Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wednesday Whirl wind calories and mintues not to mention stress

minutes 90 minutes running lifting weights

cereal with skim milk
lunch wheat sandwich with tomatoe meat alpha sprouts mustard potatoe chips
snack: bake potato
dinner toasted cheese and meat sanwiches with salad

Now, we had planned on heading to chompies for jewish sliders but dh didn't get home in time for dinner. he is the one that requested more healthy sandwiches. So, originally I made grilled cheese sandwiches but added meat to his and the youngest. I hadn't planned on cooking at all. I had no meat thawed to cook anything. Needless, to say most stuff I normally get he took off the list grocery list then the other stuff he says is weird and won't eat. Its crazy! I told about an old southern reciped that we could take the sausage out of. His reply was why do you do weird stuff. Why can't you cook normal stuff? Excuse me okra dishes are normal for the southerns. ARGGGG!!!

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