Saturday, July 10, 2010

Weekend Calories/Minutes the saga of my DH's turn from the Darkside

Weekend Minutes:
Saturday 120 minutes running and weight lifting
21/2 hours window shopping
2 hours grocery shopping

breakfast potato soup wiht 8 oz of coke
lots of water
gold fish crackers
lunch paradise bakery you choose cafe..1/2 a sandwich with a small salad zero coke 2x and a chocolate chip cookie
dinner sweet tea, fresco burrito and soft taco from taco bell
6 oz coke
16 oz of water
bites of cantalope

diet production of the day:
Okay while headed to go window shopping and return the shaun white snowboarding game. we were going to go out to eat. The kids said, buffalo wild wings. I said, wait a second hon. You got sick from rich food yesterday. Maybe, you should try somehting less rich. How about paradise bakery, you get your salad delux and a 1/2 sandwhich. Its perfect portion too. We go, not only do we get a great lunch but due to their rewards program which we had been signed up for, we got a free lunch. So, instead of paying $30.00 for a family of four to eat out, we paid $20.00.
I am so happy my Dh listened to me about food choices this time.

minutes: 1 hr of stairs at the baseball game
16oz of coke
calories: breakfast healthy cereal with skim milk
lunch: two hot dogs with onions, mustard, and ketchup, pink lemonade 2 x, diet pepsi (yucko), 1 bag of peanuts, 2 1/2 bags of lays barbeque chips, three small waters
dinner: small salad with lettuce cucumbers, tomtatoes; sweet tea 3 x, sandwich on wheat with pickle and meat
So today wasn't so great with healthy eatting at the baseball game. I am not surprised. Though, my Dh has switched from white to wheat bread. How many years have I waited for my dh to do this? Um, my entire marriage. Almost had an O moment just hearing my DH say, "Get wheat bread from now on". Then he has been eatting breakfast every morning. My Dh who doesn't eat breakfast. Yes, folks my dh is eatting breakfast. He has made sure that the kids stop their boredom eatting as well too. Yes, folks this I'm hungery but grabbing for unhealthy food is over at our house offically for I don't know how long. I just hope his parents help keep him on track when we go home for a visit.

Did I mention he switched from regular coke to coke zero. Yup. He said he still prefers regular coke but coke zero is better for him.

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