Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Minutes/Calories

Okay, yesterday was a bad day for me..really bad day. Though I manage to excerise 3 hours to let go of some stress. Though, I thought I had it under control, it came bubbling the flowing out when I lost a $10 bill that was my husband's yesterday. I spent an hour looking for it, and crying for it. I told him I was so sorry. One minute it was sitting in the van and the next minute it was gone. I told I had backed tracked to the places where I went. He said it happens though not a good time to loose the $10 but he understood. What he couldn't understood was why I was crying. I told him it wasn't really the $10 bill but the other stuff dealing with my ex-Dh. He said he understood. He said it wasn't my fault they arent' truthful with me. He also added that he has given us good reason not to trust them. Until they give more information for us to help them we can't. He knows that I am torn up because even though I don't get along at all with my ex-DH I hate it when anything bad happens to anyone even if I don't know them personally. Its my heart that attracted him to me in the first place. That's what makes a good person, because I care.

He was really great last night. He understood that I need some cuddling and holding to make it all bettter. Thanks DH your the best. That's why we are married. YOu know when I really do need you the most.

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