Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Menu Day...

So, today is menu. So before you go off on the walls going why do I need a menu? What will it do for me? Let me tell you, what I have discovered about having a menu prepared ahead time has done for me. It’s saved me money; it’s saved me time, and keeps me from losing my mind at dinner.

Now, before you go turning into bugs bunny being poisoned by one of villains on the Looney tunes by what is shown on my menu. Let me remind you, that I use to work full time. I need items that were quick and easy to fix and within our budget that we set. So, here is our Looney tune menu. Now, next month we will be making some healthy choices for meals. I am currently reviewing Cooking Rocks by Rachel Ray for some healthy easy, kid friendly, and 30 minute meals. If you have tried these...let me know on the next recipe day post what you think.

Monday: Granola bar and yogurt, or cold cereal with skim milk; lunch is sandwiches for DH and, the kids eat at school; dinner was blank I left it open it was a baseball night.

Tuesday: Repeat from above for breakfast; lunch repeat from above; dinner was toasted sandwich expect I ran out of cheese, so, it was just regular sandwiches with chips this week.

Wednesday: Repeat for breakfast and lunch; dinner was fish sticks with generic macaroni and cheese, and vegetables.

Thursday: Repeat for breakfast and lunch for DH, I ate at the school with my oldest as part of mommy volunteer day; and dinner was double cheeseburger macaroni and cheese hamburger helper with sliced canned carrots, and banana cream pudding for dessert.

Friday: Breakfast was granola bars and yogurt; lunch is sandwiches and potato chips; dinner is chicken Patti sandwiches with lettuce and pickles.

Saturday: repeat for breakfast; lunch is either sandwiches or eat out kids have a test for their after school class; dinner hasn’t been decided yet. I’m working with DH on it. There is a MLB game he and one the kiddos are going too.

Snack choices: white cheddar cheese crackers, crackers with cream cheese, or vegetables with ranch dressing made from low fat sour cream instead of bottled dressing.

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