Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 6th, 2011

excerise: finish cleaning up around house after dust storm, walked around two stores

food: 2 small bowls of vegetable soup with crackers, 3 12 oz of coke zero, 1 8 oz of coke zero, hungery jack roasted garlic potatoes, green giant cheddar and brocolli vegetables, cheese quesadilla hamburger helper with cream corn for dinner, lay kettle chips with salt and pepper

July 5th 2011

Excerise: Cleaning up a dirty house and sewing

Food: 2 -12 oz cans coke zero, 1 bowl of great grains cereal with skim milk, 2 small bowls of spaghetti with meat sauce, 1 nature valley granola thing

Green Gaint Frozen Vegetables

Okay, since I got a coupon for their products, and it went on sale. We have been enjoying these items for the last few months. Fresh is best but frozen is next in line. They were never out of flavor and very crisp to the point i could swear on the bible that they were frozen right after being harvested.

I give it a yup I am going to purchase them

psst, the company has not paid for this review in any way. We paid for this out of our own pocket.

Hungery Jack Roast Garlic Potatoes

I normally make my own mashed potatoes. I don't do mass production products. I found a coupon for this product well all of them. They went on sale, and I purchased them. I have to say that they have easy, well flavored, and most of all easy to store in my small rental unit as we wait out our transition stage of either staging in the state we are at or moving closer to family else where.

I have to say this is a great alternative if you don't have time to make them yourself.

Psst, they company did not pay for this review. My family and I paid for this product out of our own product

Lipton 2 Go

Okay about seven years ago, this product came out on the market. Seven years ago, I tried it for the very first time. Since the crash of the housing market, a move cross country, and terrible time finding a job where it fits my schedule of needing to be off when my kids are off, I had to stop purchasing it. Now, that I have rediscovered the benefits of couponing again. I get to enjoy myself with this product. So, do my kids.

I have to say if you are looking for a diet soda replacement this is it.

Psst, the company has not paid for this review. Everything has been paid for and tried out of our own pocket.

Taking the fourth of July weekend off from being healthy

Okay this is what holidays are for. A time to relax and enjoy. Yes that means food you normally do not allow yourself to have to keep that figure just right..

Guess what I am eatting everthing that I shouldn't so I can say I have lived and not regetted life.

So, for healthy living to report.

From June 30th through July 4th, 2011

Friday, July 1, 2011

Thursday 6/30/11

Excerise: walking around shops and some shopping

Foods: peanut butter and jelly sandwich, 4 8oz of coke, eggs and sausage links lunch, and dinner 2 for $20.00 at TGIF resturant. I had a spilt the two appetizers with my family of shrimp cocktail and artichoke dip, sirloin petite with steamed chef vegetables and a loaded bake potato. did you know they charge for adding bacon bits and cheese? I didn't but that is okay. Then our desert was spilt between Brownie Obsession shown below and a red velvet cake with real cream cheese filling and frosting. The great thing about the 2 for $20.00 menu if your are not a complete vegetarian is that it does offer several healthy options like the steak or chicken dishes. Though, I will say this even though the steak portion was small, the side dishes where way too large. We all have been giving offerrings to the porcelin god and goddess since we left the resturant from over eatting. Not food poisoning but over eatting. This is part of our 4th of July celebration since we won't be going home for a visit this summer. I wish I had more pictures to show you. I don't. Thanks TGIFridays for making a menu option that could feed my family of four with two appetizers, four entrees that included eight side dishes, four drinks, and two deserts. It made it and affordable evening for us.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Whole Wheat Hamburger Helper

So, I tried hamburger helper again after three years. Why three years no hamburger helper when in most households it is a staple. First of all, they had mgs and other preseratives in it that made us very sick. Secondly, they had red dye in a lot of their mixes. We have a red dye sensitivity that we didn't know about. So, we completely stripped or pantry of this product. We did not indulge in it for three whole long years. Then I noticed that they had a whole wheat option and removed a lot of the dyes and preservatives. I had a bunch of coupons for this product too. Did I forget to mention we have started extreme coupons to a midlevel measurement. We have eatten to boxes of the stuff. No reaction other than our bodies going whole wheat and blowing a gasset of gas afterwards.

I would say its a good way to make a meal quickly and not worry to much about the healthy ingridents. The majority is good.

Wednesday 6/29/2011

Excerise 25 minutes on an olyptical machine l3 hills for 2.16 miles, up and down stairs frequently, and grocery shopping


post cereal great grains with skim milk, 4 8oz of coke (ran out of coke zero) turkey bologna sandwich on wheat bread with mustard pickles, whole wheat hamburger helper with ground turkey and french style green beans, 2 16 oz of flavored water

Tuesday 6/28/2011

no excerise unless you count doing laundry minor cleaning which does count but not a lot.


4 8oz of coke zero, 1 turkey bologna sandwich on wheat with mustard pickles and tomato, chips too whole grain pringles, 1/2 a cup of yogart, 1 24 oz flavored water, 2 slices of digornio pizza with bread sticks,

Monday 6/27/2011

Monday the supposedly start of a new work week though, I thought Sunday was the day that the week starts on it. Is it me or is it that we have come to a point in society's development where we have gotten totally turned around and confused about life?

Food and drink consumed:

post cereal great grains with skim milk, 4 8oz coke zero, 2 16 oz flavored water, 1 8oz chocolate skim milk with chocolate flavoring, home fried rice with pandagaro egg roll with ice cream, turkey bologna sandwich on wheat with mustard pickles and tomatoes.

6.37 miles on a stationary bike for 25 minutes
up down stairs in the home frequently

Monday, June 27, 2011

True Lemon Raspberry Lemonade Review

I got a few coupons for this product a few weeks ago. I went on the search to find it my local grocery stores. I finally found a store that carried it. They pulled the product the day I went to purchase it. I contacted the company in search for other stores in my area. They directed me to Wal-mart. The company is supposed to be sending me a package of samples with different flavors to try, since locating was a difficult process. After a week of consistently going over to Wal-mart, I found it in stock. I got some for my family and I to try.

First of there is no red dye in the raspberry lemonade. This is a good thing since I have kids with dye allergies. Yes, it slightly tinted "pink". It is very light. This is good. The overall flavor is pleasing as well. The fact the kids actually are drinking and not complaining of too little or too strong of a taste, is a blessing.

Second they use stevia sweetner. This makes it low calorie to add to your drink. It is less harsh on the body versus other sweetners say in soda or other drink mixes. Since, obesity is a concern for later in life with our family. Healthy drinking and eatting start now.

Third, the package for my kids are easy to open. They don't have to search for scissors for openning the package. I have typical kids. Since, they know it will drive me insane for them to use the scissors as swords, they do it for spite. No scissor sword wars. Phew less grey hairs for this mama! Can you see the happy face on my face now?

The true lemon company did not pay for this review. I paid for the product out of our household limited income. They are sending me samples since when I tried to originally purchase the product it was pulled by the grocery store as a way for me to try the other flavors.

Overall, I am pleased with the product. I would recommend it to other families looking for an alternative to heavily sweetened drink flavoring products.

If you would prefer ordering online here is the direct link for there store.


Saturday, June 25, 2011


I don't need a work out, and I don't need healthy eatting. I need all the fluids and calories I can get. The a/c went out in the rental unit between last night and this afternoon.

Drip drip ..ick I smell worse than I do when i work temperatures over 105 that is not good.
Will update later

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wed 6/22

food: post great grains with skim milk, homemade fried rice, x2 coke zero popcorn light kind, 2 cups of coffee with fat free creamer, 3 taco bell tacos x2 larger drink

3 hours walking around a grocery store price comparison shopping.
2 hours of swimming with friends in the pool.

Tuesday 6/21

25.03 mins on a stationary bike 5.87 miles

food post great grains, skim milk, , 3 8 oz coke zero, bottle of crystal light pure x2, 1 turkey bologna sandwich with lettuce pickles mustard and salad dressing,homemade fried rice and pandora pork egg rolls

felt awesome after the bike ride lots of cleaning friends coming over tomorrow

Monday 6/20

Food: 2 granola thin crackers with a thin layer of chocolate, 2 scoops breyers ice cream smores, thin spaghetti, lots of coke zero, 2 slices of california pizza with appetizes of artichioke and dip,

ran walked 1/93 miles had a bad headache due to heat

OMg got excerise going up n down the stairs cleaning

Balancing Act

is something that is not just in a circus act but a reoccuring fact for most moms or dads that stay at home. Me ,I am learning how to balance being creative, getting stuff in the store, and staying in shape all at the same time.

Isn't easy, in fact its down right frustrating! I want to scream sometimes. Others I want to rejoice. Then there are days where I swear I am just a big ole cry baby.

We need to support each in this balancing act. Ugh..its tough enough to be a person in this day and age but to be put in a super hero role model is even tougher.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 12th -June 15th

sandwiches, with lettuce cucumbers and pickles mustard for dressing
lots of coke zero maybe too much coke zero

the new hamburger helper with fresh corn on the cob, refried beans with cheese,
taco bell
lots of fiber one cereal too!!

lots of up and down stairs, slow walking around stores extreme couponing, and optical machine 1.61 miles inturpted repeatedly by family.

*Note on home life just pray and pray for our family. Things need to change work wise, home wise, and health wise. Just about the time I feel like we are turning a corner we have another break down in communication that results in major volocano of eruptions from the personal volocano.

Monday, June 6, 2011

June 5th-June 11th


1 blueberry bagel, 1 blueberry muffin, 2 bean cheese microwave burritos, 1 can coke zero, 1 bottle of water, 24 oz coke zero, chips, cookies, ritz cheeze filled crackers barbeque sandwich with parmesan pasta salad 4 oz of coke zero


1 nature valley vanilla yogart bar, 2 small salad bowls of spaghetti, 2 cookies, 1 bottle of water, 8 oz coke zero x3, chips, iceburg lettuce with italian dressing, x2 coke zero 8 oz, california cheese pizza 2 slices, flatbread 4 slices with articoke deep, 2 cookies

ibprofen 2 tablets

1.86 miles ran wallked


1 naturevalley yogart strawberry bar, 1 small bowl of spaghetti, 1 turkey bologna sandwith pickle cucumbers italian dressing mustard, 3 1/2 cookies oatmeal, 4 80 oz coke zero, 1 bottle of water, pasta with red sauce meat and onions

lots of sewing 1 trip down and upstairs


1 cashew nature valley bar, 1 wendy's crispy chicken sandwich with x2 coke zero natural cut fries with sea salt and part of a side salad, 1 20 oz coke zero,

3 trips up and down stairs, an hour and half of slow walking around safeway for price scouting

Okay, I have been so busy with extreme couponing and my shop that I completely forgot to keep the log. Plus, home life hasn't been that fun lately either. It's hard to stay focused when things aren't well.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday May 29th, 2011- June 4th, 2011


1 12 oz coke zero to start the day, 1 lean cuisine four cheese coninelle, 1 fudge center drumstick
1 12 oz coke 1 slice of pizza california cheese 3 flat bread slices with spinach and articoke dip, 2 oatmeal cookies, 1 12 oz of coke zero, lots of salt n pepper kettle chips 1 bottle of water

Excerise: climbing stairs in my house x2, grocery shopping 1 hour


3 cups of coffee with fat free creamer, 1 turkey bologna sandwich with mustard and pickle, 1 drumstick ice cream, 3 cookies, 2 glasses of coke, 1 12 oz coke zero, 1 fresco bean burrito, 1 fresco taco
excerise: climbing stairs x2, 30 minutes shopping, cleaning

excerise going up and down stairs x3, walk /run 25 mins 1.80 miles, going up and down staduim steps at the all you can eat buffett at Chase Field

3 cups of coffee with fat free creamer, 1 small bowl of fiber cereal, 1 small bowl of spaghetti and sauce, 1 1/2 milano cookies, 2 cups of coke, 1 bottle of water, a pinch of chips, 3 hot dogs with mustard relish ketchup and onions, 1 cup of peanuts, and 3 pepsi maxs small.

excerise: clean up, stairs x3, walking around library and frys
3 cups of coffee with fat free creamer, 1 small bowl of fiber cereal, 1 turkey bologna sandwich with chips, coke zero 3 glasses 8 oz, water, spaghetti with 2 biscuits,

excerise stairs x4, 1.85 miles walk/run, walk around safeway

toast, wendy's crispy chicken sandwich chili french fries x2 coke zero, turkey bologna sandwiches with chips and coke zero

toast, lean cuisines, 2 small slice cheese pizza flat bread 3 slices with artichoke dip, coke zero 4 oz, water, 3 cokes

Pasta salad, 1 fresco bean burrito and soft taco from taco bell, x4 coke zero 8 oz

excerise 1 hr of extreme couponing shopping
small bowl of spaghetti with x2 glasses of coke zero, wendy's chili with french fries and chili waters

Memorial Day Weekend

It's been awhile since I actually posted here. I do apologize to anyone following as a fan or friend. Life has side tracked me quit a bit, so, excerise and healthy living hasn't been one of goals for over a month.

I have suffered from major allergy stress induce migrane heads, a job that turned out to be not for me, a move, and another move in just six weeks if everything works out the way its suppose to.

So, hopefully with summer here now I can focus on what I need to not just for my family, or myself but for you too!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My healthy grocery list and savings

My husband and I are watching extreme couponing on TLC. We have reevulated our spending and our needs to try to do better savings. If you are worried about money and how to do things then try some of the stragies the shoppers recommend.It will help you be healthier as well. Unfortunately, it won't copy paste what we achieved by following some of their suggestion. If you would like to see our success, please email I will send an excel spreadsheet with all the details. We saved close to $62.57.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday March 3rd, 2011

3:30 am wake up call was not what I had planned for myself today. Life with kids what can you say.

Food: 8 oz of coke zero already this am, 8 oz of coke zero, toasted cheesy toast, turkey n gravy with side salad, pizza coke zero, nuts and seeds for snack

excerise: 1/4 of a mile walking dog, 2 miles at work, I took today off as I was too tired.

Let me just say this, I am so excited its friday half day tomorrow.

Wednesday March 2nd, 2011

Excerise: 1 /4 mile walk with dog, 2.01 miles ran on tred mill for 25 mins, lifted weights for arms, walked 2 miles at work

3 cups of coffee with creamer; oatmeal with whey protein cinnamon sugar milk; 24 oz of gatorade, 12 oz of water; 1 chocolate milk; 1 yogart with fruit, 2 slices of pizza with side salad and cesear dressing; 2 servings of nuts and dried fruit, 1 jr burger combo meal with a coke zero; 2 more medium coke zeros.

Better day today. Though the ipod died in the middle of the work out. Frustrating but I got it done anyways.

I got lots done around the house. Made i can get a good night's rest tonight

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

tuesday march 1st, 2011

Exercise: 1/4 mile walk with dog, 2.41 mile run/walk, weight lifting legs and arms, 2 miles at school

food: scrambled eggs with cheese, oven roasted hashbrowns with olive oil, peppercorn pepper and sea salt with thyme, sage, and basil;
3 cups of coffee with creamer, 48 oz of water flavored with gatorade;
1 choclate milk, yogart with peaches, 1 taco, 1 salad, 1 cookie, corn
small handful of chips; 16 oz of coke zero;
chef boyard beefroni with wheat toast butter and garlic

what a tough day! I was super stressed by kids at home, kids at school, and my own spouse. Nothing bad just normal stresses of being a parent. It goes to figure that I had a stomache when I went to work and felt a little dizzy. Stress can do that to you. Not to much kids at school where just being beyond measure of pushing limits. I need a spa day no kids, no family, and no stress. What a blessing it would be for my family to do a rolling pin massage to me! what a relieve it would be but that is a mere wish upon a star right now.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday February 28, 2011

Excerise: 1/4 of mile walk with dog x2, 1.97 mile run/walk on tred mill, 2 miles during work

2 cups of coffee with flavored creamer, 1 8 oz of coke zero generic
1/2 cup of oatmeal with chocolate whey protein, 1/2 tsp of white sugar, skim milk, allspice
1 small bowl of yogart with almonds and dried fruit
1 small bowl of cottage cheese with peaces
chicken terkayi with brown rice and salad
48 oz of water
totino's party pizza, salad, coke 16 oz, potato soup

Friday February 25, 2011

totally slipped by me..I forgot to log for this day..

I know what I excerised but ate..ha ha out the window

excerise: ran 3 miles, walked 1 mile, crossed trained with a outside fitness, worked 2 miles walking at work, walked dog for a 1/4 of a mile

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday February 24th, 2011

Food: 4 cups of large coffee with creamer
eggs with cheese

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday FEbruary 23rd, 2011

Excerise: 1/4 of mile walking dog, 2 miles at work, 2.42 miles run/walk lift weights on abs and arms


Oatmeal with allspice, milk, and 1 tsp of white sugar
2 cups of 12 oz of coffee with international creamer almond joy flavor
hummus about 1/4 of cup with cheese
8 oz of coke zero
cottage cheese with fruit
salad with cesear dressing
3 slices of pizza white
1 mcdouble, with small fries, 1 large sprite, 1 large lemonade, 1 apple pie

Still really unfocused due to home stressors. A least part of my family is getting my frustration over what I am frustrated with. Said family member is stepping up to bat, to reinforce and make sure stuff is getting done. PHew, help at last

I don't feel bad for eatting McDonald's last night or eatting tomorrow night. I know I need extra calories because of all the activity I am doing between training for a 10k, working a physical job part time, and trying to keep a clean house due to it being on the market for down sizing purposes.

Tuesday February 22nd, 2011

2.25 mis walk/run lifted weights on legs, 2 mis walked during work, 1/4 of mile walked during walking dog at slowww pac

Cheerios with skim

2 glasses 8 oz coke zero

yogart with fruit


soft tacos with meat and rice, beans, salad

pizza with salad

massive migrane from noise level at work
also still unfocused from fall out with family over bills and chores.

Monday Febbruary 21st, 2011

To overwhelmed with emotional stressors. Taking the day off

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday February 18th, 2011

yesterday updated foodlist:
cherioos with skim milk
8 oz of coke zero
bake potato with butter, cheese, bacon bits, brocoli
48 oz of water
2 wheat sandwiches with light meat, tomato, pickles, and mustard
hummus spicey 6 on crackers

2.45 mis running took dog for walk

Today: STrollerize 35 mins, 2 mis at work, and grocery shopping

16 oz of coke zero
oatmeal for breakfast
cottage with fruit
24 oz of water flavored
12 oz of coke zero
6 oz of pepsi
stuffed pasta shells with sauce, garlic biscuits, salad
chef boyardee with wheat garlic toast
16 oz of coke zero

**weekend I give myself a break from watching everything I do. I feel it is my reward for behaving during the week***

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The blog has been featured here....

Dogs Collars or try this link

thursday February 17th,2011

excerise: 2 miles or more at work

8 oz of coke zero

Wednesday February 16th, 2011

Excerise: 2.40 miles run on the tred mill, 2 miles while working maybe was a busy day at the school cafeteria

Oatmeal: 1/4 bowl with allspice and sugar
breakfast bar by nutrigrain
cottage cheese with pears
1 chocolate milk
22 oz of coke zero
48 oz of water
2 bowls of pasta with meat sauce side salad, 2 slices of garlic wheat toast
2 slices of white pizza, side salad

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday February 15th, 2011

Excerise: 2.36 mis running, 2 mis working

cereal with skim milk-will be bad tomorrow
cottage cheese with pears, 4 soft tacos, side salad, nuts and fruit, and a chocolate chip cookie
1 loaded sandwich with chips
32 oz of coke zero
48 oz lemonade/tea mixture

as of today I weigh 142 lb, start of the year as of January 1st, 2011 159 lbs. I have anxiously waited for this day when I weighed under 150 lbs. I am so excited!!!
Now, just to maintain my weight..

Monday, February 14, 2011

MOnday February 14th, 2011

Excerise: 2 mis working 2.16 mis running

oatmeal w/sugar allspice
popcorn chicken w/mashed potatoes salad 2 choco milks oranges
loaded sandwich with chips

32 oz of coke zero
48 oz of water/lemonade/tea

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday February 11th, 2011

excerise: work 2 hours

cheerios with skim milk
2 cups of coffee with low fat creamer
8 oz of diet coke
baked potato, with salad and stress to boot
yogart with fruit
beets, spinach, mac and cheese, 1 1/2 hot dogs w/out buns

Thursday, February 10, 2011

thursday February 10, 2011

Excerise: 2 hours of working, cleaning house non stop
oatmeal with all spice, low fat milk, and sugar
crackers, powerade, stuffed peppers with rice and meat with cheese topping, side salad
toasted sandwiches

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday February 9th, 2011

breakfast: oatmeal with allpsice milk and sugar; 2 cups of coffee, an orange, 2 chocolate milks, 2 slices of white pizza, salad, 2 hot dogs (low fat kind) w/ wheat buns relish mustard ketchup to top off, 1 plain low fat hot dog, 12 oz of diet coke, 24 oz lemonade tea, 12 oz of water
excerise: 2 hours of working 2 miles, cleaning house close to 1 1/2 miles

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday February 8th, 2010

Breakfast: 2 cups of coffee with lowfat creamer, oatmeal with allspice and white sugar 1 tbsp, 1 24 oz of massive hydration and vitamins, 1 apple juice, enchildas, tacos, and beans, and 2mcdoubles for dinner with a few fries
excerise: cleaning 4 hours and working at school for 2.5 hours

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday February 7th, 2011

HOnestly, I am so struggling right now. I have made my asthma flare up with allergies too. Needless to say, I just want to sleep when I can breath. My own Dh is calling every few hours to be sure I am staying hydrated while at work. Seriously, I am so close to be doing a 10 k in about an hour time now this...ugh...I need a hug. NO joke!!! I also need a maid, a butler, and about 10 million in the bank. Um..not happening didn't win the lottery.
Food: 2 cups of coffee with creamer in it. oatmeal with 1 tablespoon of sugar with allspice and milk for flavor, now 6 oz of reg coke and coke zero mixed together, 1 cup of detox tea, 1 24 oz of mega rehydration from a friend, orange chicken with brown rice salad, and dried fruit and nuts @ work, and low fat hot dogs on wheat bread with relish, mustard, and ketchup.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday February 4th, 2011

Excerising: how about six hours of cleaning, 2 hours of working at the school on my feet
food: salad bar, low fat milk, bake potato layered with healthy stuff considereing I am totally burning calories left and right.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday February 3rd, 2011

ran 3.31 miles worked 2 mis

baked potato with butter and cheese, cottage cheese, orange slices, eggplant chicken paremsan for lunch

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday February 1st, 2011

2 hours of wrking on my feet

eggs with cheese and 8 oz of coke zero generic

Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday January 31st, 2011


food: Oatmeal 3/4 cup with one whole apple all spice milk, water, and 1 tsp sugar; 8 oz of coke zero generic, white rice with panda express kung po sauce and 8oz of soda, burnt lentils, loaded sandwich with sweet ice 8 oz, 8oz of lemonade, 24 oz lemonade sweet tea x2

Friday January 28th, 2011

Food: Uh..oh i forgot to keep knee hurts so bad.

activity: 2 1/2 hours of work..

January 27th, 2011 Thursday

Ran 3.10 of a mi on the tred mill
Worked 2 1/2 hours on feet equaling minium of 2 mi

Food..well let's just brain and body are not functioning as one. My bump knee is killing me. My best friend said, I have been over doing it training. is nice and is my best friend currently

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday January 26th, 2011

Breakfast: Bowl of cheerios with skim milk, 2 cups of coffee with skinny cream (tastes awful).

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday January 25th, 2011

Excerise: walked 4 mis ran 2 miles, worked 2 hours on my feet close to 2mis walking at school

bowl of cheerios with skim milk; bake potato with bbq bake beans and cheese, 8 oz of coke zero, 2 24 oz of tea, 1 24 oz koolaide, peanut butter sandwich with flax seeds and cottage cheese and 8 oz skim milk, tonito's pizza triple meat with side salad, 2 24 oz sweet tea/kool aide

**note-can not blame the puppy for the smell coming from our house its worse than a sewage processing plant. Increase that fiber and look out!!**

January 24th, 2011 monday

Exerise 2 mi walk to and from the library to my work site, 2 hours on my feet at work close to 2 mis

food cheerios with banana and skim milk, loaded sandwhich, 1 1/2 bowls of vegetable soup with wheat garlic toast, lots of sunflower seeds, small amt of candy, salad 1 8 oz of coke zero, lots of sweet tea

January 22nd-January 23rd 2011

Excerise: Walked around five different stores over a 10 hour period
food: cheese toast 2 slices, too much coca cola diet and regular, taco bell, chips, small handfuls of candy, q 2 bbq loosen your belt meal deal spilt with dh, 1 16 oz Mike's Hard lemonade cranberry drink

Excerise: grocery shopping, vet visist, target, and pet smart
food: loaded sandwiches, papa johns pizza, too much coca cola, sweet tea handfuls of candy, sunflower seeds

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday January 21st, 2011

okay, me and the porcelin goddess have been good friends with lots of offerrings since yesterday afternoon. I think I over did it this week excerising. I think the body is flushing out the excess lactid acid from the muscles. boy, do I feel like crap. It doesn't help the allergies and asthma is acting up majorly either.

2 slices of wheat cheese toast, venti sized starbucks chai tea latte with peppermint and whip cream (my comfort when I don't feel good) baked potato bar at the school I work for, 2 mcdoubles with fries and a coke

Thursday January 20th, 2011

food: oatmeal with allspice apples, strawberries, and 2 tsp of white sugar, bow tie pasta with chucky mushroom red sauce, 2 chocolate milks at the school, 2 24 oz lemonades, 16 oz of diet coke, 1/4 package of peanuts with salt, kids cup of generic dr. pepper, fried rice with kung po flavoring, salad and pizza

Excerise: 2.50 mis walked the .50 and ran the 2 miles

Beginning to feel very icky..

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday January 19th, 2011

food: tiny part of egg whites, spicy thai dish 16 oz of coke diet, fried rice with panda express spicy sauce, 8 oz of diet coke, 24 oz of lemond, 24 oz of lemonade, 24 oz of tea and lemonade together, spoonful of peanut butter, 1 1/4 bowl of salad with iceburg lettuce tomatoe cucumber green bell pepper flax seed italain robuste salad dressing, 4 slices of garlic wheat toast, 2 bowls of bowtie pasta with chuncky mushroom red sauce, 3 hands full of kettle corn potato chips

Excerise: 3 mis walk to work, 3 mi walk home from work, 2 hours of running around a cafeteria..
turned down girl scout cookie order and a snickers bar at walgreens

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday January 18th, 2011

Excerise: 50 minutes of strollerize, 2 hours working, 40 min walk (2 miles)
Diet: Oatmeal with allspice & 1 whole apple, spici thai vegan dish, 2 24 oz lemonade, 1 24 oz ice tea, salad, 1 fudgicle

at least 8 hours of sleep but inturpted sleep

Monday, January 17, 2011

January 17th 2011

sewed the tree skirt as part of my friend's birthday present

oatmeal wiht all spice and milk, 8 oz of coke (diet), vegetable soup with crackers (2 bowls), 8 oz coke (diet), salad and pizza, 2 fudgiciles

Sunday, January 16, 2011

January 15th-January 16th 2011

Saturday the 14th
laundry, laundry and grocery shopping

candy handful at a time about 5 x's, pizza rolls, fried rice, and toasted sandwhiches with cheese meat and a side of potato chips

Sunday the 15th
fried rice with panda express spicy sauce, 8 oz of coke, 16 oz of coffee, lunch loaded sandwiches which is our homemade version of subway, pizza 2 slices, 32 oz of soda, 1/2 slice of cake, and black bean tacos for dinner

walked around petsmart with kids and dog 45 mins

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday January 14th, 2011

Excerise/Movement: 2 1/2 hours working on my feet nonstop, 35 min run for 2.67 mis
food: yogart, chili with cheese and chips, pizza rolls, 2 cups of coffee with raspberry chocolate creamer, 16 oz of coke zero

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday January 13th, 2011

Excerise: 2 hours on my feet for my first day on the job

dietry: oatmeal with fruit, 3 cups of coffee and chili wiht cheese.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January 12th, 2011

excerise: 2.26 mis running, 3o minutes of major freak out time looking for keys that another users of the gym took.

baked potato with cheese butter and cracked pepper
2 yoplait yogarts, 3 cups of coffee with raspberry chocolate creamer
handful of cheez its
left overs for dinner

see digital blog for this week's examination for improving yourselve.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 10th-january 11th

**food review-
Over the holiday season we got a basket full of organic goodies. ***

Trader Joe's Sugar Cookie Workshop. this includes cookie dough mix, 2 packet of vanilla icing, 4 decorative sugars, and 3 shaped plastic cookie cuttiers.
We didn't read the instruction carefully. You have to refrigate the dough once you make it before you can kneed it out for cutting. When we did try to kneed it, it was not acting right for dough. though once we got it to kneed out, cut and baked. The taste was great. The ingridents are all natural. So, I wasn't worried about the kiddos food allergies. They enjoyed baking and decorating.
I think if we had only put in the fridge for an hour or so not 12 hours the dough would have acted right.

Paula Deen Collection Cupcakes chocolate. I was so disappointed in the mix and baking. It stuck to the pan even with lots of oil coating. It seemed kinda of dry to me. I following all the instructions for making perfectly. Oh, it makes way more than 12 cupcakes if you have smaller cupcake pans like I do. I couldn't believe it, I really love southern mixes simply because our family is from the south as well. We have one more mix to try. So, maybe the next box will work better.

Trader Joe's Pickled Corn is wonderful. Its sweet with a spicy kick. Not to mention it has no tomatoes which is one of my family members most awesome not favorite fruite/vegetables. I give it a five star.

January 10th 2011-35 minutes run, yogart whipped chocolate by yoplait though it had a berry taste to it, cheese toast, 2 cups of coffee with raspberry chocolate flavoring, pasta with red meat sauce, 2 oranges, pizza, salad, and luncheon meat.

January 11th, 2011-oatmeal with apples and allspice, yoplait black forrest yogart, 2 cups of coffee raspberry chocolate flavoring, 5 am wake up to get ready for orientation, lunch pasta with red meat sauce, dinner chili baked potatoes

Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 LifeStyle Challenge

It's being run by Kerry one of the digital designers at you combine your excerise fitness with scrapbooking. Its a six week course. Totally inspiring..come join in..
I will be doing it as well.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wed Jan 5th

Okay after two months of not really moving as in excerise...then doing strollerize let's just say I am oh so soar..seriously soar.

I was going for a run but then I got the call that the friend from out of state that was suppose to come on Tuesday Jan 4th is coming today. That means the panic run around the house picking up odds and ends, discovering that i am completely out of make up, and running to the store for said makeup and paper for training our new puppy.

My eatting until we went out last night was very healthy. I had yogart with cereal, a baked potato, three wheat tortillas sandwiches with lots of veggies, and dinner was Buffalo Wild Wings. Can you say some poured oil into the gas tank inside of the engine? Yikes, it was good but my stomach did not agree

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day what?? Jan 3rd-4th

Return of school which means the return to a regular school...

No excerise unless you count doing laundry for 5 1/2 hours, and cleaning for over 8 hours as excerise. No lie folks..seriously..that's what I did.
healthy eatting all day long

60 minutes of strollerize with a personal that class. Then came home and straightenedup some more. Good healthy eatting including dh. When our company didn't make it, it was McDonald's for dinner. Way too unhealthy seriously but I was starving so I didn't mind the calories