Saturday, July 10, 2010

Friday Minutes Calories..and the beginning of our journey with my DH

cereal with milk
lots of water
lunch mini ravoliis 8 oz of coke
4 oz of coke
tea, pasta with alfredo sauce, spinach, and mushrooms

60 minutes in strollerize, 40 minutes school shopping

Okay, so, yesterday was teh big day for us to be healthy with my Dh. The phone rings, my kiddo answers it.

kiddo: Hi Daddy!

DH: Hi kiddo! Whatcha ya doin?

kiddo: playing with play doh.

dh: that sounds fun

kiddo: yeah it is. Mommy is making me some shorts right now

dh: that's cool.

Kiddo: when you comin' home

dh: on my way. wanted to know what you wanted for dinner?

kiddo: pizza

dh: sounds good

kiddo: is that okay for you to eat?

dh: yeah once in awhile it is..

mean while i am listening just silently shaking my head knowing this is the stubbling block I knew was coming. Thank goodness once he got home. Both kiddos acted so bad in the card he refused to order pizza. Instead we had past with alfredo sauce, spinach, and mushrooms.

He also relieved that he act mexican today because it was client paying for it. He admitted that he couldn't handle it. He got sick when he got back to the office. he said it was the strangest thing too. He has never gotten sick from mexican. I think his body is just had it with all junk food. Mexican fixed right can be very healthy but what was served probably wasn't that healthy.

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