Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Quotes..

comes from Health 62 Jan/Feb
8 chocolate treats under 80 calories

50 calories compartes chocolatier Lemongrass Chocolate Truffles from

50 calories 1 cup Nestle No Sugar Added Hot Cocoa

60 calorites Godiva White Chocolate Praline Heart

66 Calories 1/4 cup Haagend Dazs Chocolate Low Fat Sorbet with 1 raspberry
(Seriouly folks just a 1/4 a cup that's probably why I can loose those last 10 lbs I want)

65 calories 84 candy coated chocolate covered sunflower seeds

75 Calories 1 ounce chocolate vodka with shaved chocolate curl

79 calories Chocolate drizzled mango slices: 2 mango slices and 1 tablespoon Hershey's Special Darky Syrup

We will be discussing articles for two months from this magazine, so, feel free to drop by their website at for the rest of their articles.

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