Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday Product Review and Calories/Minutes

Wal-mart stories..why is this a product because it takes everyone working as a team to have a sucessful store with low prices. The prices haven't been low. Their associates in general are not helpful expect at the door greeting. The majority of the associates couldn't be bothered. The stock items such as flips in packaging that makes it difficult to try on,the brands are improving but not stocked well for misses and men, some stores are layed out similar but not identical making it difficult to find items if you travel a distance to find them, they only have certain stores they will ship from warehouse to store for free, and they don't price match all prices. You must look at your ads, and call the stores. Overall, wal-mart is full of itself when they have the lowest price in town.

No minutes of moving so far.

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