Monday, November 15, 2010

MOnday Day 58- Friday Day 63


Calories: 3/4 of a navel orange, 1/3 of cup of banana nut cheerios, lentil sauce with rice, and watered down koolaid, 1 big cup of coffee with fat free cool whip for flavor, 8 oz of coke, bannana smoothie, black bean tacos and kool aide

Excerise: none

This past weekend was rough emotionally for me. I have serve allergies. Not only did they hit full swing, along with finanical stresses with a spouse. No one lost a job just bills in general. Yes, we have always had a problem communication about the real cost of bills. Unfortunately, it usually takes a melt down on both parties part for each one to be heard and something to done about it. So, with that said, those that have my cell number know I have a new cell number, and other items were either cut down to size or cancelled all together.

Thank you, t-mobile for finally letting us out of a contract with you. Since, we didn't have cell service at our location. Thank you for finally doing right by your customer of three years. Since the original mistake was made by an employee not us. *note to all readers t-mobile has the best family packages for phones though if you live near mountains check all areas for service received before getting with them. I will never complain about the bill with t-mobile only the ability to have service. ***

Tuesday: I threw up last night. Apparently, my allergies are totally out of control. I may have more than allergies. Seriously.

So, am miserable.


No excerise. Food very healthy. not really tracking it. I am just tracking the meds I am on because they are more important. Asthama...I can live without it!!!!


No excerise:

Oatmeal, 8 oz of coke, my meds and my new pal the inhaler..actaully its a pal I went without for almost two years. Though by having it, once the flair up goes away, I only need it before I excerise.

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