Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Money Tips and other enteris

If you have an event at a school, set a strict limit of $2.00 a piece per child. This way everyone, involved gets a treat with money left over.

Yesterday I did 45 excerise class but left early. The shins with stretches and more stretch, and walking just had had enough..then about 15 minutes of yoga poses at the Girls Night Out Event at the kids school.

Kuddos to the snack bar, they serve Henson's all natural fruit soda with cookies.

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  1. Wow.... quite a snack bar with natural fruit soda.=) What kind of exercise class do you do? I had my first Zumba class this week and it was fun.... I didnt realize til today that a couple of my muscles hurt.... I call that sweet pain... so bring it on!!=) hehehehe!!=)