Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Day 36

Breakfast: cheese toast, yogart, 8 oz of coke zero
water-3 24 oz bottles
lunch: cereal with yogart
snack: potato soup with 8 oz coke zero
-2 oatmeal cream pies
dinner a veggie pattie covered in cheese in a pita pocket, with hummus and chips
chocolate milk for desert.

This weekend was awesome. The friend of the individual needing intervention did the best the friend could do on trying to get the individual to see just how far gone the individual is. Kuddos to friend. It scared the friend really bad as to how broke this particular individual is mentally, physically, and spiritually.

I saw a sign this weekend. It totally describes the situation I am currently in.

It says, I'm a badass, your just an ass.

Okay, update on the individual. the individual's boss got the individual and individual's partner a devotional book even dedicated it to the couple. Apparently, its apparent to everyone but the individual.

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