Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wednesday Day 33

Excerise 2.02 mis in 25 mins
20 mins weight lifting on legs

egg whites with cheese and turkey bacon
veggie pattie with hummus gravy
16 oz of coke zero
3 16 oz of water
taco salad for dinner with chocolate milk
lentil dip with saltine crackers with 4 oz of plain milk

Note to self and anyone else making healthy stuff. Lentils and flax seeds mixed together and ingested after ingesting salad makes you into a human skunk. Seriously, i could have run my family out of the house not just out of the room. Okay, not funny when it was happening. Looking back at it, it was rather funny considering that normally I don't get gas that bad. I get gas. I pass the cheese or let the frog in the house etc. Not to the extent.

The spiritual intervention is having a positive affect on the person in my life that needs it. The person still needs to seek medical help. Baby steps do pay off everyone!

Please be blessed.
Please bless others.
Harm to none,
Love in return.
Let it rock and roll
on life's stream of fun.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Day 32

Excerise is working.
2.11 mis for 25 min run
15 mins weight lifting focusing on core

small bowl of dry cereal with skim milk
2 16 oz of water
1 8 oz regular coke
veggie patty with hummus gravy
20 pizza rolls with 8 oz of reg coke
black bean tacos with chocolate milk

Well, the intervention is starting to take its toll. The person involved has accepted not all parts of the intervention. Its baby steps.

Spiritually, I am good.

Physically, getting better.

Emotionally, numb.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Day 31

Okay, after almost three weeks offline due to my computer being possibly hacked. Its back up and running. Thanks DH! Your the best.

During these past three weeks, I have deeply struggled to stay on track, physically, mentally, and emotinally. I have been attacked in always possible to keep from being positive in all areas of my life. It has been the most difficult time for me. Those nearest and dearest know the situations 411 that I am not at liberty to post. Though let's say the cat is out of the bag per say on the situation. Its in the intervention stage for the person who is needing it the most. Its one step at a time, one day at a time, and one prayer at a time. Needless, to say, the heart is much littler, the mind is less blogged down, and I'm following a plan of action thanks to my friends.

I'd like to thank all my friends from the bottom of my heart for being here with me. I could not have gotten through this past month without you. No, I am not stopping this blog. I think its important to those that wish to get healthy, stay healthy, and help others be healthy.

Physically, I have been challenging myself to run 2.10 to 2.50 mis five days a week. I, also, challenged myself to lift weights at four times week. I did that expect for last week. Last week was roller coaster ride, of one that is not made of fun, dreams, and screams. Well, the screams were silent not the thrilling kind either.

I have been struggling wiht eatting healthy too. We have been doing a lot of take out or drive through even though, I choose the lower calorie menu it still has something in it that makes my gall bladder riot like someone's civil rights are being violated. Bad pun, I know just hear me out. They, the right of our body's organs are being violated when we ingest stuff that isn't good for us.

I have been doing much better. I have made a creamy lentil dip for saltine crackers. i made a chick peas sauce for meat or rice. Thanks to my dear friend Robyn. She gave me her food processor that she wasn't using at all. I have to say a big thanks to her because it is a blessing. She also gave me some food that she was no longer going to eat that was extremely healthy. The kiddos discovered it, and they love it. Robyn, I really do believe that your idea is something we should run with. You know what it is girl.

I got the lastest issue of health magazine. They have some awesome articles and recipes that I will be sharing with you in the next couple of weeks.

my menu for the day:
water with koolaide 2 (16 oz)
reg coke (16 oz)
Shell pasta with red garden sauce
2 16 oz of water down sweet tea
lean meat cooked in the oven with italian dumplings topped with seasonsing and cheese, and blackeyed peas (the food not the group)

20 minutes lifting arm weights
25 min run/walk 2.07 mis

Spiritually I am reconnecting not with myself though, I was already doing that with spiritual boot camp, with others spiritually.

Please be blessed.
Please bless others.
Harm to none,
Love in return.
Let it rock and roll
on life's stream of fun.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Day 25

40 mins standing in the heat for a choir presentation for one of my kids..

breakfast 1 1/2 slices of cheese toast, 16 0z of coke zero, 12 oz can of coke zero, and one frozen burrito for lunch

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 20 -Day 24 Monday-thursday

Excerise 2.03 mis plus weight lifting 20 mins

oatmeal wiht breakfast and skim milk 8 oz

2 toasted sandwiches with coke zero 8 oz

potato soup with sweet tea
4 oz of milk wiht fruit and chewy bars

Major headache

oatmeal with skim milk, 8 oz of coke zero; 8 oz coke zero; taco bell chicken flat bread sandwich and fresco bean burrito; 2 scoops of blueberry pomegrantite ice cream; 4 oz of sweet; lemon water; spaghetti wiht 3 pieces of wheat bread toasted
2.02 mis running /20 mins weight lifting

Dry cereal with skim milk; 8 oz of coke zero; 2 16 oz water; 2 toasted sandwiches on wheat w/ provolone cheese; 4 oz coke zero; potato soup, spaghetti, koolaide, still had major headache
2.11 mis running/ 20 mins weight lifting

1.60 mis walk/run
40 mins weight lifting
16 oz of coke zero; 3 16 oz waters; spaghetti for breakfast; granola for lunch; ice cream for snack; and lentils and rice for dinner

Had major talk with my family member I am distanting myself from. I feel much better. So does this family member.
Positivity is diffinetly more difficult this wee.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Thursday day 18 & Friday day 19

has been a real challenge the las few days. Besides my computer being hacked by viruses, the car battery died, and we had a very bad in school wiht one of my kids.

I have been eatting healthy. I have been excerising healthy. I have been having to distance myself from certain people in my life right now that are just being way too negative to able to have a relationship that I want to with. It breaks my heart to have to distance myself, its the only way to keep from getting pulled under with them. I feel less stressed by this. I am more relaxed by this. I just wish the same could happen for them.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday Day 17

breakfast: cereal withskim milk
snack: pumpkin spice latte

*still unable to access home computer.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday Day 16

Day two of Spiritual Boot Camp-

2 cups of 4 oz of pepsi max
water through the night
breakfast: oatmeal with skim milk
lemon water and 4 oz of cranberry juice
lunch: black bean tacos with sweet tea and yogart
dinner lentil sauce with rice more sweet tea

20 minutes weight lifting on legs
25 min run for 2.03 mis

*My home computer has been hacked by two major viruses. I am currently offline. I will try to access the public computers when I can. I see this as the spirit's way of getting me of the computer, sewings, cleaning and repairing more. I refuse to see this as a road block is a detour.

Monday Day 15

Spiritual Boot Camp Challenge- a dear friend Jo Lynne challenged her friends and follwers of her books to do this. I agreed since I am trying to be healthy in all areas.

So, today is day one of the challenge.
Breakfast: dominos pizza wiht coke for caffine
Lunch: toasted sandwiches on wheat bread with swiss cheese and ham. kettle cooked sea salt and pepper chips by lays
Dinner: black bean tacos with cheese, rice, flour tortillas, lettuce, and taco bell packet sauce
snack/desert: yogart
Lemon water is a part of my day. To the delight of my kids, to find a picther in the fridge.
Water in general has always be a part of my diet.
My detox choice is cranberry juice one cup a day.

Excerise: Pushing a chart with 10 lbs of water in it, plus 12 pks of coke, and groceries in it. Let me tell you its a work out in itself.

Meditating: Hanging out at the pool on the last offical weekend of summer.

Spiritually: Let's just I am catching some of it on paper for my journal other things come so fast at me that I can't even write them down. I pressume that I am not suppose to write it at the point but enjoy the moment.

Passion: let's just say, I am extremely pleased to be able to say its back to a degree.

Goddess wear: I will be making myself a fabric flower head band to wear and a new nightgown because I deserve it. I am a goddess, a queen, and special person to my family. I should treat myself in that manner.

I will be adding my amthyst stone to my alread precious cross necklace I don't take off. I have a feeling that I need all the protection from negativity I can get since my goal is to be more postive about myself.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday day 14

no exercesing today.

breakfast: 2 pieces of cheese toast 8 oz of regular coke
lunch: plain white rice with yogart butter 4 oz of regular coke

dinner who knows gotta go to the dentist office with family
scrambled eggs with wheat toast

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday day 13

35 min walk/run 2.65 mis. I discovered I maybe pushing myself too hard on my long runs. I checked my heart rate. OMG I hit the max meter with a warning of that my heart rate was too high. Holy cow batman. I wasn't even at the top speed. Plus, triple digit heat even inside is wearing on the body.

breakfast: cereal with skim milk
8 oz of regular coke
snack: cucumber salad
watered down powerade lots of it
lunch: spaghetti with sauce
8 oz of regular coke
dinner rice with vegetables and southern sweet tea

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday Day 12

25 min run/walk 2.07 mis
45 mins weights, abs back arms

breakfast: oatmeal with milk coke zero
waterdown poweerade
lunch: scandavain goulish wiht coke zero
more waterdown gatorade
snack brocolii and califlower
dinner spaghetti with sauce and salad