Monday, May 31, 2010

Heathly eatting deals at Wal-mart

Typically, I don't shop their for groceries. The local supermarket branches have been having much better prices plus free carry out with tip. Wal-mart has no carry out but their prices have recently dropped.

Here's the deals that I found.
pink lady apples a bag for $3.00
Lemons $0.25
bell peppers $0.68
bananas $0.44
10 lb bag of potatoes $2.00

Great value brand frozen vegetables if you don't fresh
Brocoli bag $0.98
Carrots n Peas $0.98

Non-whole wheat $0.88 - I prefer whole wheat but my family likes to mix it both.

Small loaves of bread white and wheat $0.88

Oscar meyer meat in round tubs $2.50 a lb. Not bad when the wal-mart brand is $3.00

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