Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Monday Day 48 -Wednesday Day 50


3 mi run/walk; lifting legs and abs 15 mins

breakfast oatmeal with milk, coke 8 oz, veggie patty, candy/brownies, fried rice from stratch, 2 24 oz waters, 8 oz coke, kool aide

I'm still burning from taking a week off over two weeks ago. Yikes! What a difference a week makes.

Pumpkin muffins, eggs with cheese and bacon, 8 oz of coke; pumpkin seeds, chocolate milk, brownies, fried rice, soup with crackers, 3 24 oz water/tea/kool aid

strollerize 60 minutes
15 minutes lifting total body

OMG!! Kick boxing intro to this class..should have kept my mouth shut. I am going to be so soar

Pumpkin muffins with apple juice and milk; 8 oz coke; 3 24 oz of water/tea/kool aide, beef mini ravollis, brownies, spilt three packages of mini m&ms with the kids, chicken alfredo by red baron with way to much canned corn; 8 oz of coke

3 mi run/walk
total body weight lifting

I am so soar. I called my friend Robyn to figure out what I did to be so soar. Heckhum I am pushing myself big time..rolling pin massage is due. Remeber that too much fiber isn't a good thing. Thank goodness the porclein goddes loves offerings from such mistakes. Lol right.

So, get this email today. It is offering me a writing position with this internet site. I am waiting for some information from the persons in charge before I accept.

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