Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday 'Quotes Calories/Minutes

I am going to quote the character John Locke from Season one when he was dealing with Walter the boy that got crashed with a bunch of adults.

Walter: I totally suck at this knife throwing thing.

John: I want to you concentrate on this section of the tree. You see here.

Walter: yes, I aimed for that the last time.

John: Use your mind's eye. Do you know what that means?

Walter: Seeing it in your mind before doing it?

John: Exactly

There is a pause in the scene when Walter closes his eyes and does just that .Then he opens his eyes, throws the knife and hits the target area of the tree dead one. If you watch the show then you know how the scene ends.

Thus, is our quest to be healthy. We first must want to be that way mentally before we can excute it physically.

Example: Friday I decided I wasn't going to let my allergies keep me from excerising, again this past week. I decided instead of running the 5 k to my excerise class, I would walk it. I walk the excerise route whatever it might be, and walk back home another 5 k. Guess what no matter what I did it. I even did this great big hill I once could run up but now I have trouble with. I walked fast and straight right up. I just kept picturing the top with light post. I got there. Even the instructor was impressed.

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