Friday, March 4, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday March 3rd, 2011

3:30 am wake up call was not what I had planned for myself today. Life with kids what can you say.

Food: 8 oz of coke zero already this am, 8 oz of coke zero, toasted cheesy toast, turkey n gravy with side salad, pizza coke zero, nuts and seeds for snack

excerise: 1/4 of a mile walking dog, 2 miles at work, I took today off as I was too tired.

Let me just say this, I am so excited its friday half day tomorrow.

Wednesday March 2nd, 2011

Excerise: 1 /4 mile walk with dog, 2.01 miles ran on tred mill for 25 mins, lifted weights for arms, walked 2 miles at work

3 cups of coffee with creamer; oatmeal with whey protein cinnamon sugar milk; 24 oz of gatorade, 12 oz of water; 1 chocolate milk; 1 yogart with fruit, 2 slices of pizza with side salad and cesear dressing; 2 servings of nuts and dried fruit, 1 jr burger combo meal with a coke zero; 2 more medium coke zeros.

Better day today. Though the ipod died in the middle of the work out. Frustrating but I got it done anyways.

I got lots done around the house. Made i can get a good night's rest tonight

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

tuesday march 1st, 2011

Exercise: 1/4 mile walk with dog, 2.41 mile run/walk, weight lifting legs and arms, 2 miles at school

food: scrambled eggs with cheese, oven roasted hashbrowns with olive oil, peppercorn pepper and sea salt with thyme, sage, and basil;
3 cups of coffee with creamer, 48 oz of water flavored with gatorade;
1 choclate milk, yogart with peaches, 1 taco, 1 salad, 1 cookie, corn
small handful of chips; 16 oz of coke zero;
chef boyard beefroni with wheat toast butter and garlic

what a tough day! I was super stressed by kids at home, kids at school, and my own spouse. Nothing bad just normal stresses of being a parent. It goes to figure that I had a stomache when I went to work and felt a little dizzy. Stress can do that to you. Not to much kids at school where just being beyond measure of pushing limits. I need a spa day no kids, no family, and no stress. What a blessing it would be for my family to do a rolling pin massage to me! what a relieve it would be but that is a mere wish upon a star right now.