Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Calories/Minutes

Hey Mother's Day is over my house isn't so bad as last year. Its a little more calm. Toe nails are painted a gothic purple pazzi my nyc. We have been waiting for purple to come out since last year.

Let's start at the beginnig.
Cereal with skim milk
potato soup with grapes
3 taco bell crunchy tacos
lots of coke
recovering from stomache bug

McDonald's egg mcmuffin with a large coke
Pizza from Sam's club wiht root beer
Dinner more pbj sandwhiches
sunflower seeds for a snack
candy sticks from cracker barrell

muffin from safeway deli wiht a starbucks chia tea latte
pbj sandwhiches
spaghetti for dinner
homemade rice krispie bars for desert

Friday two hours shopping
Saturday Two hours shopping
Sunday One hour shopping

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