Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Resturant Review and minute/calorie thread

Seriously, have you guys tried going to the grocery store instead of eatting out. So, here's the scenerio. My wonderful tired DH worked all weekend. Yes, I mean he didn't have a weekend at all. So, he calls up my kids without my permision and tells them we are going out to eat. I'm thinking Chili's or a nice pizza joint etc. We decide to go to Safeway Grocery Store. Yup. You got it. We hit their deli section. Dh and the oldest got sushi, the youngest and I got subway sandwich and italian pasta salad; to which the youngest would not share with me but her sister only. Go figure. Actually very healthy! We only spent $10.00 total including 5 bags of doritios of different flavors on sale for $0.99 with coupon and club card.

Excerise 20 minutes of cleaning.

Psst..Have you gotten the February edition of Southern Living? I have ...wait until Wednesday. It is going to be pack filled!!

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