Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Daily Cailore and Minute Thread

Food diaries

You say what? That's not a product. It is if your family suffers from an unknown medical alignment known as food allergies. Even if you don't have food allergies, keeping a food/medicine diary is very important. I started one last fall for my children due to an unknown food allergy that gave one of them liquid diaherria off and on for over a month with over 10 lbs of weight loss. It has paid off. I am not going to stop doing because when I go to the doctor, I can say for sure when and how much medicine they were given and what time. I read an article while waiting in the waiting room of a mother who lost their child because it caught a staff infection from one of the health proffessional after a serious trauma. She advised that if they had kept their own notes, and insisted that the health care professionals washed their hands before touching their child she might be alive today.

Luckily, my pedicatrican's office always washs their hands before touching my children and were very pleased that I am keeping a food/medicine diary. They said if they ever get hospitalized it will come in handy.

Not only does one of my children have a presevative sensitivity but now the main trigger has been discovered. Red dye #40. The combination of the two makes my daughter extremely sick within an hour of digesting the stuff. I notified the doctor when I finally realized what it was by having written down this past week and weekend. It really is hard to have any type of sweets or frosting on Valentine's Day with it all contain's red dye #40.

Does your child get frequently ill? Are you looking at allergies or any other type of medical problem?

Grab a composition notebook. The kind we use to use in school for writing our essays in. If you have two children fold the page in half, write the date and day at the top, and one columm for each child. More than two you can figure out a way to use the notebook pages for each child.

Excerise..cleaning 40 minutes.


  1. come clean my house. my bff's daughter had those types of allergies and they just had the worst time w/food. she's grown now and i'm hoping it didn't get passed on to her children. good luck w/your journey.

  2. keeping a journal is such a wise idea!!! enjoy the exercise! :)