Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Product Review and Calorie/Minute Thread

Baby afodulphus (sp) this is the same stuff that is found in yogart that helps your tummy. Did you know that you can buy it seperately? Yup ask your pharmacist which brands are available without prescription, which ones require refridgration and which ones do. You can add it to your drinks, ice cream, and any other foods it can blend into. This keeps the lining of your stomach functioning properly. All, I have to say is my kids and I would be sick as a dog this past month without it due to the antiboditics. Why this instead of yogart? You get a box for estimated $10.00, you can mix it into any dish you are serving instead of having to eat yogart.

Have you ever tried to get a kids to eat yogart when they don't feel good? Then you know the mess, the aggreviation, and the overwhelming sense of frustration. This eliminates all that. I didn't know about it until I worked for the WIC program a few years ago. Let me tell you. Now, I get this every time that some has to take antiboditics in our house. Its a God sent help from heaven.

Excerise 20 minutes wii gold's gym.


  1. i get the kids drinkable (don't know how old your kids are, but if they can drink thru a straw...) and stick a straw in the top... off they go! always seems to help them esp when on major antibiotics.

  2. We tried that originally but there are not enough of the good baterica in the drink yogarts for my kids. So, we still wind up giving the granuales on top of the drinkable yogart.

  3. noooooooooo thanks for the tip. my kids liked the antibiotics so i didn't have this issue.