Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 6th, 2011

excerise: finish cleaning up around house after dust storm, walked around two stores

food: 2 small bowls of vegetable soup with crackers, 3 12 oz of coke zero, 1 8 oz of coke zero, hungery jack roasted garlic potatoes, green giant cheddar and brocolli vegetables, cheese quesadilla hamburger helper with cream corn for dinner, lay kettle chips with salt and pepper

July 5th 2011

Excerise: Cleaning up a dirty house and sewing

Food: 2 -12 oz cans coke zero, 1 bowl of great grains cereal with skim milk, 2 small bowls of spaghetti with meat sauce, 1 nature valley granola thing

Green Gaint Frozen Vegetables

Okay, since I got a coupon for their products, and it went on sale. We have been enjoying these items for the last few months. Fresh is best but frozen is next in line. They were never out of flavor and very crisp to the point i could swear on the bible that they were frozen right after being harvested.

I give it a yup I am going to purchase them

psst, the company has not paid for this review in any way. We paid for this out of our own pocket.

Hungery Jack Roast Garlic Potatoes

I normally make my own mashed potatoes. I don't do mass production products. I found a coupon for this product well all of them. They went on sale, and I purchased them. I have to say that they have easy, well flavored, and most of all easy to store in my small rental unit as we wait out our transition stage of either staging in the state we are at or moving closer to family else where.

I have to say this is a great alternative if you don't have time to make them yourself.

Psst, they company did not pay for this review. My family and I paid for this product out of our own product

Lipton 2 Go

Okay about seven years ago, this product came out on the market. Seven years ago, I tried it for the very first time. Since the crash of the housing market, a move cross country, and terrible time finding a job where it fits my schedule of needing to be off when my kids are off, I had to stop purchasing it. Now, that I have rediscovered the benefits of couponing again. I get to enjoy myself with this product. So, do my kids.

I have to say if you are looking for a diet soda replacement this is it.

Psst, the company has not paid for this review. Everything has been paid for and tried out of our own pocket.

Taking the fourth of July weekend off from being healthy

Okay this is what holidays are for. A time to relax and enjoy. Yes that means food you normally do not allow yourself to have to keep that figure just right..

Guess what I am eatting everthing that I shouldn't so I can say I have lived and not regetted life.

So, for healthy living to report.

From June 30th through July 4th, 2011

Friday, July 1, 2011

Thursday 6/30/11

Excerise: walking around shops and some shopping

Foods: peanut butter and jelly sandwich, 4 8oz of coke, eggs and sausage links lunch, and dinner 2 for $20.00 at TGIF resturant. I had a spilt the two appetizers with my family of shrimp cocktail and artichoke dip, sirloin petite with steamed chef vegetables and a loaded bake potato. did you know they charge for adding bacon bits and cheese? I didn't but that is okay. Then our desert was spilt between Brownie Obsession shown below and a red velvet cake with real cream cheese filling and frosting. The great thing about the 2 for $20.00 menu if your are not a complete vegetarian is that it does offer several healthy options like the steak or chicken dishes. Though, I will say this even though the steak portion was small, the side dishes where way too large. We all have been giving offerrings to the porcelin god and goddess since we left the resturant from over eatting. Not food poisoning but over eatting. This is part of our 4th of July celebration since we won't be going home for a visit this summer. I wish I had more pictures to show you. I don't. Thanks TGIFridays for making a menu option that could feed my family of four with two appetizers, four entrees that included eight side dishes, four drinks, and two deserts. It made it and affordable evening for us.