Thursday, June 30, 2011

Whole Wheat Hamburger Helper

So, I tried hamburger helper again after three years. Why three years no hamburger helper when in most households it is a staple. First of all, they had mgs and other preseratives in it that made us very sick. Secondly, they had red dye in a lot of their mixes. We have a red dye sensitivity that we didn't know about. So, we completely stripped or pantry of this product. We did not indulge in it for three whole long years. Then I noticed that they had a whole wheat option and removed a lot of the dyes and preservatives. I had a bunch of coupons for this product too. Did I forget to mention we have started extreme coupons to a midlevel measurement. We have eatten to boxes of the stuff. No reaction other than our bodies going whole wheat and blowing a gasset of gas afterwards.

I would say its a good way to make a meal quickly and not worry to much about the healthy ingridents. The majority is good.

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