Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Quotes..calories/minutes thread

No real minutes here for me. Still not feeling up to par.

Okay taking a break from the health magazine this week and focusing on personal quote from me.

No matter how much, your mate or spouse may be bugging you like say being mean with teasing or ignoring if they come through in a time of need. Its not you, don't take it personally. Its them. So, here's the scenerio.

Thursday is Teacher Appreciation Luncheon hosted by the entire third grade class. Yes, all 5 classes, and the families of those in the classes. We have spent months planning, organizing, and calling people to ensure that we have enough food and drink donated.

We have laid all donated food, and catered food out. We are in the process of swapping out deserts for those teachers not yet come. I squat down low in my most comfortable, flattering jeans I have, then I hear rip and feel cool air breeze across my backside! Ikes, I am literarily "mooning" the world if I stand up with out a jacket.
Another mom, let's me borrow a jacket, thinking its that time of the month, I don't get those any more(that story is for another day).
I text my Dh to let him know that my only pair of jeans has ripped and i have to get a new pair this weekend.
He text back if I am home or not.
I said no.
I was still at the school.
He offered to bring me a new pair of pants., because he was close to our home.
Black ones please.
He delivers my only dress pair of slacks to change into.

Gotta love my Dh. He at least tries at time when I wouldn't think he gave flying rat's tail.

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