Monday, July 19, 2010

Phew the weekends over

Okay food intake for the weekend, so, much healthy that I forgot to keep track. No seriously, I mean it.

Excerise, well Saturday we drove up to Prescott. We walked around the square, went to costcos, Sam's Club, Kmart, Khol's, and a few others stores. A total of 6 hours of moving. I crashed and burned. Not to mention the change in altitude, and the humidity we are having played havoc with my hears and head. I spent Saturday night and sunday doped up until about 2 pm then the headache came right back.

I am about ready to just have a word fight wiht Dh. Yes, he is eatting much better than he was. I am the best shape of my life. yes, I have a muffin top. Let me explain about my muffin top, three full term pregancies, life saving surgery through some very important adnomibal muscles left my stomach scarred and stretched to the point, I will always have a muffintop to an extent. Am I happy about that ...NO BUT HELL NO. Can I live with it? Yes by heaven's grace, I can. Do I like people talking about it and trying to make themselves feel better about themselves. NO. Do I pick on them when they have a problem area. NO. I say come work out with me. I will do the excerises with you. Do they do it. NO.

I have regained lost butt muscles to where my hips look slightly slimmer and my butt a little firmer. You know the dimples you had as kid on the side of your butts that disappear with kids and age. Mine have come back thank you very much. If he would simply start again with the wii fit, I know he could seriously drop some pounds.

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