Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Quotes..calories/minutes thread

is from the Health Magazine pg 85-86 entitled 20 ways to get Healthier for free
1. Borrow (don't buy) your next fitness dvd-check your local libraries for dvds that are available
2. Get a free skin Check up-SkinCancer.Org for more details
3. Order a free health calendar-go to for the National Women's Health Information Center's 2010 calendar.
4. Surf for,, and have free by mail samples and coupons for items line hand saniterzer, bandages, deordorant, tampons, and toothpaste.
5.Get a free for more information
6.Click off the weight-get involved in an online weight loss community
7.Strike a pose-free weekly lessons ( or
8.Bargain hard
9. Do a smoke checkup
10. Create a medical family tree-ask family members for their health history then visit
11.Save $170 in the shower-take shorter and cooler showers-um have a hard one with this
12. Snag free health apps-3,000 itunes applications designed to boost your health and fitness
13. Boost your immunity-get free samples of Emergen-C powdered and multivitamin packs at
14.Mositure for Free-stop by Sephora stores for free samples of hunderds of different moisturizers
15.Eat healthier, no cookbook
16.Tweet for discounts-use tweeter to find discounts
17.Try a new sport-if you don't normally get up and move try geocaching its worked for our family
18.Give and get for
19.Sign up for free
20.Talk it out-free support

Excerise 20-30 minutes walking back and forth for laundry.

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