Thursday, January 7, 2010

Friday daily minutes or Calorie and Friday Menu

Well, my menu is a little unhealthy thanks to dh. We returned a lot of the stuff he bought but we still have several items that will probably make us sick.

so, hold on to your panties and boxers or titty whites, and don't get them in a wade. I did not do the shopping this time and it was way more expensive this time.

2 hamburger helpers (YUCKO!)

Prefab sloppy joes (make me gag and the little one doesn't eat it)

fish sticks (have you seen the amount of fat in these things)

prefab frozen meat and chicken stuff-my kids are sick of this crap.

frozen french fries..generally better than mcdonalds but still not great

better choice

homemade mac n cheese w/sauted tuna (2x)

scandavain goulish


In answer to the questions concerning music, the new moon soundtrack sound white demon something..just hits me the wrong. I don't know if the name bothers me or the why the music with the lyrics. It just irriates me.

I'd have to listen to creed cd again to find the two songs I really like.

Excuse the mess in the following week. I will be giving both of my blogs a face lift in the next two weeks.

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