Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Resturant Review and minute/calorie thread

Since, I had the flu for the last three days of last week. My DH thought he would be a darlin' sweetheart and take us out to eat Saturday. We went to a place called chompies. We had eatten their before when his family was in town last year about this time. We really enjoyed the kosher food and no one got sick. So, he took us to a different location this time. Needless, to say the experience wasn't so great. Though the food tasted great it didn't agree with us. My kids and Dh were sick before we even left the resturant. When we checked out, they charged us for the kids extras on the menus when they advertised it for free. The waiter tried to correct it, his manager told him he would not change the bill. Then my DH called the manager over to the table to show him the adverstised menu. It got changed after the manager was proven wrong. All I can say, is the server was the only descent person in the joint that night. Our standing on the resturant was a 5 star but now for this location called the Paradise Valley Mall location. We won't be going back there ever. They now rate a 2-2 1/2 star at this location for food.

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As for excerise none really. I have been bed ridden all weekend.

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