Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monday Resturant Review and CAlories/Minutes

Paradise Bakery-always good, always hot, and always priced right.

TGIF Friday-never can go wrong with their french onion soup or jack daniels feature platters, however, I tried their chicken burscetta dish. It had hugh portions, but not enough taste to it. The pasta dish was hot but not steaming. So, the past was slightly dried out when they served it to me.

Buffalo Wild Wings-Their new slider platters are awesome as my family would say.You want wings they gotta but they are not healthy.

Dominos Pizza-isn't bad but we are kinda tried out on pizza around here.

Taco Bell-definitely has healthy choices and we feed six people for under $20.00.

Logan's Steakhouse-love the atomsphere, and the fact you can be messy with peanut shells with kids awesome. They under cooked their salmon on two orders. The steak wasn't bad but they didn't listen to how the baked potato or baked sweet potato was suppose to be. It wasn't the waitress but the cook staff in the back. Be sure to send our food back if it doesn't come out right. The meal deal for $13.99 for two full meal platters for adults is a good value.

Ran/walked 40 minutes
shopping 4 hours for clothes for my kids

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