Friday, July 16, 2010

thursday calories, minutes, and stres

cereal with skim milk
pbj with chips and soda
snack none
dinner lasanga wiht wheat garlic toast
candy for desert, running errands-40 minutes

Stress, my dh is trying so hard that its not even funny. He's stressed at work, he's stressed at home supposed by the lack of cleaning we do per day. Excuse me, have you seen teh kids chore charts, or extra stars for extra cleaning they have done ...knock knock any one home. What gets him is little stuff that gets looked over. Box top that was thrown in a window sill or donation forgotten to be taken to the donation bin at the kids school, etc. I'm only one person not a God with ultimate powers, the kids are kids, and your cranky from dieting ...get it over it. Mountains out of mole hills are never good. They should be let go.

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