Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday May 29th, 2011- June 4th, 2011


1 12 oz coke zero to start the day, 1 lean cuisine four cheese coninelle, 1 fudge center drumstick
1 12 oz coke 1 slice of pizza california cheese 3 flat bread slices with spinach and articoke dip, 2 oatmeal cookies, 1 12 oz of coke zero, lots of salt n pepper kettle chips 1 bottle of water

Excerise: climbing stairs in my house x2, grocery shopping 1 hour


3 cups of coffee with fat free creamer, 1 turkey bologna sandwich with mustard and pickle, 1 drumstick ice cream, 3 cookies, 2 glasses of coke, 1 12 oz coke zero, 1 fresco bean burrito, 1 fresco taco
excerise: climbing stairs x2, 30 minutes shopping, cleaning

excerise going up and down stairs x3, walk /run 25 mins 1.80 miles, going up and down staduim steps at the all you can eat buffett at Chase Field

3 cups of coffee with fat free creamer, 1 small bowl of fiber cereal, 1 small bowl of spaghetti and sauce, 1 1/2 milano cookies, 2 cups of coke, 1 bottle of water, a pinch of chips, 3 hot dogs with mustard relish ketchup and onions, 1 cup of peanuts, and 3 pepsi maxs small.

excerise: clean up, stairs x3, walking around library and frys
3 cups of coffee with fat free creamer, 1 small bowl of fiber cereal, 1 turkey bologna sandwich with chips, coke zero 3 glasses 8 oz, water, spaghetti with 2 biscuits,

excerise stairs x4, 1.85 miles walk/run, walk around safeway

toast, wendy's crispy chicken sandwich chili french fries x2 coke zero, turkey bologna sandwiches with chips and coke zero

toast, lean cuisines, 2 small slice cheese pizza flat bread 3 slices with artichoke dip, coke zero 4 oz, water, 3 cokes

Pasta salad, 1 fresco bean burrito and soft taco from taco bell, x4 coke zero 8 oz

excerise 1 hr of extreme couponing shopping
small bowl of spaghetti with x2 glasses of coke zero, wendy's chili with french fries and chili waters

Memorial Day Weekend

It's been awhile since I actually posted here. I do apologize to anyone following as a fan or friend. Life has side tracked me quit a bit, so, excerise and healthy living hasn't been one of goals for over a month.

I have suffered from major allergy stress induce migrane heads, a job that turned out to be not for me, a move, and another move in just six weeks if everything works out the way its suppose to.

So, hopefully with summer here now I can focus on what I need to not just for my family, or myself but for you too!