Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 10th-january 11th

**food review-
Over the holiday season we got a basket full of organic goodies. ***

Trader Joe's Sugar Cookie Workshop. this includes cookie dough mix, 2 packet of vanilla icing, 4 decorative sugars, and 3 shaped plastic cookie cuttiers.
We didn't read the instruction carefully. You have to refrigate the dough once you make it before you can kneed it out for cutting. When we did try to kneed it, it was not acting right for dough. though once we got it to kneed out, cut and baked. The taste was great. The ingridents are all natural. So, I wasn't worried about the kiddos food allergies. They enjoyed baking and decorating.
I think if we had only put in the fridge for an hour or so not 12 hours the dough would have acted right.

Paula Deen Collection Cupcakes chocolate. I was so disappointed in the mix and baking. It stuck to the pan even with lots of oil coating. It seemed kinda of dry to me. I following all the instructions for making perfectly. Oh, it makes way more than 12 cupcakes if you have smaller cupcake pans like I do. I couldn't believe it, I really love southern mixes simply because our family is from the south as well. We have one more mix to try. So, maybe the next box will work better.

Trader Joe's Pickled Corn Relish..it is wonderful. Its sweet with a spicy kick. Not to mention it has no tomatoes which is one of my family members most awesome not favorite fruite/vegetables. I give it a five star.

January 10th 2011-35 minutes run, yogart whipped chocolate by yoplait though it had a berry taste to it, cheese toast, 2 cups of coffee with raspberry chocolate flavoring, pasta with red meat sauce, 2 oranges, pizza, salad, and luncheon meat.

January 11th, 2011-oatmeal with apples and allspice, yoplait black forrest yogart, 2 cups of coffee raspberry chocolate flavoring, 5 am wake up to get ready for orientation, lunch pasta with red meat sauce, dinner chili baked potatoes

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