Monday, April 27, 2009


This is a thread that we can review different places to eat that do provide a healthy menu choices.

This is for people on the run not having time to sit down an eat. Here is a list of drive thru choices you have.

Drink either water, lemonade, or powerade depending on what resturant you choose.

Taco Bell has a "Fresco" menu about 9 grams of fat per menu item.

McDonald's, Chik fila, Wendy's all offer wraps and salads that are not too bad. I am not sure about the grams of fat but I typically order one of these.

Burger King is flame broiled so its already cuts down the fat drastically.

These places are generally still not good to do on a daily basis but if in a hurry you have good choices.

My all time favorite is Subway. Its filling and in general better than the rest of the joints listed above.

Higher Class places will have a better selection.

TGIF resturant chain offer a california blt I think its pretty good. I had it yesterday at the park.

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