Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wednesday Day 33

Excerise 2.02 mis in 25 mins
20 mins weight lifting on legs

egg whites with cheese and turkey bacon
veggie pattie with hummus gravy
16 oz of coke zero
3 16 oz of water
taco salad for dinner with chocolate milk
lentil dip with saltine crackers with 4 oz of plain milk

Note to self and anyone else making healthy stuff. Lentils and flax seeds mixed together and ingested after ingesting salad makes you into a human skunk. Seriously, i could have run my family out of the house not just out of the room. Okay, not funny when it was happening. Looking back at it, it was rather funny considering that normally I don't get gas that bad. I get gas. I pass the cheese or let the frog in the house etc. Not to the extent.

The spiritual intervention is having a positive affect on the person in my life that needs it. The person still needs to seek medical help. Baby steps do pay off everyone!

Please be blessed.
Please bless others.
Harm to none,
Love in return.
Let it rock and roll
on life's stream of fun.

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