Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Money Saving Tips and calorie/minute thread

It pays to shop around. I spent less than what I was told to spend which left me with more money when sales popped up later this week at the grocery store. Keep, buy the basics in healthy food. What you don't spend leave available to get the additional things you typically wouldn't get unless they were on sale.

Currently, we have $30.00 in 12 packs of cokes in a secondary fridge. yes, I said $30.00, it is my Dh's one thing he must have besides coffee. Well, when the cokes are normally $6.00 a 12 pack, we kind go crazy when they go on sale. Not to mention, I normally don't buy ice cream but they had breyers on sale for a $1.99 that could be priced matched at wal-mart. So, we now have ice cream. Don't buy ice cream unless it goes on sale under $2.00. Cokes buy what you can on sale and limit your consumation down to the bare necessaties.

Excerise 60 minutes with strollerize class (I'm so soar after two weeks of nothing), and three hours cleaning yesterday. Grand total, 240 minutes of movement. Don't ask me to open up my chest for a deep breathing excerise, it won't go this morning.

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