Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Resturant Reviews Calories/Minutes

No resturant reviews. Only Banquet boxed microwavable meals. To humor my irriatable husband, this weekend, we, again, tried banquet microwaveable meals. To my horror, within in 20 minutes of eatting my pot pies I became serverly nauseated, with dry heaves and painfully cramps. My kids still said they were hungry after eatting their chineses meals from them. I finally had to break down and take my phenagren, go to bed at 5:30 pm at night crying myself to sleep because my DH felt I was over reacting. How do you explain that your stomach felt like a ticking time bomb about to explode causing death and destruction to a man who is so blinded by his own thoughts and emotions right now, you can't.

So, my advice..even if you know that it will please someone else to give something you know will make you sick a second chance. Don't. It's not worth the sickness you will feel later.

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