Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 20 -Day 24 Monday-thursday

Excerise 2.03 mis plus weight lifting 20 mins

oatmeal wiht breakfast and skim milk 8 oz

2 toasted sandwiches with coke zero 8 oz

potato soup with sweet tea
4 oz of milk wiht fruit and chewy bars

Major headache

oatmeal with skim milk, 8 oz of coke zero; 8 oz coke zero; taco bell chicken flat bread sandwich and fresco bean burrito; 2 scoops of blueberry pomegrantite ice cream; 4 oz of sweet; lemon water; spaghetti wiht 3 pieces of wheat bread toasted
2.02 mis running /20 mins weight lifting

Dry cereal with skim milk; 8 oz of coke zero; 2 16 oz water; 2 toasted sandwiches on wheat w/ provolone cheese; 4 oz coke zero; potato soup, spaghetti, koolaide, still had major headache
2.11 mis running/ 20 mins weight lifting

1.60 mis walk/run
40 mins weight lifting
16 oz of coke zero; 3 16 oz waters; spaghetti for breakfast; granola for lunch; ice cream for snack; and lentils and rice for dinner

Had major talk with my family member I am distanting myself from. I feel much better. So does this family member.
Positivity is diffinetly more difficult this wee.

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