Monday, June 6, 2011

June 5th-June 11th


1 blueberry bagel, 1 blueberry muffin, 2 bean cheese microwave burritos, 1 can coke zero, 1 bottle of water, 24 oz coke zero, chips, cookies, ritz cheeze filled crackers barbeque sandwich with parmesan pasta salad 4 oz of coke zero


1 nature valley vanilla yogart bar, 2 small salad bowls of spaghetti, 2 cookies, 1 bottle of water, 8 oz coke zero x3, chips, iceburg lettuce with italian dressing, x2 coke zero 8 oz, california cheese pizza 2 slices, flatbread 4 slices with articoke deep, 2 cookies

ibprofen 2 tablets

1.86 miles ran wallked


1 naturevalley yogart strawberry bar, 1 small bowl of spaghetti, 1 turkey bologna sandwith pickle cucumbers italian dressing mustard, 3 1/2 cookies oatmeal, 4 80 oz coke zero, 1 bottle of water, pasta with red sauce meat and onions

lots of sewing 1 trip down and upstairs


1 cashew nature valley bar, 1 wendy's crispy chicken sandwich with x2 coke zero natural cut fries with sea salt and part of a side salad, 1 20 oz coke zero,

3 trips up and down stairs, an hour and half of slow walking around safeway for price scouting

Okay, I have been so busy with extreme couponing and my shop that I completely forgot to keep the log. Plus, home life hasn't been that fun lately either. It's hard to stay focused when things aren't well.

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