Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Monday Calories/Minutes

cheerios with skim milk
pb&j sandwiches with v& s chips
snack: popiscle and 2 mini oreos
dinner: potato soup and salad with kool-aide
coke 8 oz

30 minutes vaccumming
30 minutes mopping
30 minutes cleaning

Okay here's the deal, I have been looking for a job for sometime now. A lot of places don't give descriptions of jobs or what hours of work are expected. They now give it during an interview. Yup, totally unprofessional. I have had several job leads that I am following up on. My Dh found out about them. He was like how come you didn't tell me you were applying for jobs. I replied that I hadn't heard back from anything. The only way to inquire is to apply for the jobs. When something serious passes by, I will tell you. He goes off on some mean word tanturm about me never talking to him about what I am doing and How I never consider the kids. That i'm not allowed to get a job until the fall, that he will take away the keys to my van, if I don't talk to him yad yad yad. Yes, this is a form of abuse. I understand it. I also understand my DH more than he gives me credit for. I know he wants to hours of employment, he wants to know pay rate, he wants to know if the kids can come with me if the kids are out of school, can i take the summer off, how do I go about requesting days for said family vacation. If I do not have this information, then there is no hope of even considering the job for me. So, I'd rather be belittled too, than not be actively trying to get a job. Part of the war of words, is that he has ocd, a tooth that needs attention by dentist, and debt he got this family into with two words-credit card. I just went back to sleep and ignored him until I have more information to appease his need for knowledge.

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