Monday, January 4, 2010

Tuesday Product Review

Hamburger and Tuna Helper meals-quick easy but are they really that healthy for us.

let's examine the label:
Enriched Pasta (wheat flour, Niacin, Ferrous Sulfate, thiamine mononirate, riboflavin, folic acid)

Corn Starch


Enriched flour (wheat flour,niacin, iron, thiamin monoitrate, riboflavin, folic acid)

whey (not necessary good)

matodextrin (uh? what's this? I can't even pronounce it)

hydrolyzed vegetable protien (corn,soy,wheat)

monosodium glutamate (uh? more salt? Isn't too much salt bad for us?)

cream (what cream? Its in a box there isn't cream.)

dried tomatoe

sugar (like we need any extra in our diets, yes we need natural sugar but not added to our foods)

artficial color (excuse me, why do we need this in our food)

lactic acid

citric acid (hmm if you have an allergy to citrus products maybe this isn't for you)

natural flavor (where?)

partially hydrogenated soybean and or cottonseed oil (excuse me but didn't we already have at the beginning..over load on soy and oils. Isn't cottonseed oil like a no no? )

calcium lactate

monoglycerides (hmm something tells me heart cloging and artry damning)

onion powder

beef stock (they must be referring to beef bullion powder because beef stock is a liquid)

parsley flakes

spice (what kind?)

garlic powder

yeast extract (what? isn't there some in pasta already?)

mushroom powder (have you ever seen this on the shelve in the spice isle. I haven't.)

silicon dioxide (anticaking agent, what are some sort of plastic model that needs it no we are human)

disodium guanylate

disodium inosinte

butter (seriously, where do I see butter. Is there seriously dried out butter powder yuck!)

ricotta cheese (whey, milkfat, lactic acid, salt) (how the hell you do get ricotta cheese in a powder? YOu don't its not cheese if its in a powder. Do you see ricotta cheese powder on the spice area in your local grocery store? Tell me when you do, and I might close my mouth).

cheddar cheese (milk, cheese, cultures, salt enyzmes) (hint the only way I can get my kids to say its cheesy is by adding real cheddar cheese but wait didn't they say there was cheddar cheese in it already).

corn syrup (isn't this stuff suppose to be unhealthy for your blood sugar factor, definitely not diabete or hypoglyemic friendly)

natural flavors (where may I ask)

colors (carmel color, yellow flakes 5 & 6, yellows 5 & 6)(aren't unnatural dies suppose to contribute to add and adhd?)

egg (if you have an egg allergy which we do in our family then its not a good idea to eat this)

Warning: Contains Wheat, Soy, and Egg in ingridents (now they put a freakin warning label at the end instead of the beginning. Don't you all agree the warning labels need to be at the top of the box instead of the bottom).

I totally get why people buy this and eat it. Its cheap, easy, and quick but is it easy and quick for your body to actually digest this stuff.

Okay, so my Dh and I are in a hugh fight over food right now. So, we have allergies to both eggs and citrus. He wonders why he gets sick after eatting this stuff on a regular basis. I won't mention the other stuff he brought home. Oh yeah its even worse.

So, we had a screaming match over what to keep and what to return. So, he gets to sleep in a nice made up bed, and clean room while I am sleeping on the couch and will probably crash on the floor of the kids bedroom later on today from exhaugstion since I am awake at 3 am in the morning instead of sleeping.

The only thing that is giving me peace is the fact that no one and I mean no one can give me crap about what I am doing at the moment. it is quit peaceful and tranquil.

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