Thursday, June 30, 2011

Whole Wheat Hamburger Helper

So, I tried hamburger helper again after three years. Why three years no hamburger helper when in most households it is a staple. First of all, they had mgs and other preseratives in it that made us very sick. Secondly, they had red dye in a lot of their mixes. We have a red dye sensitivity that we didn't know about. So, we completely stripped or pantry of this product. We did not indulge in it for three whole long years. Then I noticed that they had a whole wheat option and removed a lot of the dyes and preservatives. I had a bunch of coupons for this product too. Did I forget to mention we have started extreme coupons to a midlevel measurement. We have eatten to boxes of the stuff. No reaction other than our bodies going whole wheat and blowing a gasset of gas afterwards.

I would say its a good way to make a meal quickly and not worry to much about the healthy ingridents. The majority is good.

Wednesday 6/29/2011

Excerise 25 minutes on an olyptical machine l3 hills for 2.16 miles, up and down stairs frequently, and grocery shopping


post cereal great grains with skim milk, 4 8oz of coke (ran out of coke zero) turkey bologna sandwich on wheat bread with mustard pickles, whole wheat hamburger helper with ground turkey and french style green beans, 2 16 oz of flavored water

Tuesday 6/28/2011

no excerise unless you count doing laundry minor cleaning which does count but not a lot.


4 8oz of coke zero, 1 turkey bologna sandwich on wheat with mustard pickles and tomato, chips too whole grain pringles, 1/2 a cup of yogart, 1 24 oz flavored water, 2 slices of digornio pizza with bread sticks,

Monday 6/27/2011

Monday the supposedly start of a new work week though, I thought Sunday was the day that the week starts on it. Is it me or is it that we have come to a point in society's development where we have gotten totally turned around and confused about life?

Food and drink consumed:

post cereal great grains with skim milk, 4 8oz coke zero, 2 16 oz flavored water, 1 8oz chocolate skim milk with chocolate flavoring, home fried rice with pandagaro egg roll with ice cream, turkey bologna sandwich on wheat with mustard pickles and tomatoes.

6.37 miles on a stationary bike for 25 minutes
up down stairs in the home frequently

Monday, June 27, 2011

True Lemon Raspberry Lemonade Review

I got a few coupons for this product a few weeks ago. I went on the search to find it my local grocery stores. I finally found a store that carried it. They pulled the product the day I went to purchase it. I contacted the company in search for other stores in my area. They directed me to Wal-mart. The company is supposed to be sending me a package of samples with different flavors to try, since locating was a difficult process. After a week of consistently going over to Wal-mart, I found it in stock. I got some for my family and I to try.

First of there is no red dye in the raspberry lemonade. This is a good thing since I have kids with dye allergies. Yes, it slightly tinted "pink". It is very light. This is good. The overall flavor is pleasing as well. The fact the kids actually are drinking and not complaining of too little or too strong of a taste, is a blessing.

Second they use stevia sweetner. This makes it low calorie to add to your drink. It is less harsh on the body versus other sweetners say in soda or other drink mixes. Since, obesity is a concern for later in life with our family. Healthy drinking and eatting start now.

Third, the package for my kids are easy to open. They don't have to search for scissors for openning the package. I have typical kids. Since, they know it will drive me insane for them to use the scissors as swords, they do it for spite. No scissor sword wars. Phew less grey hairs for this mama! Can you see the happy face on my face now?

The true lemon company did not pay for this review. I paid for the product out of our household limited income. They are sending me samples since when I tried to originally purchase the product it was pulled by the grocery store as a way for me to try the other flavors.

Overall, I am pleased with the product. I would recommend it to other families looking for an alternative to heavily sweetened drink flavoring products.

If you would prefer ordering online here is the direct link for there store.


Saturday, June 25, 2011


I don't need a work out, and I don't need healthy eatting. I need all the fluids and calories I can get. The a/c went out in the rental unit between last night and this afternoon.

Drip drip ..ick I smell worse than I do when i work temperatures over 105 that is not good.
Will update later

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wed 6/22

food: post great grains with skim milk, homemade fried rice, x2 coke zero popcorn light kind, 2 cups of coffee with fat free creamer, 3 taco bell tacos x2 larger drink

3 hours walking around a grocery store price comparison shopping.
2 hours of swimming with friends in the pool.

Tuesday 6/21

25.03 mins on a stationary bike 5.87 miles

food post great grains, skim milk, , 3 8 oz coke zero, bottle of crystal light pure x2, 1 turkey bologna sandwich with lettuce pickles mustard and salad dressing,homemade fried rice and pandora pork egg rolls

felt awesome after the bike ride lots of cleaning friends coming over tomorrow

Monday 6/20

Food: 2 granola thin crackers with a thin layer of chocolate, 2 scoops breyers ice cream smores, thin spaghetti, lots of coke zero, 2 slices of california pizza with appetizes of artichioke and dip,

ran walked 1/93 miles had a bad headache due to heat

OMg got excerise going up n down the stairs cleaning

Balancing Act

is something that is not just in a circus act but a reoccuring fact for most moms or dads that stay at home. Me ,I am learning how to balance being creative, getting stuff in the store, and staying in shape all at the same time.

Isn't easy, in fact its down right frustrating! I want to scream sometimes. Others I want to rejoice. Then there are days where I swear I am just a big ole cry baby.

We need to support each in this balancing act. Ugh..its tough enough to be a person in this day and age but to be put in a super hero role model is even tougher.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 12th -June 15th

sandwiches, with lettuce cucumbers and pickles mustard for dressing
lots of coke zero maybe too much coke zero

the new hamburger helper with fresh corn on the cob, refried beans with cheese,
taco bell
lots of fiber one cereal too!!

lots of up and down stairs, slow walking around stores extreme couponing, and optical machine 1.61 miles inturpted repeatedly by family.

*Note on home life just pray and pray for our family. Things need to change work wise, home wise, and health wise. Just about the time I feel like we are turning a corner we have another break down in communication that results in major volocano of eruptions from the personal volocano.

Monday, June 6, 2011

June 5th-June 11th


1 blueberry bagel, 1 blueberry muffin, 2 bean cheese microwave burritos, 1 can coke zero, 1 bottle of water, 24 oz coke zero, chips, cookies, ritz cheeze filled crackers barbeque sandwich with parmesan pasta salad 4 oz of coke zero


1 nature valley vanilla yogart bar, 2 small salad bowls of spaghetti, 2 cookies, 1 bottle of water, 8 oz coke zero x3, chips, iceburg lettuce with italian dressing, x2 coke zero 8 oz, california cheese pizza 2 slices, flatbread 4 slices with articoke deep, 2 cookies

ibprofen 2 tablets

1.86 miles ran wallked


1 naturevalley yogart strawberry bar, 1 small bowl of spaghetti, 1 turkey bologna sandwith pickle cucumbers italian dressing mustard, 3 1/2 cookies oatmeal, 4 80 oz coke zero, 1 bottle of water, pasta with red sauce meat and onions

lots of sewing 1 trip down and upstairs


1 cashew nature valley bar, 1 wendy's crispy chicken sandwich with x2 coke zero natural cut fries with sea salt and part of a side salad, 1 20 oz coke zero,

3 trips up and down stairs, an hour and half of slow walking around safeway for price scouting

Okay, I have been so busy with extreme couponing and my shop that I completely forgot to keep the log. Plus, home life hasn't been that fun lately either. It's hard to stay focused when things aren't well.