Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Product Review and Calorie/Minute Thread

If you call countless trips to the bathroom, muscle spasms, and hours of agony then put me down for 48 hours of hell on earth. I have a uti. I have tried finding a new doctor but they have a two week waiting list to get in. So, I have called my old doctor 2 hours away. Yes, two hours away to see what can be done. No return phone call from them yet.

Have you ever used herbal rememdies for uti's? If you haven't here are some recommendations I found on the web.
Golden seal

oregan grape

Cranberry (unsweetened juice, capsules, or berries)

Uva ursi

Horseradish root

Also proantiboditics are really good for promoting good health over all.

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