Sunday, January 10, 2010

Monday Resturant Review and minute/calorie thread

so, this weekend we had to eat out because we "tagged" along with DH on one of his work sites. There was a mall across from the resturant. So, the two wonderful children and I spent about three-four hours walking around the mall.

We shared a snack from Aunt Annies Preztel shack a combo meal that was suppose to be $3.50 turned out to be $6.50. That's an expensive snack for this family...yikes. I won't be returning just because of the price. Even though the majority of the stuff was oversized the prize over sized my little wallet.

Then we ate lunch late in the food court because DH was done at the site and frankly I wasn't in the mood for anything expensive. We ate a place called Rubios Mexican Grill/Cantina. Well, I wasn't impressed. I wasn't going to mention that to do DH. The sauce yucko! It had a smoky barque taste that just didn't hit me right. The bean and cheese burritto was an excellent size in a whole wheat tortilla (nice to have that option). The taste was not so much worth what we paid for the combo plate ($5.00). Dh's was slightly higher and had fish in it. I think I will request something else including McDonald's which will shock the begeezies out of my DH when I do.

Needless, to say, I have had difficulties with my stomach since then. Let's just say the porcelian goddess got lots of offerring in the last 24 hours. It should be happy for awhile. It wasn't my gall bladder. This was different time of stomach pain and nausea. Can't put my finger on it. I usually give a place two tries but I don't want to see fast food for awhile.

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