Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Resturant Review and minute/calorie thread

Resturant review:

Barro's Pizza Place-we were greeted by a nausating smell at the door. It faded slightly but no by much. The pizza was very greasy. Though they made sure the cheese covered the entire crust unlike most pizza places. After leaving the pizza place most of my family became nausated and had horrible gas. I would say, I probably won't be going back. Since they serve this kind of pizza at my kids school, they will be taking their lunch on those days for sure per my husband not me.

Jack-in-the-box: One the cook's made sure I had dressings and other items on my burger even though I requested no mayo. Wow first time this has ever happened. Yes, most places when you hear no mayo they remove the lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles. Leaving you with bread, meat, and cheese. Though this not a healthy choice, I can say if I am in a hurry, I would have my order correct. Their tacos are deep fried which I didn't know when we ordered the combo. When a burger joint out does a pizza a joint that says something.

I got about 45 minutes of walking for geocaching.

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