Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Quotes..calories/minutes thread

yesterday I got about 60 minutes walking joke.

Today we are examing the article from Health Magazine on Page 96-99 entitled, Easy Moves for a Super Clean House. They list 10 areas in your home they need to be cleaned and could contribute to manifesting germs. Just a review of the titles here.

1. Kitchen sink, countertops, and sponges.-This is a no brainer. I don't use sponges. I use washclothes and plastic scrubs that can be washed in the washer or the dish washer.

2. Your cutting boards-I genereal pour vinegar or soap; both sometimes over the cutting board after use. I scrub, rinse, and put in the dish washer.

3. Wet Laundry-I generally try not to have wet laundry. It will mild dew easily in more humid climates.

4. Your toothbrush-I replace mine every six months or after a bad cold or sickness.

5. The bathtub-they generally get cleaned 1-2x's weekly. I use a mueller borox 20/20 with arm harmer super washing powder with liquid dish washing soap for my shower. I have a fiberglass bottom that does not respond well to bleach based cleaners.

6.Your cell phone and other tech stuff. Before wiping down such items. Unplug from power, check with an it guy for the best way to do this. In general just a damp not soaking wet rag can be "gently" wiped across surfaces. I do mean check with your it person in the family. They have come out with some serious special stuff for certain types of electronics.

7.The bathroom floor-come one this is a no brainer..guys don't always aim straight and us ladies sometimes don't sit all the way down on the toilet at times and don't forget the wonderful mother nature visit monthly.

8. Your shoes-Asians cultures have this down pat. They don't wear shoes in the house. The take them off at the front or back doors. This keeps you from tracking in "germs" and other messes. Maybe we should take a que from them. Instill a shoe rack at the front and place our shoes there instead of our closets.

9.The Bedroom-Come on, if you don't change the sheets one the body odor from sweat and other things can be over whelming, not to mention if you get frisky with your partner do you really want others to know what goes in the bedroom? Change the sheets and PILLOW CASES weekly. Doing so keeps down your allergies and other illness. If you have a high headboard, use lemon oil to dust with instead of a aerosal based dust cleaner. It will fee the wood moisture, and make it easier to clean. Yeah, its old school but maybe the pops and mops knew something we didn't.

10.Dust Spots-I live in the desert. I am consistently dusting. No joke. You set something down and 24-48 hours inside it will be covered with dust. If you are an allergy family as we are, vaccum this up first then dust. I heard a what, what from the back out there. Most newer vaccums have special filters that trap algens that trigger attacks. Then use a polish to help. I vaccum my tables and other things before dusting. It helps tremdisouly.

You don't like all the over powering cleaners out there but wants something easier on the nose. Well, a few months ago I posted on how to make your cleaners. Yes, people you can. Did you know that our ancestors did this for years before bleach was available and many of them lived to be over 100 years old. Makes you want to go hmmm..Scrolled down to 2009 and I'm sure its there.

Sssh don't tell my husband, I've been doing this for months, since we ran out of pinesol. Guess, what he says the house smells cleaner, and looks cleaner. Hee heee, haaa haaa super big laughing moment if he's technical brain would detechnicalize I would tell him but nope. Not gonna. A girl has to have a few secrets of her own.

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