Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Day43-Friday Day 47

8 oz of coke zero
egg whites with thyme basil and sage garlic salt
chocolate milk, white rice with garlic salt, pepper, & cheese, 3 oz of banana whey protien shake, 3 small ants on a log, iceburg lettuce salad with dressing, 2 small squares of lasanga

2.06 mis running on a tred mill
15 mins lifting weight on legs

Burn baby burn..after taking a week off from working out thanks to allergies. It feels good though.

3 mis run/walk, 1o mins lift weight on abs
8 oz coke zero, dry cereal with skim milk, 24 oz of water x2, corn beef sandwich with cool ranch dorritos, salad with corn beef with dressing, 4 oz banana whey protein smoothie; squash, spinach, and rice, eater, cool ranch dorritos and a sip of coke

3 mi run/walk
15 mins lifted weights on arms
eggs with cheese garlic salt and pepper, 8 oz coke zero, 12 oz of water, 8 oz coke zero, rice and squash, dorritos and water, 8 oz chocolate milk, dorritos and black beans with cheese, 2 toasted sandwiches.

3mi run/walk
30 mins lifting weight on total body
1 mi walk to school
5 mis walking in pumpking run and around school between parties
Dry cereal with skim milk; cottage cheese, 16 oz coke zero, 1 1/2 veggie patties on wheat, 24 oz water, 2 powerades, apple slices and a few m& ms, 8 oz coke zero, 2 sqauares of lasanga 8 oz of coke zero,

1 mi walking
eggs with cheese and 2 slices cheese toast
20 oz of coke zero
12 oz coke zero
1 sonic jr double cheese burger, 1/2 order of onion rings, and a rte 44 diet coke (can you say, I just bombed health and nutrion 101 with a big fat F). I normally don't do this but I did a kid and mom date. So, we could spend time together.
**note to self half days are not a day to go to sonic...its slammed

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