Monday, February 22, 2010

Tuesday Product Review and Calorie/Minute Thread

Hmm..I really don't have any product to review this week. Since, I was out of commission for the weekend from having the flu. I do have an opinion about sales departments of companies that do it stuff. If you don't know if something can be done, don't promise the customer it can when for all purposes it can't be done hardware or software wise. You make your installers job a real pain in the neck and they hate coming for work. Instead do a consultation, then speak with your install department before openning your mouth to the customer.

Here are some great things to say, that won't make you sound like an idiot but still sound like you want their business.

Salesperson: I like that idea. Let me check with my install department to ensure that we can do that for you or we have a different solution for your company's that I am not aware of.

Salesperson: That sounds like something to do with progaming between to different programs. Let me check with install department to ensure that the progarms with work together and will work with the equipment you would like too.

How hard is it for the sales department people to say something with common senses to it. How about taking the installer with you during the purposal, so, if there are tech questions you have the word of mouth right there.

Excerise/Cleaning two hours

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