Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On Vacation Notice

This blog will be on vacation from tuesday July 27th, 2010 throught Saturday August 7th, 2010.

Sorry for this inturption of service but it is getting down to the wire for our trip.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wednesday-total slacker

AFter a night of hardly sleeping because DH was on site working and still is for the second night in a row. I have a headache, again. I have not motivation. I have not wanting to go do anything. I have been eatting healthy. We went to the pool to day in our subdivision. They have one of the old fashion scales with weights and such. So, I decided to weigh myself. The scale and I are never friends. This scale said I was 146, the wii fit said I 156 to 166 depending on the week it wants to work. Go figure.

cleaning for two hours

cereal with skim milk
whole wheat turkey sandwiches with alpha sprouts tomatoes pickles and mustard
humus and chips
potato soup snack
black bean tacos for dinner

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuesday ..finally moving again

After a day spent babying my right shoulder and neck area, I pushed myself to go work out inside instead of out. Extreme heat warning for my entire state. I feel better it still hurt at the end of the day and needed muscle relaxer but that was only 1 pill compared to three during the day.

25 minute run
20 minute weight lifting

cereal with milk
black bean tacos
a few strawberries
two whole wheat sandwiches with tomatoes, alpha sprouts, pickles, smoked turkey, and mustard
lots of koolaide, tea, and 12 oz of coke

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monday ...avoiding lighting strikes

15 minute run..literrarily running from lighting

cereal with skim milk
lots of water
muscle relaxers with ibprofen-the spot I got hurt a few months ago is acting up after getting kicked in the face by a sleeping kid
12 oz of coke zero
snake cereal with skim milk
2 pbj sandwiches
hummus and chips
potato soup with a sandwich

Monday, July 19, 2010

Phew the weekends over

Okay food intake for the weekend, so, much healthy that I forgot to keep track. No seriously, I mean it.

Excerise, well Saturday we drove up to Prescott. We walked around the square, went to costcos, Sam's Club, Kmart, Khol's, and a few others stores. A total of 6 hours of moving. I crashed and burned. Not to mention the change in altitude, and the humidity we are having played havoc with my hears and head. I spent Saturday night and sunday doped up until about 2 pm then the headache came right back.

I am about ready to just have a word fight wiht Dh. Yes, he is eatting much better than he was. I am the best shape of my life. yes, I have a muffin top. Let me explain about my muffin top, three full term pregancies, life saving surgery through some very important adnomibal muscles left my stomach scarred and stretched to the point, I will always have a muffintop to an extent. Am I happy about that ...NO BUT HELL NO. Can I live with it? Yes by heaven's grace, I can. Do I like people talking about it and trying to make themselves feel better about themselves. NO. Do I pick on them when they have a problem area. NO. I say come work out with me. I will do the excerises with you. Do they do it. NO.

I have regained lost butt muscles to where my hips look slightly slimmer and my butt a little firmer. You know the dimples you had as kid on the side of your butts that disappear with kids and age. Mine have come back thank you very much. If he would simply start again with the wii fit, I know he could seriously drop some pounds.

Friday, July 16, 2010

thursday calories, minutes, and stres

cereal with skim milk
pbj with chips and soda
snack none
dinner lasanga wiht wheat garlic toast
candy for desert

minutes..cleaning, running errands-40 minutes

Stress, my dh is trying so hard that its not even funny. He's stressed at work, he's stressed at home supposed by the lack of cleaning we do per day. Excuse me, have you seen teh kids chore charts, or extra stars for extra cleaning they have done ...knock knock any one home. What gets him is little stuff that gets looked over. Box top that was thrown in a window sill or donation forgotten to be taken to the donation bin at the kids school, etc. I'm only one person not a God with ultimate powers, the kids are kids, and your cranky from dieting ...get it over it. Mountains out of mole hills are never good. They should be let go.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

MOney Saving Tips

Fry's/krogers is having by 10 of any of these item sales again*note take sales paper to wal-mart price match.I've listed what caught my eye..

$0.99 philadelphia cream cheese 5-8oz
$0.49 Quacker Quacker rice snacks 3-3.5 oz
$1.49 Quacker Cereals 21-22 oz
$0.75 Pepsi Products 2 liters
$1.49 Dannon Yogart 4-6 ct pk
$1.99 International Delight Coffee Creamer 32 oz
$0.99 Simply Potatoes 20 oz

$1.99 Kellog's Cereal 12.2 -24.0z
$0.99 Strawberries 1 lb container
$0.99 Fresh whole Pineapple

$0.78 Red Seedless Grapes
$0.99 Fresh Express Salad kits
$0.99 2 liter coke products
$1.88 Diary Glen Milk Gallons
$1.99 Breyers and Klondike bars
$0.99 Iceberg lettuce
$1.29 lucrene eggs must have coupon whither at safeway or wal-mart
$4.49 Lucrene Shredded Cheese 32 oz must have coupon
$0.99 Anthony's pasta

Wednesday Whirl wind calories and mintues not to mention stress

minutes 90 minutes running lifting weights

cereal with skim milk
lunch wheat sandwich with tomatoe meat alpha sprouts mustard potatoe chips
snack: bake potato
dinner toasted cheese and meat sanwiches with salad

Now, we had planned on heading to chompies for jewish sliders but dh didn't get home in time for dinner. he is the one that requested more healthy sandwiches. So, originally I made grilled cheese sandwiches but added meat to his and the youngest. I hadn't planned on cooking at all. I had no meat thawed to cook anything. Needless, to say most stuff I normally get he took off the list grocery list then the other stuff he says is weird and won't eat. Its crazy! I told about an old southern reciped that we could take the sausage out of. His reply was why do you do weird stuff. Why can't you cook normal stuff? Excuse me okra dishes are normal for the southerns. ARGGGG!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

tuesday calories/minutes ..more hilirious healthy stuff

yogart, 8 oz of coke
chips with wheat sandwich meat alpha sprouts tomatoes mustard pickles
snack crackers with peanut butter with milk
dinner: wheat sandwich meat alpha sprouts tomatoes mustard pickles

30 minutes wii fit
30 minutes cleaning

okay so here it is, Dh called saying he got back from his work trip early than expected. He need lunch. he came home to eat lunch with us. It was nice. Though we debted taking advantage of the subway customer appreciation special this month. While debting his phone goes off, its work. Since it wasn't 5 and technically they said he could finish his day at home in the home office, he had to answer the phone. It took so long that the kids were too hungery to make the short trip to subway for sandwiches...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MOnday Calories and MInutes...the rocks on the path

minutes: two hours of cleaning

breakfast cereal with milk (skim that is); dh forgot to eat
lunch: wheat bread sandwich with pickles, meat and tomatoes with mustard very small portation of chips
24 oz of coke plus, 2 x large diet coke at mcdonald's for snack
dinner: brown rice cream corn, sauted canned tuna (we had a big discussing of how dh hates this but the kids love the tuna sauted)
snacks: oatmeal fruit cookies

So, dh forgot to eat breakfast. Ugh, its getting tough on him to eat healthy. he really is used to over 3,00 calories a day in bad food. His attitude is good though.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Weekend Calories/Minutes the saga of my DH's turn from the Darkside

Weekend Minutes:
Saturday 120 minutes running and weight lifting
21/2 hours window shopping
2 hours grocery shopping

breakfast potato soup wiht 8 oz of coke
lots of water
gold fish crackers
lunch paradise bakery you choose cafe..1/2 a sandwich with a small salad zero coke 2x and a chocolate chip cookie
dinner sweet tea, fresco burrito and soft taco from taco bell
6 oz coke
16 oz of water
bites of cantalope

diet production of the day:
Okay while headed to go window shopping and return the shaun white snowboarding game. we were going to go out to eat. The kids said, buffalo wild wings. I said, wait a second hon. You got sick from rich food yesterday. Maybe, you should try somehting less rich. How about paradise bakery, you get your salad delux and a 1/2 sandwhich. Its perfect portion too. We go, not only do we get a great lunch but due to their rewards program which we had been signed up for, we got a free lunch. So, instead of paying $30.00 for a family of four to eat out, we paid $20.00.
I am so happy my Dh listened to me about food choices this time.

minutes: 1 hr of stairs at the baseball game
16oz of coke
calories: breakfast healthy cereal with skim milk
lunch: two hot dogs with onions, mustard, and ketchup, pink lemonade 2 x, diet pepsi (yucko), 1 bag of peanuts, 2 1/2 bags of lays barbeque chips, three small waters
dinner: small salad with lettuce cucumbers, tomtatoes; sweet tea 3 x, sandwich on wheat with pickle and meat
So today wasn't so great with healthy eatting at the baseball game. I am not surprised. Though, my Dh has switched from white to wheat bread. How many years have I waited for my dh to do this? Um, my entire marriage. Almost had an O moment just hearing my DH say, "Get wheat bread from now on". Then he has been eatting breakfast every morning. My Dh who doesn't eat breakfast. Yes, folks my dh is eatting breakfast. He has made sure that the kids stop their boredom eatting as well too. Yes, folks this I'm hungery but grabbing for unhealthy food is over at our house offically for I don't know how long. I just hope his parents help keep him on track when we go home for a visit.

Did I mention he switched from regular coke to coke zero. Yup. He said he still prefers regular coke but coke zero is better for him.

Friday Minutes Calories..and the beginning of our journey with my DH

cereal with milk
lots of water
lunch mini ravoliis 8 oz of coke
4 oz of coke
tea, pasta with alfredo sauce, spinach, and mushrooms

60 minutes in strollerize, 40 minutes school shopping

Okay, so, yesterday was teh big day for us to be healthy with my Dh. The phone rings, my kiddo answers it.

kiddo: Hi Daddy!

DH: Hi kiddo! Whatcha ya doin?

kiddo: playing with play doh.

dh: that sounds fun

kiddo: yeah it is. Mommy is making me some shorts right now

dh: that's cool.

Kiddo: when you comin' home

dh: on my way. wanted to know what you wanted for dinner?

kiddo: pizza

dh: sounds good

kiddo: is that okay for you to eat?

dh: yeah once in awhile it is..

mean while i am listening just silently shaking my head knowing this is the stubbling block I knew was coming. Thank goodness once he got home. Both kiddos acted so bad in the card he refused to order pizza. Instead we had past with alfredo sauce, spinach, and mushrooms.

He also relieved that he act mexican today because it was client paying for it. He admitted that he couldn't handle it. He got sick when he got back to the office. he said it was the strangest thing too. He has never gotten sick from mexican. I think his body is just had it with all junk food. Mexican fixed right can be very healthy but what was served probably wasn't that healthy.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Thursday Calories and mInutes


cereal with skim milk
lunch pbj sandwhich
dinner eggs with pankcakes
lots of pink lemonade
luncheon meat for a snack

2 hours cleaning
1 hour in the heat

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wednesday Calories and Minutes

Minutes: 90 running and lifting weights, 2 1/2 hours at the pool

breakfast grits with cheese
lunch a mcdouble wiht a large diet coke
snack pizza gold fish
dinner potato soup with toast and water

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tuesday Calories Minutes

Minutes 30 wii fit

breakfast was cereal with skim milk
lunch chef boyardee with a chores performance review with the kiddos
dinner was pasta with a red sauce and meat side was fresh cantalope
snack was luncheon meat and shredded cheese
lots of pink lemonade.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Monday Calories and Minutes

90 minutes running and lifting weights
60 minutes yard work

grits with cheese
lentil dip wiht saltine crackers
chef boyardee
more doritos
lots of pink lemonade
coke at least 32 oz

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Friday Calories and MInutes

60 minutes of strollerise

cereal with skim milk
chef boyardee with pineapple chucks
dorittos lots of them
16 oz coke
16 oz rootbeer
taco bell
lentil dip wiht saltine crackers

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday Calories and minutes

4 oz of coke
spaghetti with meat sauce
4 oz of coke
pbj sandwich
lentil dip/spread and crackers
tonito's pizza wiht salad and 4 oz of coke

2 hours of cleaning
1 hour wii fit