Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Monday Day 15

Spiritual Boot Camp Challenge- a dear friend Jo Lynne challenged her friends and follwers of her books to do this. I agreed since I am trying to be healthy in all areas.

So, today is day one of the challenge.
Breakfast: dominos pizza wiht coke for caffine
Lunch: toasted sandwiches on wheat bread with swiss cheese and ham. kettle cooked sea salt and pepper chips by lays
Dinner: black bean tacos with cheese, rice, flour tortillas, lettuce, and taco bell packet sauce
snack/desert: yogart
Lemon water is a part of my day. To the delight of my kids, to find a picther in the fridge.
Water in general has always be a part of my diet.
My detox choice is cranberry juice one cup a day.

Excerise: Pushing a chart with 10 lbs of water in it, plus 12 pks of coke, and groceries in it. Let me tell you its a work out in itself.

Meditating: Hanging out at the pool on the last offical weekend of summer.

Spiritually: Let's just I am catching some of it on paper for my journal other things come so fast at me that I can't even write them down. I pressume that I am not suppose to write it at the point but enjoy the moment.

Passion: let's just say, I am extremely pleased to be able to say its back to a degree.

Goddess wear: I will be making myself a fabric flower head band to wear and a new nightgown because I deserve it. I am a goddess, a queen, and special person to my family. I should treat myself in that manner.

I will be adding my amthyst stone to my alread precious cross necklace I don't take off. I have a feeling that I need all the protection from negativity I can get since my goal is to be more postive about myself.

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