Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday Product Review

running shoes, ah my love hate relationship with them. I started running a couple of years ago. I really enjoy it. I found a pair by Champion at TArget I loved to wear and went through them every six months faithfully. Then Target quit making that shoe in that brand or rather Champion did at that point, I had moved from the Southeast region to the Southwest region of the States. I was so bummed and needed a new pair of running shoes like a teething dog needs a thick bone.

So, my Dh took me to a place call the Road Runner store. They measured, tested my feet, and had me run (yes) run on a tred mill. Needless, to say, we bought a pair of Nike Zoom Vomero. I fought my Dh like a tigger fighting for his dinner about spending $120.00 on a pair of running shoes. Though, my Dh said, we wouldn't regret it. Guess, what, I never once had to break in my shoes, my feet never felt weird in the shoes. They were and are a piece of heaven.

Now, everyone press their fastforward button to this evening. That experience I am speaking of happend 18 months ago, one 5k race ago, and 5ks nearly 5 days a week. My Nikes are worn out from use. I need a new pair of running shoes.

My dh saw an ad for avia running shoes at Dick's Sporting Goods. He said, they are only $30.00 how about trying those out in the store and see if they could replace your Nikes. I said okay. Well, we tried them. They sucked! The shoes that is. After trying to run in them, walk in them, and by golly just wear them, I had shin splints so bad that I haven't been able to excerise like I was for a week tomorrow. Not only that, but my back has hurt too. Here is the letter I emailed to Avia concering their shoes.

"To Whom It May Concern,

My husband recently purchased me a pair of the Avia Cantilever Running Shoe for Christmas from Dick’s Sporting Good Store. We verified with the shoe employee that they were a neutral soul shoe before purchasing.

When I first tried them on they seemed fine. So, I went running in them as I would have when I wore my Nike Zoom Voremo. Unfortunately, now, they do not hold up to what they are suppose to do. They did not support me in a way that was positive. I came home with shine splints, my arch feeling like it had been stabbed by your arch support repeatedly, both left and right big toes felt and still feel like I have cactus thorns shooting through the bottoms up through the nail beds, and my back it feels like someone took a baseball bat to it. My normal run time for a 10 k when from an hour to an hour 40 minutes because I could not run and nor could barely walk the rest of the way home. I had to force myself to continue moving forward because I had no one available to come get on my route. My family members could not take off from their employment to come rescue me.

Now, that I have run outside with them. I will not be able to return them to the store I purchased them from. I thought maybe I could get dr scholl’s inserts to help with the situation but after having to apply ice all day the conculsion would be a no that it would not help. I need new shoes to run in. After a year and half running in my Nike zoom Vomeros, I really need a new pair but can’t afford the price tag of the shoes that are so comfortable. From the first day, I put them they will like being wrapped in a downy comforter, soft, cozy, and I never wanted to take them off.

I have owned a pair of avia when I first started running and liked them very much. This time though, I can honest say, I hate the way the shoes make me feel and would love to return them for the price I paid for them. Unfortunately, I can say these are not a neutral soul shoe, and they are not something I would recommend to others to wear. I hate being negative about anything because word of mouth is how things are made and broken.

I took pictures of what my legs and arch looked like after today if needed. "

It took the company 48 hours to reply to my email with this email.

" Dear Valued AVIA Customer,At AVIA (American Sporting Goods), we stand by our products and we are committed to providing our customers with quality products and services. We do understand at times there will be manufacturer defects and we are prepared to review those situations. First step is to contact the retailer where the product was purchased to initiate the exchange of the defective merchandise.However, if the retailer is unable to assist you we are able to accept a onetime return accommodation on one pair of shoes. Once your return is received, the product will be reviewed by our quality control team within 5 business days. If the product is deemed a manufacturer defect and the shoe has been worn a reasonable amount, we will replace it with either the same product or a comparable model. Products that are not found to be a manufacturer defect or have been worn longer than the life of the shoe (1 year wear is industry average) will not be returned and will be recycled. Product with a production date older than 3 years will not be considered for exchange.
Please note we do not provide any type of cash or credit card refund. We do ask that your return product be accompanied with a copy of your original purchase receipt from the retailer or if a receipt is not available a description of when and where they were purchased.Please include a letter with the following information:1) RA# 1320 (goes on the outside of your return as well)2) Name3) Address4) Phone #5) Email address6) A brief description of the problem you are having, your correct shoe size, and a copy of the original receipt. If you do not have a receipt, we will make a onetime accommodation for you. Please indicate when and where the shoes were purchased and that will be sufficient for the return process.
Return your package to:American Sporting Goods10140 SW Allen BlvdSuite BBeaverton, OR 97005

We will do our best to accommodate your needs and will replace your shoe with either the same model (if available) or a similar model of our choosing. All exchanges are final. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Sincerely,AVIA Customer ServiceAmerican Sporting Goods888.855.AVIA"

All I have to say is not only does their shoes suck but their customer service sucks too! I can guarantee you this household won't be purchasing any of their shoes ever again.

I forgot to mention, that I sent Dick's Sporting Goods a copy of the email. Expect they never responded to it. Oh, we took the shoes back to the store within the 14 days policy for a return no questions ask. If they would not take them back then I would be still dealing with Avia.

So, what's my point to the lengthy thread. Well, one find a shoe and a brand stick withit no matter the cost unless you have to switch like I did.

Nike Zoom Vomero an absolutely hands, fingers, feet, and toes high fives for this product. Now, if Nike would just send me a complimentary pair for just being me. Then I guess I would be in heaven. Reality is they won't and haven't ever done that for their customers.

Don't buy Avia brand period.

Dick's Sporting Good Store customer service may suck via the email but if you are within the 14 day period take it back to the store for no questions asked.

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