milk
black bean tacos
a few strawberries
two whole wheat sandwiches with tomatoes, alpha sprouts, pickles, smoked turkey, and mustard
lots of koolaide, tea, and 12 oz of coke

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monday ...avoiding lighting strikes

15 minute run..literrarily running from lighting

cereal with skim milk
lots of water
muscle relaxers with ibprofen-the spot I got hurt a few months ago is acting up after getting kicked in the face by a sleeping kid
12 oz of coke zero
snake cereal with skim milk
2 pbj sandwiches
hummus and chips
potato soup with a sandwich

Monday, July 19, 2010

Phew the weekends over

Okay food intake for the weekend, so, much healthy that I forgot to keep track. No seriously, I mean it.

Excerise, well Saturday we drove up to Prescott. We walked around the square, went to costcos, Sam's Club, Kmart, Khol's, and a few others stores. A total of 6 hours of moving. I crashed and burned. Not to mention the change in altitude, and the humidity we are having played havoc with my hears and head. I spent Saturday night and sunday doped up until about 2 pm then the headache came right back.

I am about ready to just have a word fight wiht Dh. Yes, he is eatting much better than he was. I am the best shape of my life. yes, I have a muffin top. Let me explain about my muffin top, three full term pregancies, life saving surgery through some very important adnomibal muscles left my stomach scarred and stretched to the point, I will always have a muffintop to an extent. Am I happy about that ...NO BUT HELL NO. Can I live with it? Yes by heaven's grace, I can. Do I like people talking about it and trying to make themselves feel better about themselves. NO. Do I pick on them when they have a problem area. NO. I say come work out with me. I will do the excerises with you. Do they do it. NO.

I have regained lost butt muscles to where my hips look slightly slimmer and my butt a little firmer. You know the dimples you had as kid on the side of your butts that disappear with kids and age. Mine have come back thank you very much. If he would simply start again with the wii fit, I know he could seriously drop some pounds.

Friday, July 16, 2010

thursday calories, minutes, and stres

cereal with skim milk
pbj with chips and soda
snack none
dinner lasanga wiht wheat garlic toast
candy for desert, running errands-40 minutes

Stress, my dh is trying so hard that its not even funny. He's stressed at work, he's stressed at home supposed by the lack of cleaning we do per day. Excuse me, have you seen teh kids chore charts, or extra stars for extra cleaning they have done ...knock knock any one home. What gets him is little stuff that gets looked over. Box top that was thrown in a window sill or donation forgotten to be taken to the donation bin at the kids school, etc. I'm only one person not a God with ultimate powers, the kids are kids, and your cranky from dieting ...get it over it. Mountains out of mole hills are never good. They should be let go.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

MOney Saving Tips

Fry's/krogers is having by 10 of any of these item sales again*note take sales paper to wal-mart price match.I've listed what caught my eye..

$0.99 philadelphia cream cheese 5-8oz
$0.49 Quacker Quacker rice snacks 3-3.5 oz
$1.49 Quacker Cereals 21-22 oz
$0.75 Pepsi Products 2 liters
$1.49 Dannon Yogart 4-6 ct pk
$1.99 International Delight Coffee Creamer 32 oz
$0.99 Simply Potatoes 20 oz

$1.99 Kellog's Cereal 12.2 -24.0z
$0.99 Strawberries 1 lb container
$0.99 Fresh whole Pineapple

$0.78 Red Seedless Grapes
$0.99 Fresh Express Salad kits
$0.99 2 liter coke products
$1.88 Diary Glen Milk Gallons
$1.99 Breyers and Klondike bars
$0.99 Iceberg lettuce
$1.29 lucrene eggs must have coupon whither at safeway or wal-mart
$4.49 Lucrene Shredded Cheese 32 oz must have coupon
$0.99 Anthony's pasta

Wednesday Whirl wind calories and mintues not to mention stress

minutes 90 minutes running lifting weights

cereal with skim milk
lunch wheat sandwich with tomatoe meat alpha sprouts mustard potatoe chips
snack: bake potato
dinner toasted cheese and meat sanwiches with salad

Now, we had planned on heading to chompies for jewish sliders but dh didn't get home in time for dinner. he is the one that requested more healthy sandwiches. So, originally I made grilled cheese sandwiches but added meat to his and the youngest. I hadn't planned on cooking at all. I had no meat thawed to cook anything. Needless, to say most stuff I normally get he took off the list grocery list then the other stuff he says is weird and won't eat. Its crazy! I told about an old southern reciped that we could take the sausage out of. His reply was why do you do weird stuff. Why can't you cook normal stuff? Excuse me okra dishes are normal for the southerns. ARGGGG!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

tuesday calories/minutes ..more hilirious healthy stuff

yogart, 8 oz of coke
chips with wheat sandwich meat alpha sprouts tomatoes mustard pickles
snack crackers with peanut butter with milk
dinner: wheat sandwich meat alpha sprouts tomatoes mustard pickles

30 minutes wii fit
30 minutes cleaning

okay so here it is, Dh called saying he got back from his work trip early than expected. He need lunch. he came home to eat lunch with us. It was nice. Though we debted taking advantage of the subway customer appreciation special this month. While debting his phone goes off, its work. Since it wasn't 5 and technically they said he could finish his day at home in the home office, he had to answer the phone. It took so long that the kids were too hungery to make the short trip to subway for sandwiches...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MOnday Calories and MInutes...the rocks on the path

minutes: two hours of cleaning

breakfast cereal with milk (skim that is); dh forgot to eat
lunch: wheat bread sandwich with pickles, meat and tomatoes with mustard very small portation of chips
24 oz of coke plus, 2 x large diet coke at mcdonald's for snack
dinner: brown rice cream corn, sauted canned tuna (we had a big discussing of how dh hates this but the kids love the tuna sauted)
snacks: oatmeal fruit cookies

So, dh forgot to eat breakfast. Ugh, its getting tough on him to eat healthy. he really is used to over 3,00 calories a day in bad food. His attitude is good though.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Weekend Calories/Minutes the saga of my DH's turn from the Darkside

Weekend Minutes:
Saturday 120 minutes running and weight lifting
21/2 hours window shopping
2 hours grocery shopping

breakfast potato soup wiht 8 oz of coke
lots of water
gold fish crackers
lunch paradise bakery you choose cafe..1/2 a sandwich with a small salad zero coke 2x and a chocolate chip cookie
dinner sweet tea, fresco burrito and soft taco from taco bell
6 oz coke
16 oz of water
bites of cantalope

diet production of the day:
Okay while headed to go window shopping and return the shaun white snowboarding game. we were going to go out to eat. The kids said, buffalo wild wings. I said, wait a second hon. You got sick from rich food yesterday. Maybe, you should try somehting less rich. How about paradise bakery, you get your salad delux and a 1/2 sandwhich. Its perfect portion too. We go, not only do we get a great lunch but due to their rewards program which we had been signed up for, we got a free lunch. So, instead of paying $30.00 for a family of four to eat out, we paid $20.00.
I am so happy my Dh listened to me about food choices this time.

minutes: 1 hr of stairs at the baseball game
16oz of coke
calories: breakfast healthy cereal with skim milk
lunch: two hot dogs with onions, mustard, and ketchup, pink lemonade 2 x, diet pepsi (yucko), 1 bag of peanuts, 2 1/2 bags of lays barbeque chips, three small waters
dinner: small salad with lettuce cucumbers, tomtatoes; sweet tea 3 x, sandwich on wheat with pickle and meat
So today wasn't so great with healthy eatting at the baseball game. I am not surprised. Though, my Dh has switched from white to wheat bread. How many years have I waited for my dh to do this? Um, my entire marriage. Almost had an O moment just hearing my DH say, "Get wheat bread from now on". Then he has been eatting breakfast every morning. My Dh who doesn't eat breakfast. Yes, folks my dh is eatting breakfast. He has made sure that the kids stop their boredom eatting as well too. Yes, folks this I'm hungery but grabbing for unhealthy food is over at our house offically for I don't know how long. I just hope his parents help keep him on track when we go home for a visit.

Did I mention he switched from regular coke to coke zero. Yup. He said he still prefers regular coke but coke zero is better for him.

Friday Minutes Calories..and the beginning of our journey with my DH

cereal with milk
lots of water
lunch mini ravoliis 8 oz of coke
4 oz of coke
tea, pasta with alfredo sauce, spinach, and mushrooms

60 minutes in strollerize, 40 minutes school shopping

Okay, so, yesterday was teh big day for us to be healthy with my Dh. The phone rings, my kiddo answers it.

kiddo: Hi Daddy!

DH: Hi kiddo! Whatcha ya doin?

kiddo: playing with play doh.

dh: that sounds fun

kiddo: yeah it is. Mommy is making me some shorts right now

dh: that's cool.

Kiddo: when you comin' home

dh: on my way. wanted to know what you wanted for dinner?

kiddo: pizza

dh: sounds good

kiddo: is that okay for you to eat?

dh: yeah once in awhile it is..

mean while i am listening just silently shaking my head knowing this is the stubbling block I knew was coming. Thank goodness once he got home. Both kiddos acted so bad in the card he refused to order pizza. Instead we had past with alfredo sauce, spinach, and mushrooms.

He also relieved that he act mexican today because it was client paying for it. He admitted that he couldn't handle it. He got sick when he got back to the office. he said it was the strangest thing too. He has never gotten sick from mexican. I think his body is just had it with all junk food. Mexican fixed right can be very healthy but what was served probably wasn't that healthy.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Thursday Calories and mInutes


cereal with skim milk
lunch pbj sandwhich
dinner eggs with pankcakes
lots of pink lemonade
luncheon meat for a snack

2 hours cleaning
1 hour in the heat

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wednesday Calories and Minutes

Minutes: 90 running and lifting weights, 2 1/2 hours at the pool

breakfast grits with cheese
lunch a mcdouble wiht a large diet coke
snack pizza gold fish
dinner potato soup with toast and water

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tuesday Calories Minutes

Minutes 30 wii fit

breakfast was cereal with skim milk
lunch chef boyardee with a chores performance review with the kiddos
dinner was pasta with a red sauce and meat side was fresh cantalope
snack was luncheon meat and shredded cheese
lots of pink lemonade.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Monday Calories and Minutes

90 minutes running and lifting weights
60 minutes yard work

grits with cheese
lentil dip wiht saltine crackers
chef boyardee
more doritos
lots of pink lemonade
coke at least 32 oz

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Friday Calories and MInutes

60 minutes of strollerise

cereal with skim milk
chef boyardee with pineapple chucks
dorittos lots of them
16 oz coke
16 oz rootbeer
taco bell
lentil dip wiht saltine crackers

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday Calories and minutes

4 oz of coke
spaghetti with meat sauce
4 oz of coke
pbj sandwich
lentil dip/spread and crackers
tonito's pizza wiht salad and 4 oz of coke

2 hours of cleaning
1 hour wii fit

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday Calories/Minutes

60 minutes running and lifting weights

grits with cheese
8 oz coke
lunch mcdonalds-there goes my diet 1 mcdouble and 1 large coke refilled 3 x's
pasta and sauce
1 1/4 hot dog with mustard no bread

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Calorie and minute count

25 minutes wii fit
1 hr 30 minutes casual swimming

cereal with skim milk
12 oz of soda
2 pbj sandwiches with chips
3 vienna sausages
watered down lemonade
thia spicey dish with rice

Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Calories/Minutes

60 minutes running and lifting weights

8oz of coke
cereal with skim milk
saltine cracker
pink lemonade watered down
pbj sandwich with chips (too many)
hot dogs with carrots and dips

Friday, June 25, 2010

Money Saving Alert...

Chef boydeee is $0.59 15 oz cans Fry's /krogers
Ragu Past sauce small jars $1.37 fry's/krogers
coca cola 2 liter products $0.69 Fry's /krogers
Post Cereal boxes small $1.47 Alberston's must have coupon out of paper ot price match
Titino's Pizza $0.69 Fry's /Kroger's
Icburge lettuce $0.49 limit 2 Albertson's must have coupon out of ppaer to price match
Generic Cheese shredded 32 0z $4.99 safeway
Oscar Meyer premium franks $0.88 fry's /kroger's
Generic cream cheese 8 oz $0.99 SAfeway
Gold fish crackers small bags $0.88 safeway
Yoplait yogart $0.38 Alberston's must have coupon out of paper to price matc
Sara Lee white bread 20 oz $1.17 per loaf Albertson's must have coupon out of paper to price match
County Time Lemonade 6-8 qt container $0.99 Fry's /Krogers
Not bad..I know the pizzas and chef boyardee aren't so healthy but they quick and make a great substitute for sandwiches.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday MInutes and calories

1 hr 30 minutes

40 oz of water down kool aid
32 oz of coke
gritz with cheese
pb & j sandwiches with chips
carrots and dip for snack
angel hair pasta with alfredo sauce and corn
handful of wheat thin flavored crackers

Wednessday Calories/Minutes

Cereal wiht skim milk
pbj sandwiches with chips
snow cone
2 20 oz bottles of soda
egg whites with onions and garlic topped with shredded cheese
blueberry pancakes mini 6 with butter and syrup
3 vinnia sausages


30 minutes wii fit

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday Calories/Minutes

1 hr 15 mins running weight lifting
20 mins wii yoga

grits with cheese
8oz coke
8 oz sweet tea
spaghetti with sauce
brown rice corn green beans and spinach
wheat thins vermont white cheddar
1 blue berry bagel

Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Calories/Minutes

Okay, today was suppose tobe get out and run day. it didn't happen. Whenever there is a solistice, I can't sleep well and let's just say I am hung over from just enjoying the freedom of the seasons.

healthy cereal with skim milk
8 oz of coke (need caffinee so bad)
32 oz sweet tea
turkey sandwich with sour cream and onion chips
swiss cheese and crackers with apple and banana slices
potato soup for dinner
water 1 liter

25 wii fit

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday calories/minutes

cereal with skim milk
turkey sandwich with chip n dip
8 oz of coke
1 liter of water
beyers snicker ice cream
buffalo wild wings
saltine crackers

50 minutes of strollerize
30 minutes swimming
40 minutes walking around in a store

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday Calories and MInutes

60 minutes running, walking, and weight lifting

grits with cheese
1 liter of water
12 oz of coke
potato soup wiht chips and bean dip
1/4 bowl of scandavian goluish
grapes and wheat thins
flavored water
beyer snickers ice cream
3 egg whites with onions, garlic, basil, sage, and thyme
flavored water

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Calories and Minutes

4 oz of coke
gritz with cheese
pb & j sandwich with chips
2 mini oreos
3 vienna sausages
4 oz of coke
1 liter of flavored water
toast sandwiches with cheese and chip n'dip

30 minutes wii fit strengthening

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Calories/Minutes


60 minutes running weight lifting


1 1/4 liter of water

bowl of cheerios of skim milk

4 oz of coke

potatoe soup with salad coke

bite of a granola bar and a whole granola bar

scandavain goluish

Monday Calories/Minutes

cheerios with skim milk
pb&j sandwiches with v& s chips
snack: popiscle and 2 mini oreos
dinner: potato soup and salad with kool-aide
coke 8 oz

30 minutes vaccumming
30 minutes mopping
30 minutes cleaning

Okay here's the deal, I have been looking for a job for sometime now. A lot of places don't give descriptions of jobs or what hours of work are expected. They now give it during an interview. Yup, totally unprofessional. I have had several job leads that I am following up on. My Dh found out about them. He was like how come you didn't tell me you were applying for jobs. I replied that I hadn't heard back from anything. The only way to inquire is to apply for the jobs. When something serious passes by, I will tell you. He goes off on some mean word tanturm about me never talking to him about what I am doing and How I never consider the kids. That i'm not allowed to get a job until the fall, that he will take away the keys to my van, if I don't talk to him yad yad yad. Yes, this is a form of abuse. I understand it. I also understand my DH more than he gives me credit for. I know he wants to hours of employment, he wants to know pay rate, he wants to know if the kids can come with me if the kids are out of school, can i take the summer off, how do I go about requesting days for said family vacation. If I do not have this information, then there is no hope of even considering the job for me. So, I'd rather be belittled too, than not be actively trying to get a job. Part of the war of words, is that he has ocd, a tooth that needs attention by dentist, and debt he got this family into with two words-credit card. I just went back to sleep and ignored him until I have more information to appease his need for knowledge.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday Calories/Minutes

breakfast: grits with cheese under cooked *didn't read the fine print-that sparked an arguement between dh and I **grrr
lunch: mcdonald's mcdouble wiht coke and a few small fries
snack: 1/2 a muskateer bar and ice cream
dinner: 1 ham sandwich with chips and water

60 minutes running, lifting weights, and walking

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Calories/Minutes and money saving tips

breakfast: 2 egg whites scrambled with sauted onions, garlic, basil, sage, and thyme
*as many know I am allergic to eggs. So, I am slowly trying to raise my tolerance by eatting extreme small amounts.**
lunch: sandwhich honey ham wiht mustard coke and salt & vinegar chips
starbucks venti latte with whip and peppermint syrup
dinner: stadium hot dog, yucko~
snack: peppermint ice cream to settle my stomache


wii 35 minutes

money saving tips:

use paper towels for napkins. You can rip from teh roll as is or cut into neat squares. For use..paper towels it is

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Calories & Minutes


60 minutes strollerize


breakfast: cereal with skim milk

snack: bread with peanut butter on them

lunch: baked chicken, rice, and spinach

dinner: papa john 6 cheese large pizza and coke

Thursday Calories/Minutes

breakfast: grits with cheese
lunch: 2 turkey sandwiches with dorittos with coke 3 4oz
snack: cheese sticks
dinner: egg whites and pancakes and chocolate milk
thyme, basil, rosemary, sage tea

*note, I am allergic to eggs. I am trying to find a way to eat eggs again.

Minutes: Light walking around the library

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wednesday Calories/Minutes

breakfast cereal with milk
turkey sandwiches
lots of water and coke
snack peanut butter and milk
dinner left over lasanga that had been frozen and ice cream

40 minutes on the wii fit

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Peanut Butter Recipes by Gail Simmons

I found this video segement this morning. We love peanut butter!!|compaq-laptop|dl4|link1|

tuesday minutes and calories

So, I am trying my darnest to sneak out of the house before one of my kids wakes up. Ha...5:30 am in the summer one rose to defeat me on my quest to be healthy. Go figure my said children didn't go to bed until 9:30 pm last night.

35 minutes wii fit

breakfast grits
water, coke
lunch pb&J sandwiches
snack: baked potato with butter and garlic salt
dinner: left over beef stew taht I had froze
more coke and water-migrane headaches like you wouldn't believe

Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Calories/Minutes

cereal with skim milk 1/2 orange
turkey/ham sandwich with chips and coke

40 minutes mopping
90 minutes moving and organizing stuff.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Saturday/Sunday Calories Minutes

breakfast cereal with skim milk
snack: saltine crackers
lunch: scandavian goulish with chocolate milk
snack: dorritos and chocolate
dinner: grilled cheese sandwich with chips
20 oz of coke
6 hours of cleaning mb& mb
Yesterday Saturday:
25 minute run
12 minutes lifting weights

staburck chai tea latte with peppermint and whip
16 oz of coke
pb & J sandwiches with chips
mcdonalds mcdonald 1 3/4

coke 12 oz
water lemon
starbucks chai tea latte with banana nut muffins
water water and more water

minutes 2 1/2 hours at a birthday party

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Friday Calories/Minutes

Yeserday Minutes:

five hours of cleaning again.


breakfast cereal with skim milk
snack: cheddar cheese crackers
lunch: baked potatoe with garlic salt and cracked pepper
snack: ice cream -1 scoop only..indulging myself after a hard week
dinner: scandavian goulish with butter toast chocolate milk

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thursday Calories/Minutes

yestesrday calories:
breakfast: cereal wiht skim milk
lunch: mcdonald mcdouble with 1/2 of a small french fries
lots of kool aide
peanuts and cranberries-snack
kool aide
dinner: scandavain goluish 1 1/2 bowls

water-2 32 oz cups

three hours of walking around between library and wal-mart

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wednesday Calories and Minutes

minutes: 6 hours of cleaning the den/kitchen combo we have...with kids in tow..

cereal with skim milk
vegetable pasta soup with slices of garlice toast
2 1/2 glasses of coke
kool aide until i look like a kool aide person myself
pb&j sandwhich
small handful of chips
carrotts and salad dressing
more coke with migrain medicine
kool aid through out the night

Tuesday Calories/Minutes

Minutes 6 hours of straightening and cleaning out my "supply" closet and work area. Yes, folks it really did take six hours of cleaning, straightening, shreadding, and throwing away. one hour cleaning my vechile.

Calories yesterday:
cereal with skim milk
2 cheddar cheese nabs
1 turkey sandwich wiht mustard and dorritos
lots of coke
skipped getting my own tub of ice cream, figured I did enough damage being sick and all
taco bell for dinner-way to tired to cook..

Monday, May 31, 2010

Heathly eatting deals at Wal-mart

Typically, I don't shop their for groceries. The local supermarket branches have been having much better prices plus free carry out with tip. Wal-mart has no carry out but their prices have recently dropped.

Here's the deals that I found.
pink lady apples a bag for $3.00
Lemons $0.25
bell peppers $0.68
bananas $0.44
10 lb bag of potatoes $2.00

Great value brand frozen vegetables if you don't fresh
Brocoli bag $0.98
Carrots n Peas $0.98

Non-whole wheat $0.88 - I prefer whole wheat but my family likes to mix it both.

Small loaves of bread white and wheat $0.88

Oscar meyer meat in round tubs $2.50 a lb. Not bad when the wal-mart brand is $3.00

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Monday Calories/Minutes

Minutes? What minutes or activity minutes?!...uh sat in bed and read all yesterday.

homemade french toast with syrup
coke, water, chocolate milk
peanuts with cranberries..hold the applause..

I ate my vegetable soup instead of ordering pizza like the rest of family did. Do I get a prize or what.

Sunday Calories/Minutes

Yesterday Minutes:
Two hours of moving between grocery shopping and errand running
hour of cooking soup and cleaning

Yesterday Calories:
Bacon pizza
lots of soft drinks
lots of juice
some water
1 mcdouble burger
vegetable and pasta soup..from my friend Jo kids loved it.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Saturday Calories/Minutes

40 minutes walking around a wal-mart waiting for my oil to be changed in my vechile


lots of soda...lost count of the oz.
25 oz of juice
dorittos cool ranch
banana nut muffin
chai tea latte with whip cream and peppermint syrup
taco soup
hungery howies pizza

how's that for ruining my healthy eatting while sick...ha let's see if you've done as bad as I have ...I have being sick..

Friday Calories/Minutes

4 hours of moving and cleaning a teacher's classroom while sick..:(

1 slice of pizza, with chips
lots of soda diet and regular
1 double cheeseburger
2 1/2 chicken nuggest
4 french fries
potato soup with salad and grilled cheese sandwich
honey bunches of oats cereal with skim milk

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baking Soda Uses..

Tired of over paying for chemicals to do certain things..check this article out about baking soda

Thursday Calories/ Minutes

20 minute run
15 minute weight lifting
20 minute
4 hours helping to pack up a room

breakfast: raisan bran with honey bunches of oat cearal with skim milk
lunch: pizza, fruit, and a chocolate mouse filled cake slice root beer
2 liters of water
dinner: turkey sandwich with cheese and mustard, and lots of chips
16 oz of coke

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday calories/minutes

yesterday minutes:

60 minutes strollerize class
20 minutes lifting weights
60 minutes cleaning/mopping

Breakfast: generic raisan bran with skim milk, 8 oz coke
snack: peanuts with cranberries
lunch: carrotts mini with balamsic vinegar dressing, 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Dinner: 2 1/2 squares of lasanga with 6 oz of coke

3 liters of water

Monday, May 24, 2010

Tuesday calories/Minutes

My legs feel, so, bad. I think I might have over done it but I don't think I changed anything in my routine.

Minutes yesterday:

deweeding: 10 minutes

run 40 minutes

weight lifting 25 minutes

cleaning 2 hours

Menu yesterday:

Breakfast-raisan bran cereal with skim milk

snack- 6 oatmeal fruit cookies

2 liters of water

Lunch-baked potato with butter and light cheese, salad

1/2 liter water

Dinner: turkey sandwich on iron kids bread with mustard, chips and flavored water

Monday Calories/Minutes

no moving yesterday..wait I take that back..

library casual stroll up and down the isles 60 minutes
wal-mart 60 minutes grocery shopping.

so no really heavy duty moving..I saw that eye roll

breakfast: generic cereal
lunch: 2 hamburgers
snack: four oatmeal fruit cookies
dinner: salad with balamasic vinegar, garlic toast, and lasanga homemade with 4 oz of milk

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Oatmeal Fruit cookies by Susan Powter

2 meduim sized bananas
2 egg whites
1 cup pitted and chopped dates (replaced with sunflower kernels)
11/2 rolled oats
1/2 cup raisans (replaced with cranberries)

Preheat Oven 350 degrees

Mash Banans leaving some chunks. Add egg whites and dates, and mix to make sure dates are well coated and seperated.

Mix in rolled oats and raisans. Set aside for 10 minutes. Wipe a cookie sheet with a little oil. Place teaspoonful of dough on cookie sheet, and flatten with the back of the spoon.

Bake for 20 to 25 minutes, until the edges are lightly browned. Cool and remove from pan. Store well covered in refrigator or freezer.

She says this is 88% carbohydrate, 6% fat, 6% protein..

I just love bananas.

Here is my challenge to you..make it your own by putting in the dried fruit or fresh fruit instead of the raisans and dates. Post your alternation here in this post..I will post all your alternations later.

Okay, I know there is a bunch stuff all over the internet but some of her recipes kick tale. She has some excellent points made in her books and backed up by professionals.

Sunday Calories/Minutes


nothing..seriously laid around like a lazy bum reading books, doing laundry, and making toasted sandwiches

blueberry bagel-breakfast
lunch: 1 1/2 toasted sandwich with multigrain chips
snack: coke
dinner: sonic jr cheeseburger combo meal wiht tater tots and rootbeer

Either I caught a bug or I have activated my digestive system into over drive because sonic came right back out through the exit. Needless, to say I totally don't know what to think..

Saturday Calories/minutes


2 1/2 hours moving or standing in the heat


breakfast: generic raisan bran with skim milk coke
lunch: diet coke with two slices of hungery howies pizza
snack: 1/4 banana shake from sonic and 3/4 chocolate shake from sonic
dinner: one turkey sandwich with chips and carrots in salad dressing

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Friday Calories/ Minutes


40 minute run

40 minutes lifting weights


breakfast: generic raisan bran with skim milk

snack: peanuts with cranberries

lunch: turkey sandwich with mustard and pickles with potato soup 4 oz generic coke

snack: otter pop

dinner: hamburger with dill pickles mustard and white bread for buns, small stack of chips

snack: yogart

Thursday Calories/Minutes

40 minute run
20 minute lifting weights
2 hours cleaning back porch

yesterday menu:
breakfast: generic raisan bran cereal with skim milk; 8 oz coke
lunch: frozen burritto with 4 oz coke
2 liters of water
snack: potato chips, yogart with peanuts and raisans
dinner: sandwiches with chips and koolaide
desert: ice cream

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday Calories/Minutes

60 minutes strollerise
10 minutes weight lifting
30 minutes walking at school doing errands for teachers

yesterday's menu
breakfast: generic raisan bran wiht skim milk
snack: granola bar
lunch:domino's pizza left over
snack: yogart
dinner: potato soup, lettuce and cucumber salad with dressing, toast with butter and garlic powder

Monday, May 17, 2010

tuesday calories/minutes

40 minute run

20 min weight lifting

20 minute walk home

4 hours cleaning

yesterday's menu:

breakfast cereals with skim milk and cheese toast

snack: peanuts with cranberries with yogart

lunch: scandavain goloush

snack: ice cream breyers snickers, peanut butter and jelly sandwhich with chips and water

dinner: domino's pizza hawaiin and mushroom/olives

Monday Calories/Minutes

breakfast scandavain goulash
lunch ham sandwich with chips
too much coca cola
dinner: taco bell mini quessadilla and a crunchy taco
two candy sticks
snacks: 1 cup of peanuts and yogart

no minutes I literarily laid around doing nothing..our a/c went out and it was too hot to do anything.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sunday Quotes

Okay, Friday I got complimented on my skin. I don't have the perfect skin. I just know how to hide its imperfections and scars well. I wish people would not look at the outside to determine perfection rather inside just like the saying, "don't judge a book by its cover". The best beauty comes from the heart.

Menu for yesterday:

cheese toast

1 cup of peanuts

soup-enchilda and baked potatoe and house salad with strawberry lemonade from chilis

crackers and 6 oz of coca cola due to an upset stomach

yogart and peanuts for dinner

Friday, May 14, 2010

Basil- an herb we often don't know much about

This is from Southern Living May 2010 it teachs you how to grow the basil. They suggest you can use it to keep flies away. I thought it was interesting because they mention there are six kinds of basil you can grow.

This article is from Health Magazine May 2010 on diy remedies for things. The only thing I can say, is I normally make a tea broth with basil and drink it. I don't just smell it. I add 1 tablespoon or 2 teaspoons of sugar to drink it though.

This article was found in the Lowe's creative ideas for home and garden magazine they send out every two months.
I hope this helps you learn more about basil oops, basil is also known for its spiritual benefits as well. They are love, physic development, and protection.
This is something that is important to our diet.

Saturday Calories and Minutes

60 minutes strollerize

7 mins wii fit


Breakfast: raisan bran cereal with skim milk

mini snack muffins and water

three 16 oz w ater bottles

snack: medatterain salad with cheese cruttons and peanuts

lays stax potatos sour cream and onion

snack: peanuts and cranberries
slice of cooked ham, chocolate milk

dinner: 2 crunchy tacos from taco bell with 8 oz of coke

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Friday Calories/minutes

Oatmeal snack
breakfast two muffins, strawberries, orange juice, and grapes
lunch: chili beans wiht brown rice
snack: peanuts and cranberries
dinner: scandavain goluish
desert: beyers snickers ice cream

40 minute run
20 minute weight lifting
7 minutes wii fit

Its getting very difficult to stay motivated to stay in shape. While, I know its important the time it takes to actually do it, sometimes is more trouble than its worth. I just pray that the more I move the more I want to move. I know it will work if I just stay the course.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thursday Calories/Minutes

25 minutes wii fit took a break and just stretched and balanced myself
30 minutes of swimming lazily...

breakfast: generic raisan bran with skim milk

snack: sweet and salty granola bar then my trail mix really hungery today

lunch: potato chips sour cream and onion by lays stax and ham sandwich with slices of meat and shredded cheese

dinner: taco soup

snack: starbucks frapo half price this week

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

wednesday calories/minutes

I'm so soar. I totally worked the abs yesterday. I can barely move that and the allergy meds I took yesterday afternoon.

60 minutes strollerise class

20 minutes weight lifting

Breakfast: generic raisan bran with skim milk and cheese toast

snack: trail mix of peanuts and cranberries

Lunch Spaghetti with garden vegetable sauce

snack: ice cream

Dinner: taco soup and lots of rice krispie treats homemade of course

Monday, May 10, 2010

Tuesday Calories/Minutes

three hours at the school working
one hour excerising-2-40 min runs, 20 min weight lifting
no swiming to darn tired

generic raisan bran with skim milk
lunch left over spaghetti
snack peanuts and cranberry trailmix
11/2 glasses coke
2 1/2 liters of water
dinner was drumettes with olive oil and ms dash seasons baked with brown rice and chili beans

Monday Calories/Minutes

Hey Mother's Day is over my house isn't so bad as last year. Its a little more calm. Toe nails are painted a gothic purple pazzi my nyc. We have been waiting for purple to come out since last year.

Let's start at the beginnig.
Cereal with skim milk
potato soup with grapes
3 taco bell crunchy tacos
lots of coke
recovering from stomache bug

McDonald's egg mcmuffin with a large coke
Pizza from Sam's club wiht root beer
Dinner more pbj sandwhiches
sunflower seeds for a snack
candy sticks from cracker barrell

muffin from safeway deli wiht a starbucks chia tea latte
pbj sandwhiches
spaghetti for dinner
homemade rice krispie bars for desert

Friday two hours shopping
Saturday Two hours shopping
Sunday One hour shopping

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday Calories/Minutes

Totally forgot about swimming 60 minutes on Tuesday, 40 minutes on Wednesday
40 minute run
40 minutes lifting weights for arms, chest, and upper back

so soar and tired..can I have a nap now please!!!

generic cheerios with skim milk
2 pb & j sandwiches with lays stax cheddar chips
lots of water
potato soup salad with balamsic dressing
rootbeer from sonic a treat for me

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday Calories/Minutes

60 minutes strollerise struggling to keep up. She switched some of the excerises and my body parts doth protest the movement...;)
20 minutes working back and front muscles
5 minutes walking around looking for a darn adominal machine that isn't at the second club house so frustrating...

**Hey Robyfn**nice to see yeah again.

generic cheerios with skim milk and cheese toast
water lots of it
two medium baked potatoes light butter, garlic, salt and cheese
5 triple chocolate fudget cupcakes with homemade cream cheese frosting..totally lost my mind
1 liter of water flavored with clear kool-aide
1/2 liter of water flavored with clear kool-aide

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday caloies/minutes

40 minutes running
20 minutes lifting weights at the club house. worked on my legs
60 minutes

Beginning to see some definition in my muscles but not as much tone as there should be for my age. Though child birth can do a number on one's body if you weren't in great shape before hand, not to mention surgery that damaged the adbominal muscles.


last of special k with skim milk
three small baked potatoes
grapes water snack

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Calories/Minutes

Okay, yesterday an hour shopping for movement

pb&j sandwhiches for breakfast
black eyed peas and brown rice
dominos pizza mushrooms and black olives, hawaiin style pizza

one and half glasses of coke

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Quotes,

Friday 45 min strollerise class
45 minutes lifting weights with instructor from class and intro on how to use the machines

two hours of walking around with DH.

Friday Menu-
cereal with skim milk with cheese toast
watered down gatorade with gatorade
baked potatoe with cheese and butter
forget dinner

Saturday Menu-
Mcdonald's mcmuffin with sausage no egg and fruit parfait
lunch bake potato with cheese and butter with sweet peas
taco bell for dinner
chocolate covered peanuts for snack with milk

Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Calories/minutes

three hours of walking around the zoo

breakfast cereal with skim milk
lunch a sub luncheonable-not enough for an adult btw
bean burritto
toast sandwhiches (2) with chips and coke

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

thursday calories/minutes

four hours de-weeding yesterday

cereal with skim milk
bean, potato cheese burrittos
mcdonald's mcdouble
spinach salad
jelly and saltine crackers

Wednesday Calories Minutes

45 minutes of excerise
40 minutes of cleaning

cereal with skim milk and cheese toast
lunch bean, potato, cheese, burritos
meatloaf baked potato with corn

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday cAlories and Minutes

Okay, so normally I would do a product review today. Oops, forgot to upload a photo I need. So, I am skipping it. This week ..

two hours of pulling weeds yesterday
one hour volunteering

Cereal for breakfast with skim milk
bean, potato burritos with cheese and salsa
peanut butter and jelly crackers for snack
shake and bake chicken with canned carrots and brown generic rice.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Calories/Minutes

Yesterday, I did nothing. I mean I didn't clean. I didn't cook. I rested. I also discovered that semi sweet chocolate chips for baking make a wonderful substitue for candy.

food intake
cereal with skim milk
baja bowl from taco del mar with coke
turkey sandwich with mustard and lays stax cheddar chips with water

Sunday, April 25, 2010

sunday quotes

There is a reason that many religions have it written that you shall work 6 days and have a day of rest. That 7th day of rest whither it be in the middle of the week or on the weekend allows your body to heal after physical activity.

3 hours of de-weeding

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Money Saving Tips Calories/Minutes

No real tips for savings this week. Apparently stores don't want us to come shopping...

I'm so soar from yesterdays strollerise class and pulling weeds from the yard. It hurts to breath in because I used stomach muscles I don't typically use. This is good considering that my stomach muscles where damaged from live saving surgery 10 years ago. If trainer of the class keeps this up, I won't have a 12 pack abs but I might get better ton to a close to a 6 pack abs if I really push myself. Though, I have a feeling, I will need to get job by the end of summer.

60 minutes strollerise class
60 minutes pulling weeds

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Menu Calories/Minutes

shake n bake chicken
cheese toast

two hours cleaning my vechile
30 minutes cleaning up

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday Motivating Music Calories/Minutes

I have started listening to Nickelback. I heard their last three hit songs. I thought hmm do they have anymore great excerise songs. Oh baby yeah! Needless, to say, I can't play them around the kids. They lyrics are exactly appropiate for them to listen to, however, its great for me. They were probably never written for young kids any ways. I currently am listening to Dark horse though they have three to four albums out currently available through most stores. Can't afford to buy it. Well, quit being a snob, walk your tail down, drive a vechile of transportion to the library for a listen. Knock, knock anyone home?

1 hr 30 minutes washing my DH's car for him
30 minutes cleaning/mopping the kitchen floor

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Minutes/Calories

Okay, yesterday was a bad day for me..really bad day. Though I manage to excerise 3 hours to let go of some stress. Though, I thought I had it under control, it came bubbling the flowing out when I lost a $10 bill that was my husband's yesterday. I spent an hour looking for it, and crying for it. I told him I was so sorry. One minute it was sitting in the van and the next minute it was gone. I told I had backed tracked to the places where I went. He said it happens though not a good time to loose the $10 but he understood. What he couldn't understood was why I was crying. I told him it wasn't really the $10 bill but the other stuff dealing with my ex-Dh. He said he understood. He said it wasn't my fault they arent' truthful with me. He also added that he has given us good reason not to trust them. Until they give more information for us to help them we can't. He knows that I am torn up because even though I don't get along at all with my ex-DH I hate it when anything bad happens to anyone even if I don't know them personally. Its my heart that attracted him to me in the first place. That's what makes a good person, because I care.

He was really great last night. He understood that I need some cuddling and holding to make it all bettter. Thanks DH your the best. That's why we are married. YOu know when I really do need you the most.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Calories/Minutes

I found it very hard to eat healthy on $60.00 for two weeks. Though, most of the stuff will only last a week. Its really hard right now. I am so stressed out. I am dealing with a friend dealing with another possible expiration date (see candle for Mama K). My ex-DH and his family cropping back up at the most difficult time in my life. When they crop up its a bunch of crappy drama I don't need. I have plenty of that already.

60 minutes grocery store shopping.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sunday Quotes...

Charma its a ...fill in the blanks..seriously folks think about your actions and words before saying, doing or will come back to you one day..

Saturday Money Saving Tips Calories/Minutes

Warehouse stores actually can save you money if you know what to look for.

Kids snacks like goldfish crackers, cheese its, and much more are often in a large size and double boxes for the same prize at several small ones. If you get the larger boxes, often you can make it last a month and half before needing to buy more.

Two hours of excerise..

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Menue Calories/ Minutes

I have a menu but I will post it later.

80 minutes of cleaning

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Motivating Music Calories/Minutes

No new music yet. Waiting on music from the library

40 minutes of sprint cleaning

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday Recipe Calories/Minutes

Cheesy BBQ Sloppy Joes from Southern Living Magazine

1 1/2 lb ground beef, turkey, or chicken

1 (14.5-oz) can diced tomatoes
1 cup ketchup
1/2 cup barebecue sauce
2 Tbsp chopped pickled jalapenos peppers (opitonal)
1 Tbsp liquid from pickled jalapeno peppers (optional)
1 (11.25-oz) package frozen garlic texas toast
1/2 cup (2 oz) shredded sharp cheddar cheese

1. Brown the ground beef inlarge skillet over medium-high heat, stirring often, 8 to 10 minutes or until beef crumbles and so no longer pink; drain well. Return to skillet. Stir in tomatoes, next 3 ingridents, and if desired, japlapeno peppers and liquid. cover and cook 10 minutes.

2. Meanwhile, prepare Texas toast according to package directions. Serve beef mixture over Texas toast; sprinkle with cheese.

I'm so spacey today from the excerise yesterday. I forgot to make my kids their lunch today. Its a good thing I over paid for school lunches. Ugh, maybe my brain new something I didn't. They can't eat the vendor pizza at school it makes them sick. So, normally I send a lunch. I said I would give them try on trusting them to eat the ham sandwhich.

3 hours of excerise and cleaning 10 k with crossing training in weights and cardio, and cleaning my kitchen with mopping involved.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Product Review Minutes and Review

Well, I bought these new cleaning gloves. The kind that you find in Wal-mart all fancy dancy when my old playtex gloves literarily had holes worn in the finger tips. Well, the fancy dancy ones from wal-mart the kind that make you look good while cleaning but don't hold up to real cleaning. I found I had a hole in the finger tip last night. The gloves cost about $3.00-$4.00 a pair, yet they didn't last very long as my playtex though ugly as could be did last about 6 months. Go figure...

Give me two hours of cleaning bathrooms last night. Yes, folks 2 hours of cleaning. I am exhaugsted.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Resturant Reviews Calories/Minutes

No Resturant reviews..didn't eat out at any unless count Papa John's pizza delivery for the coyotes game the other night, and McDonald's repeatedly with baseball season in full gear. We have been headed to games.

one hour of deweeding the backyard still

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday 'Quotes Calories/Minutes

I am going to quote the character John Locke from Season one when he was dealing with Walter the boy that got crashed with a bunch of adults.

Walter: I totally suck at this knife throwing thing.

John: I want to you concentrate on this section of the tree. You see here.

Walter: yes, I aimed for that the last time.

John: Use your mind's eye. Do you know what that means?

Walter: Seeing it in your mind before doing it?

John: Exactly

There is a pause in the scene when Walter closes his eyes and does just that .Then he opens his eyes, throws the knife and hits the target area of the tree dead one. If you watch the show then you know how the scene ends.

Thus, is our quest to be healthy. We first must want to be that way mentally before we can excute it physically.

Example: Friday I decided I wasn't going to let my allergies keep me from excerising, again this past week. I decided instead of running the 5 k to my excerise class, I would walk it. I walk the excerise route whatever it might be, and walk back home another 5 k. Guess what no matter what I did it. I even did this great big hill I once could run up but now I have trouble with. I walked fast and straight right up. I just kept picturing the top with light post. I got there. Even the instructor was impressed.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday MOney Saving Tips Calories and Minutes

2 1/2 hours walking and cross training

Okay does it really save you money to use the dish washer vs hand washing the dishes? I don't know. Though, I have restored to this to converse money and water. I use less water by washing my dishes and they seem cleaner than using my dish washer since my water company provides crappy quality of water.

What's your opinion?

My water company is American water company. There web address is They totally have lost their minds with their purposed rate increase.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Menu Calories/Minutes

Fours pulling weeds in the back. Yes, the desert gets weeds. Definitely after all the rain we had this winter.
*breakfast this week is big time as for national testing week. They lots of protein to focus.

Sunday-eat out

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday Motivating Music calories/minutes

Okay, so, my curiosity got the best of me on the pusscat dolls. A fellower pear..from 2 peas in a bucket, mentioned them repeatedly. Not bad, a few tracks worthy of puttign in my running playlist.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday Product Review Calories/Minutes

four hours cleaning up my kitchen, den and adult living totally trashed it.

as for products--I have none. I have not tried any or discovered anything that might be useful other than the new kool-aide fizzle tablets designed for water bottles. They are basically $3.00 for 8 tablets. They only work in 16-20 oz water bottles. My house isn't buying it because are not traveling any where.

Monday, April 5, 2010

MOnday Resturant Reviews Calories/Minutes

No resturant reviews we didn't eat out.

Calories/Minutes-what you mean I was suppose to keep excerising while downing a ton of candy, and brownies this weekend. No wonder the scale said I weigh like a semi-truck. Alright who forgot to send me a reminder to keep moving..

No body's fault but my own. Got sucked into lost season 1

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Satruday Money Savings Ideas Calories?minutes

Turn off the tv, open the window or door, pick up a book...and take a few hours of a vacation within your own imagination..

an hour shopping

Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Menu...Calories/Minute

Working on it now..


30 minute run for over 3 mis
60 minutes deweeding yard

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday Motivating music Calories.Minutes

30 minute run
1 hr 30 minutes deweeding my yard yesterday

I haven't come across any but i want to know who does the song from nose down to toes song..I think its called teh bubbly song..its a female singer if that helps.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

wednesday recipes and minutes and calories

Well, once again I am stumped for a recipe. Not that I don't have a health magazine with one that I could just easily quote and leave a web page link for recipes by them but I want more fresh and healthy stuff. Original that is not already printed think you got one or you have a recipe that needs to be tweeked to utlimate healthily version...send it or post it. We will revise as best we can.

30 minutes

Tuesday Product Review Calories/Minutes

I haven't come across any product this week that would be worthy of any type of a review. Unless, you count my vaccum warranty which so far holds to be true. We will find out when DH gets the thing on the way home from work today.

30 minute walk
three hours cleaning and straightening from the weekend

Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Resturant Reviews Calories/Minutes

No resturant reviews. Only Banquet boxed microwavable meals. To humor my irriatable husband, this weekend, we, again, tried banquet microwaveable meals. To my horror, within in 20 minutes of eatting my pot pies I became serverly nauseated, with dry heaves and painfully cramps. My kids still said they were hungry after eatting their chineses meals from them. I finally had to break down and take my phenagren, go to bed at 5:30 pm at night crying myself to sleep because my DH felt I was over reacting. How do you explain that your stomach felt like a ticking time bomb about to explode causing death and destruction to a man who is so blinded by his own thoughts and emotions right now, you can't.

So, my advice..even if you know that it will please someone else to give something you know will make you sick a second chance. Don't. It's not worth the sickness you will feel later.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Quote

"Easier said than done, don't take it personaly, etc" These are great for making some one feel better but in all honesty the person who you are saying it to still feels like crap and is probably depressed.

An hour shopping with groceries.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Savings and Calories/Minutes

Friday I did two hours of my class

Saturday savings tip..take advantage sales on this like brownie mixes and cake mixes. They come in handy with bored kids.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Totally slacking..

on posting..things are being to pick up again for me. I have so much stuff today as for stuff around the house, etc. I haven't meant to ignore anyone but its just that way. Right now..

I got 3o minutes of cleaning yesterd.

I am getting ready to run my first 10 k race this saturday. That is after being off for a month with my back.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday Product Review calories/minutes

Okay, I know a lot of people stay away from Suave products. I know I did for a few years. I had repeatedly tried their products but it didn't seem to help my hair. So, when I saw these products at Wal-mart. My eyes popped out, my nose said let smell the scents, and my wallet went cha-ching this really looks like a good deal. After using it for a week, I have to say...I love it. I just wished they had more products like this to use. I think my hair would do awesomely. Is that even a word or a correct spelling? I am not sure at this point. I have to say suave gets my vote on good job.

I have used the other shampoo and conditioners in the product line but if you want to contact the company for your own research, I have listed their web contact information for you.

NOTE***SUAVE IS NOT PAYING ME FOR THIS. I SPENT MY OWN MONEY AND TRIED THE PRODUCT. Though, if suave company is reading this ...I'd love some samples of the others stuff.
Four hours of volunteering at the school walking between rooms, work room, and waiting on the copier machine.
An hour at a scouts meeting..
Five hours

Monday, March 22, 2010

Resturant Review and Calories/Minutes

Streets of New York Pizza..their large will feed over 6 people with leftovers to spare. I will give it a thumbs up. Our favorite was the four cheese pizza.

30 minutes of grocery shopping of minor things saturday night-forgot about that..

still fighting the cold cooties.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Quotes...

I really don't have one but author Ellen Schrierber makes some excellent points about rumors and treating people right now matter how they look or act in her Vampire Kisses series. You may not be into the whole paranormal books but this series totally hits the right spot for teaching lessons in humanity.

No really movement this weekend..just recovering from the the cold cooties that Dh brought from work to home.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Money Saving Tips calories/Minutes

Walgreens, Walgreens, Walgreens yes the national pharmacy their ads. They often put items on clearance that save you lots of money. For instance the other night we only spent $3.68 on candy and drinks for hockey night, we got over 9 items. Yesterday, we spent $10.00 but we got three arizona ice teas, three boxes of kleenex and medicine. The regular price would have been $20.00

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Menu and Minutes and Calories

20 minutes of running errands between doctors offices and pharmacies for information on taxes.

our Menu is a little messed up right now. Since one kids got a tooth pulled

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thursday Motivating Music and Calories/Minutes

I got the new toby mac cd entitled tonight. Totally motivating beats and lyrics. His son is back rapping too. Its awesome.

I got Downey cd's to listen too. Its suppose make you relax.

20 minutes running errands
20 minutes cleaning and laundry

Wednesday Recipes and Calories/Recipes

I haven't really looked for recipes this week. Though I am getting a hello,cupcake book from the library I might have one for next week.

30 minute run this morning-I can't tell you how peacefully it is to go for a run before the world wakes up. Try turning off your ipod and truly listening. Its awesome.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday Product Review and Calories/Minutes

Wal-mart stories..why is this a product because it takes everyone working as a team to have a sucessful store with low prices. The prices haven't been low. Their associates in general are not helpful expect at the door greeting. The majority of the associates couldn't be bothered. The stock items such as flips in packaging that makes it difficult to try on,the brands are improving but not stocked well for misses and men, some stores are layed out similar but not identical making it difficult to find items if you travel a distance to find them, they only have certain stores they will ship from warehouse to store for free, and they don't price match all prices. You must look at your ads, and call the stores. Overall, wal-mart is full of itself when they have the lowest price in town.

No minutes of moving so far.

Monday Resturant Review and CAlories/Minutes

Paradise Bakery-always good, always hot, and always priced right.

TGIF Friday-never can go wrong with their french onion soup or jack daniels feature platters, however, I tried their chicken burscetta dish. It had hugh portions, but not enough taste to it. The pasta dish was hot but not steaming. So, the past was slightly dried out when they served it to me.

Buffalo Wild Wings-Their new slider platters are awesome as my family would say.You want wings they gotta but they are not healthy.

Dominos Pizza-isn't bad but we are kinda tried out on pizza around here.

Taco Bell-definitely has healthy choices and we feed six people for under $20.00.

Logan's Steakhouse-love the atomsphere, and the fact you can be messy with peanut shells with kids awesome. They under cooked their salmon on two orders. The steak wasn't bad but they didn't listen to how the baked potato or baked sweet potato was suppose to be. It wasn't the waitress but the cook staff in the back. Be sure to send our food back if it doesn't come out right. The meal deal for $13.99 for two full meal platters for adults is a good value.

Ran/walked 40 minutes
shopping 4 hours for clothes for my kids